TelVue InfoVue – Release Notes

2.0 – May 26, 2017

InfoVue 2.0 is significant upgrade to the InfoVue digital signage product. This software replaces version v1.


  • Totally new native HTML5 user interface. No plugin required for any browser, on any OS.
  • Video and content preview in windows and full screen.
  • Completely revamped WYSIWYG template and ticker designers. Users can see actual content and data feeds in template and ticker zones while they work. No more guessing.
  • Facebook, Google calendar and Twitter social media feeds support. This feature has been completely rebuilt and supports the latest social media APIs.
  • Template and ticker text and data fields now let users select the vertical alignment. All 3 alignment types are now supported (top, middle, bottom).
  • Users can now swap media content in the library. All previously entered media properties are retained.
  • Users can search for a media within playlist window and edit a media or template from playlist component.
  • A total of 10 overlapping playlists can now be merged in the planning grid. Previous version only supported 5 overlapped playlists.
  • New programming preview feature shows a list of all content to be played within a future period with precise time allocations and number of impressions for each item.
  • Remote player reboot and reset from within InfoVue Content Manager. No additional software required.


  • New support for image and data feed pre-loading on startup and on the fly update.
  • New Facebook and Google calendar data feed support without the need for third party or custom software.
  • Reboot and purge Player content directly from the InfoVue Content Manager. No external third-party software required.