Live Stream Your Channel Simply and Affordably

TelVue TeleCast multi-rate IP streaming encoders let you operate your own 24/7 Internet channel with very little investment or effort. With this user-friendly device, you can “broadcast” your own live local programming, such as high school sports, graduations, and community events over the Internet to reach a broader, even global audience. End users can watch the live streams on virtually any device, including Macs, PCs, or iPad tablets; iPhone or Android smart phones; or platforms like Roku® and AppleTV.

While the underlying technology is extremely sophisticated, the TelVue TeleCast is very compact, user-friendly, and affordable. The workflow is very simple. The IP encoder takes a live HD or SD signal from any video source, such as a digital video camera, switcher, or truck, and converts it to an IP stream. This stream can be delivered in realtime to viewers via industry-leading content delivery networks, or our TelVue® CloudCast™ hosted video streaming service. The TelVue TeleCast, when combined with TelVue CloudCast, creates an optimized live streaming experience by maximizing available bandwidth.

TelVue CloudCast accomplishes this by using the latest, most advanced industry-standard techniques including: MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) compression and Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streaming. TelVue TeleCast multi-rate streaming encoders provide up to three keyframe aligned streams, giving operators a choice of low, medium, or high-quality bitrate streaming.