Apr 14, 2016 – (Mount Laurel, NJ) TelVue® Corporation (OTC: TEVE), the innovation leader in Television and Internet Broadcasting for communities, cable operators, and media companies has created a feature-rich cloud platform for Live, Linear, and On-Demand video channel creation and adaptive streaming to Internet-connected devices of all sizes. 

The new TelVue® CloudCastTM boasts a responsive, customizable and embeddable player that is equally easy to navigate on a mobile phone as a tablet or PC. Navigation includes recent videos, series, playlists, hierarchical categories, video chapters, index points and support for closed captions. The sleek new player includes social media sharing tools to expand your audience, as well as analytics integration to better understand who’s watching. Adaptive Bitrate viewing for an optimal HD and screen-size experience is supported across all major platforms and operating systems. TelVue CloudCast also supports Over-The-Top (OTT) apps to effortlessly create HD channels on Roku and Apple TV, either with the same content and branding as your CloudCast video player, or an entirely unique set of content.

Content, player, and apps management have been integrated into the powerful TelVue® ConnectTM v2.0 cloud content management system (CMS). Uploading videos is as simple as drag and drop, with automatic transcoding to High-Definition Adaptive Bitrate streaming formats supporting Closed Captioning and audio normalization. Connect’s content aggregation tools – including contributor uploads, moderation, and access to syndicated content in the Media Exchange – help keep content unique and fresh. The TelVue Connect streaming & OTT management features integrate seamlessly with the new suite of TelVue CloudCast video players – for Web, Mobile, and OTT. Because of the integration with TelVue Connect, broadcasters can now manage both traditional broadcast and streaming/OTT channels from a single, unified, cloud platform.

“Channels have quickly grown beyond traditional broadcast to include streaming and OTT, and a mix of Live, Scheduled Linear, and On-Demand programming,” explains TelVue President and CEO Jesse Lerman. “The TelVue CloudCast/Connect integration simplifies video channel management, providing a single place to manage everything conveniently from the cloud. It has never been easier to create customized web video portals, mobile and TV apps – bringing the concept of TV Everywhere within reach of even the most modest hyperlocal operation. All media companies and broadcasters can use the new streaming platform to expand their audiences and stay one step ahead of the evolution of broadcasting.”

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