TelVue ProVue®

Convert IP Video to SD/HD-SDI, or Composite/Component/HDMI
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TelVue ProVue® provides a valuable gateway between the IP networking and baseband video worlds.
This reliable, user-friendly IP video decoder converts MPEG-2 transport streams into broadcast quality SD/HD-SDI video for SDI integration, processing, and broadcast.

Broadcasters have embraced file-based workflows for cost-effective, real-time transfer and management of video over IP networks. But the production process still involves processing baseband video at points along the broadcast chain, including acquisition and transmission. The ProVue SD Model is for those who require Composite/Component/HDMI output instead.  Operation is as simple as selecting your input source IP stream and desired output format, then hitting “start.” It also remembers and recalls preferred settings. Whether you need to decode the IP output of a satellite receiver, networked real-time encoder, or one or more outputs of the TelVue HyperCaster® IP broadcast server, TelVue ProVue® is the ideal solution. It automatically detects format changes in the source IP stream for seamless transitions and up-converts or down-converts as needed to match your output settings. These features enable precise IP video decoding to broadcast quality SD/HD-SDI video for professional remote broadcasting,SD/HD and digital simulcast, among other applications. The TelVue ProVue IP broadcast decoder will revolutionize how your channel gets displayed and distributed.

2 ProVue Options!

ProVue HD – Digital: SD/HD-SDI

ProVue HD – Analog: Analog & HDMI