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Standalone Live Caption Server
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Add Automatic Live Captioning to Any Broadcast Systems 

Don’t have a HyperCaster and want live captioning for your channels? No problem! SmartCaption works with any playback system with the standalone ProVue CC live caption server with SmartCaption LIVE. ProVue CC includes built-in, rules-based scheduling and automation for program-specific captioning complete with Custom Language Models for accuracy. ProVue CC adds 608/708 captions to live SDI, NDI, and IP source, and outputs SDI or optional IP. Seamlessly switch between SDI, NDI, and IP sources with automatic up & down-conversion, and control which programing is captioned with the built-in scheduler. As with all ProVues, powerful processing options are available including channel branding & on-screen graphics, and CALM Audio Normalization to fix problematic audio stream levels. This user-friendly, Linux-based video appliance features a front panel LCD interface for easy set-up and a web GUI for complete remote setup, management, confidence monitoring, and scheduling. ProVue CC live captioning requires a TelVue Connect account with available SmartCaption captioning, and an Internet connection to link the ProVue CC with Connect.   

HC Content Preview Player CC


  • Automatic Live Captioning
  • SDI, NDI, IP Inputs, SDI and Optional IP Output
  • Input MPEG-2 TS, RTMP Push/Pull, HLS, DASH, RTSP, RTP, SRT
  • Rules-based Source Scheduling and Caption Automation
  • Supports 16 Spoken Languages
  • Custom Language Models for Accuracy
  • Seamless Transitions between Source & Formats
  • Automatic Up & Down Conversion
  • Optional Translation to Over 100 Languages
  • Optional CALM Audio Loudness Control
  • Optional Channel Branding & Graphics
  • Optional Streaming, Mobile & OTT Apps with CloudCast
HC Confidence Monitoring CC
HC Series and Live Source Captioning

Remote Channel and Captioning Confidence Monitoring from Anywhere

Built-in Scheduler, Live SDI, NDI, and IP Switching, and Caption Automation

Program-specific Custom Language Models, Multiple Supported Languages.