TelVue HyperCaster – Release Notes

8.5 – May 6, 2024

Main Features

  • New Responsive Calendar Scheduler redesigned for speed, mobile experience, programming efficiency, with a powerful multi-day scheduling view.
  • 1-Click Live & Record option to also record individual live events. Streamline overall scheduling by reducing steps to go live and record.  
  • New Scheduler User Roles for Live Event Managers, Scheduling specific Channels and more.  
  • Minerva 10 middleware support with automatic export of programming metadata for Electronic Program Guide (EPG) integration.
  • Autofade now also operates between SDI and NDI live input source switches (previously, only operated on transitions between content and stream switches).
  • Native 708 Live Closed Captioning in addition to existing 608 and 708 compatibility modes for SmartCaption Live and Sidecar captions. Primary language captions and optional secondary language cations are now also carried in 708 Service 1 and 2 respectively.

New Responsive Calendar Scheduler 

  • FEATURE: Fully responsive calendar scheduler redesigned for speed, efficiency, and ease of use on mobile devices and all screen sizes.
  • FEATURE: Support for scheduling an event by tapping or clicking on a timeslot that brings up a redesigned dialog complete with source live search, and full event and automation options. This is the primary scheduling method on mobile, with both drag and drop and tap/click supported on other display sizes (desktop, tablet).  
  • FEATURE: 1-Week Calendar View to more easily visualize your weekly schedule and programming patterns. Supports tap/click to schedule right from the weekly view as well. 4-day at a time option for smaller screens. 
  • FEATURE: Additional icons displayed on each event in the calendar to better highlight workflow nuances such as which events are part of series, captioned, live streamed, locked, postponed, waiting for trigger, live & recording and more. 
  • FEATURE: Relaxed vs. Compact mode for whether to see more detail or more events at a time on the screen.  
  • FEATURE: Option for both 24 Hour and 12 Hour (AM/PM) modes on the Calendar scheduler.
  • FEATURE: Filter calendar events to highlight which events are included in the program guide or episodes of one or more selected series.     
  • FEATURE: Dashboard Go Live and Record support the redesigned event dialog with all automation options. 

1-Click Live & Record 

  • FEATURE: Scheduling individual live events supports a 1-click option to also record. This creates linked Live & Record events that are tied at the hip. Actions such as unscheduling, stopping, locking, unlocking, triggering will prompt whether to perform for both or just one or the other.

New Scheduler User Roles 

  • FEATURE: New Standard User type that can be assigned flexible scheduling permissions.  
  • FEATURE: Live Event Managers can only manage live events from the dashboard, and can be assigned access to specific live event types, sources, and channels. Live Event Managers cannot access other user interface features. This is great, for example, for volunteer or designated camera operators to have the ability to manage certain live events only.
  • FEATURE: Full Schedulers have access to all scheduling interfaces, and can be assigned access to specific event types, sources, and channels. This is great, for example, to restrict scheduling to a subset of channels only on a multichannel server.


  • FIXED: Improve latency of displaying metadata options when uploading content to TelVue Connect.
  • FIXED: In some cases, the config user console may fail to launch.
  • FIXED: Querying the list of archived files from an archive server using SMB may fail in some cases.

8.4.17 – January 18, 2024

  • FEATURE: Add VP9 as an importable video codec.
  • FIXED: Some errors may not be displayed when a transcode preset fails to save.
  • FIXED: Files recorded by capture events generated from series may fail to import.
  • FIXED: Program guides in a playlist used as continuity may not display.
  • FIXED: Some files that are already imported may continue to display as importable.
  • FIXED: Program guides used as continuity may not appear after an Input or NDI event completes.

* 8.4.15, 8.4.16 Internal Releases Only

8.4.14 – November 6, 2023

  • FEATURE: Program guide report can now display 21 days.
  • FIXED: System generated email alerts were not being delivered.
  • FIXED: Fix possible 422 error when browser caches application login page.

8.4.13 – October 23, 2023

  • FIXED: Unable to update source configuration for external provues.
  • FIXED: Caption configuration should be hidden when not enabled.
  • FIXED: CSV export button became disabled after first click.

8.4.12 – September 26, 2023

  • FEATURE: Allow setting primary interface for network bond.

8.4.11 – September 26, 2023

  • FEATURE: Network bonding support for primary/backup network interfaces.

8.4.10 – September 25, 2023

  • FIXED: Fix Facebook stream ingest.

8.4.9 – September 22, 2023

Internal Release Only

8.4.8 – September 12, 2023

  • FIXED: Content search archive filter performance improvements.
  • FIXED: Fix possible archive retrieval task failure.

8.4.7 – September 7, 2023

Internal Release Only

8.4.6 – August 30, 2023

  • FIXED: Caption translation task error was misleading when server was out of translation characters.
  • FIXED: Transcoded files may not retain extracted 608 captions.
  • FIXED: Program guide slides in playlists may not air correctly when active playlist is updated.
  • FIXED: Fix rare issue where live feeds may stall indefinitely.

8.4.5 – August 3, 2023

  • FIXED: The schedule action from the content page was not returning to the content page.

8.4.4 – August 1, 2023

Internal Release Only

8.4.3 – July 20, 2023

Internal Release Only

8.4.2 – July 19, 2023

  • FIXED: Continuity slides may fail to air if overlay names were changed.
  • FIXED: Update Slide continuity as run details for consistency with other continuity as run types.
  • FIXED: Continuity NDI as run events were not being captured.
  • FIXED: Allow primary source language live captioning to continue after system runs out of translation characters.
  • FIXED: Add Audio Feed form tooltips.
  • FIXED: Hide volume and active checkbox when creating or editing SDI audio feed.
  • FIXED: Rename Audio Streams to Audio Feeds for consistency.

8.4.1 – June 20, 2023

Internal Release Only

8.4 – June 7, 2023

Main Features

  • Image playout support with background audio (Streaming, SDI, or Analog audio sources). Mix images, program guide slides, and videos in playlists for integrated continuity Community Bulletin Board. Per-channel license, AIO models only. 
  • SmartCaption Caption Editor integrated directly in the HyperCaster Interface (in addition to the cloud) to streamline caption editing. Requires linked Connect account with SmartCaption Editor access.  
  • Real-time Audio VU Meters for Dashboard Confidence Monitors & Preview Channel.

Image Playout w/ Background Audio (Integrated CBB Option)

  • FEATURE: Import images (PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF), convert and internally store as PNG. Full content management for Images.
  • FEATURE: Scheduling support for images, add images to playlists for scheduling and continuity.  
  • FEATURE: Manage background audio sources including streaming audio and internet radio, SDI, and analog. Supports level adjustment.
  • FEATURE: Channel selection for which background audio source to play while images and program guide slides air. 
  • FEATURE: Support mixed playlists with videos, images, and program guide slides. Background audio for images automatically ducks during video playout. Designed for easy, integrated Community Bulletin Board option to automatically fill programming gaps. Combine with overlay rules to add info & news tickers, clocks and more.   
  • FEATURE: Manage Image feature licenses, designate which channels are activated. Image and background audio support only available on AIO models. 


  • FEATURE: Support downloading files directly from the User Interface.
  • FEATURE: Add alphabetical sorting for playlist items.
  • FEATURE: Add audio and video grooming for capture channels.
  • FEATURE: Add support for background captioning to series.
  • FEATURE: New datetime fields for InfoVue XML API.
  • FEATURE: Add sysLocation, sysContact and sysName configuration for SNMP.
  • FEATURE: Content location and contributor fields added to content/as-run search.


  • FIXED: Partially recorded files are now unlocked so they can be deleted.
  • FIXED: Encode profile default H.264 level setting for streaming has been changed to 4.0 for increased compatibility.
  • FIXED: Some streaming metadata did not match values from actual stream.
  • FIXED: Added validation for capture event channel field.
  • FIXED: Added validation for playlist events requiring at least 1 playlist item.
  • FIXED: Log out all other user sessions when current password is changed.
  • FIXED: Fix 500 error when submitting bulk modify with no events selected.
  • FIXED: Fix 500 error when viewing as-run details for playlist items.
  • FIXED: Additional validation for CSR generation.
  • FIXED: Remove smart quotes from X-list CSV output.
  • FIXED: Captions are no longer removed when file is deleted locally and archived.
  • FIXED: Fix CCMS import when event line is shorter than a certain number characters.
  • FIXED: Series event exclusions may fail to be removed if event duration is longer than content duration.

8.3.10 – April 19, 2023

  • FEATURE: Support customizing display aspect ratio for transcode presets.

8.3.9 – April 6, 2023

  • FEATURE: Support multiple ProVue Output IP multicast destination devices.

8.3.8 – February 24, 2023

  • FIXED: Completed Connect distributions were not updating status correctly.

8.3.7 – February 21, 2023

  • FIXED: Fix client side javascript error when managing content configuration.
  • FIXED: Retain backup server name after mirror-primary sync runs.

8.3.6 – February 14, 2023

Internal Release Only

8.3.5 – February 9, 2023

  • FEATURE: Support custom IP capture PMT tables.
  • FEATURE: Display archiving license status on about page.
  • FEATURE: X-List category, subcategory and description custom configuration.
  • FEATURE: Added IPMI network configuration.
  • FIXED: Sanitize metadata sent to
  • FIXED: Fix display of ProVue Output TS destination interface.

8.3.4 – January 31, 2023

  • FEATURE: Samba ntlmv1 support.
  • FEATURE: Support longer live feed urls.
  • FIXED: Fix Facebook live streams.
  • FIXED: Series performance improvements.
  • FIXED: Deleting a ProVue output may causing dashboard monitoring to stop.
  • FIXED: Transmux/Transcode extension configuration setting was not visible.
  • FIXED: Fix IO usage when counting simulcast channels.
  • FIXED: Allow disabling generate TBDs and ingest schedule on existing series.
  • FIXED: Fix possible 500 error when viewing input & switch events in the program guide report.
  • FIXED: Do not allow blank HLS stream manifest names for integrated streaming.

8.3.3 – January 10, 2023

Internal Release Only

8.3.2 – January 5, 2023

  • FEATURE: Channel form now shows all streaming destinations (native and TeleCast 2).
  • FEATURE: Add video speed selector to previews when trimming content.
  • FEATURE: Responsive networking configuration page.
  • FEATURE: Responsive external devices configuration page.
  • FEATURE: Responsive InfoVue XML configuration page.
  • FEATURE: Responsive PMT tables configuration page.
  • FIXED: Content file thumbnails may not be draggable when editing playlists.
  • FIXED: Updating series expected duration may fail when series contains TBD episodes.
  • FIXED: Deleting a ProVue output may causing dashboard monitoring to stop.
  • FIXED: Overlay events generated from overlay rules may not stop when Input/NDI events are stopped early.
  • FIXED: Fix content trim transcode timeout.

8.3.1 – December 12, 2022

  • FIXED: Fix application error when changing X-List gap customization.
  • FIXED: Fix application error when changing RTP output setting.

8.3 – December 2, 2022

Main Features

  • Streaming Rules for automatically starting and stopping streaming destinations including Social Media.
  • Built-in Trim Editor for multiple trimming anywhere within content.
  • Secondary Caption Support for broadcasting embedded and sidecar secondary captions on CC3.
  • Caption Translation for Live and Offline secondary captions, for example English and Spanish live captions on CC1 and CC3.

Streaming Rules

  • FEATURE: Manage Streaming Rules to automate turning streaming destinations on and off based on programming criteria. For example, you can define a streaming rule so anytime a live meeting airs, it is automatically streams to your YouTube Live, and Facebook Live social media pages. Streaming Rules are compatible with both HyperCaster native streaming and external TeleCast 2 streaming encoders. 
  • FEATURE: Streaming Rules criteria includes one or more Series, Live Source, or Category. 
  • FEATURE: Streaming Rules can automate one, or multiple streaming destinations at a time.
  • FEATURE: Destinations can be automated individual, one-off Events, in addition to Streaming Rules. 
  • FEATURE: Dashboard Now Playing/Next Up, Calendar and Classic Events show Streaming icon to indicate streaming automation. 
  • FEATURE: As Run Event details includes start/stop times and status for automated streaming destinations.

Built-in Trim Editor

  • FEATURE: Built-in Trim Editor supporting multiple trim points anywhere throughout content and rendering to new file. 
  • FEATURE: Manage multiple Trim Points and mark In and Out points manually or visually in the Preview window.
  • FEATURE: Easily mark In and Out points in Preview video player via scrubbing and jumping through the video. Trim selections highlighted on the preview timeline. 
  • FEATURE: Sprite thumbnails are automatically generated in the background, and are then displayed while scrubbing to aid in quickly finding the desired In and Out points.
  • FEATURE: Preview how the trims will look before rendering the trimmed file.
  • FEATURE: Supports saving Trim Points, and re-rendering the trimmed file either to a new content record, or replacing the existing file. 
  • FEATURE: Supports selecting the format of the final trimmed file from available formats. 
  • FEATURE: Task tab tracks progress of re-rendering the trimmed file.

Secondary Caption Support

  • FEATURE: Content with Primary and Secondary embedded 608/708 captions will display both on CC1 and CC3 on decoded playout. 
  • FEATURE: Support uploading Secondary sidecar captions to content in addition to the Primary for display on playout with internal/external ProVue decoders.
  • FEATURE: Both Primary and Secondary sidecar captions displayed on playout injected in SDI VANCs as 608/708 captions on CC1 and CC3.
  • FEATURE: Detect embedded Secondary captions in imported files. Extract as WebVTT sidecar and attach to content record.
  • FEATURE: Content preview displays Primary and Secondary captions based on selection from the CC menu on the preview player.
  • FEATURE: Captions content tab for managing Secondary sidecar captions in addition to Primary including upload, replace, and download/view.
  • FEATURE: Upload Secondary sidecar captions in addition to Primary in WebVTT (.vtt), SubRip (.srt), MacCaption (.mcc) or Scenarist Closed Caption (.scc) formats. Captions are converted and stored as WebVTT format.
  • FEATURE: Primary and any Secondary sidecar captions are uploaded to Connect for CloudCast publishing so captions are available for Streaming workflows including VOD and OTT.

Live and Offline Caption Translation

  • FEATURE: Link HyperCaster to Connect account with SmartCaption™ and SmartCaption Caption Translation for automatic live & offline caption translation to a Secondary language. For example, to automatically caption Live events in one language, and translate to another output on CC1 and CC3.
  • FEATURE: Smart 24×7 Translate mode automatically captions to the primary, and translates to a secondary language 24×7 minimizing usage to unique programming only. Live events captioned and translated live, schedule files caption and translate offline in advance with live fallback if not completed in time.
  • FEATURE: Select which Live Sources, Series, Events get auto captioned and translated to a secondary language.
  • FEATURE: Series designated to auto caption and translate will caption and translate all live events live, and all added episodes offline.
  • FEATURE: Live events with corresponding records of same or smaller duration saves the live primary and secondary captions as sidecars for replays.
  • FEATURE: Content individual and bulk action to automatically Translate Closed Captioning for broadcast files.
  • FEATURE: Select language for caption translation from a wide list of latin-based-character languages.
  • FEATURE: Global, per-source, per-series, per-event caption translation settings.
  • FEATURE: Task tab shows caption translation background tasks with progress.
  • FEATURE: Dashboard Channel Confidence Monitor and Preview Channel displays primary or secondary captions based on selection.
  • FEATURE: Register caption translation usage with linked Connect account. Display available minutes and usage info.


  • FEATURE: TeleCast 2 system health now checks for signal presence.
  • FEATURE: Unified management page for native streaming destinations and TeleCast 2 destinations.
  • FEATURE: Firewall management support for Samba port 445.


  • FIXED: Increase RSS feed URL max length.
  • FIXED: In some cases an event that was currently airing would not show as ‘now playing’ on the dashboard.
  • FIXED: Some metadata for simultaneous switch and input events was incorrect.
  • FIXED: Channel set with slide continuity could be marked as invalid if all associated ProVue outputs were deleted.
  • FIXED: Automatic NDI feed source IP detection could cause incorrect firewall rules to be deleted.
  • FIXED: Program guide download button was disabled incorrectly.

8.2.12 – December 5, 2022

  • FIXED: Some failed archive tasks to do not display useful error message.

8.2.11 – November 28, 2022

  • FIXED: Some failed archive tasks to do not display useful error message.

8.2.10 – November 9, 2022

  • FEATURE: Support for new ultra-high performance HyperCaster AIO server model: AIO-B2000-12X+. The HyperCaster AIO-B2000-12X+ supports up to 12 channels and 20 total IOs in a 2RU server for highly scalable, multi-channel playout, recording, streaming, and IP output configurations. 

8.2.9 – October 10, 2022

  • FIXED: Background job processor may exceed memory limits and cause application errors.
  • FIXED: Stopping and starting live feeds may stall indefinitely.
  • FIXED: Streaming destinations page may stop auto updating.
  • FIXED: Add overlay validations that inform user of errors instead of displaying application error.
  • FIXED: Native CSV import was not respecting the ‘track content attributes’ field.
  • FIXED: Fix typo in ProVue output warning icon tooltip.

8.2.8 – October 3, 2022

  • FIXED: Fixes a transient, post-upgrade-only issue switching inputs on channels with both captions and CALM processing.

8.2.7 – September 28, 2022

  • FIXED: Some older event recurrences may cause application errors.

8.2.6 – September 27, 2022

  • FIXED: Pre-populate recurring event form with date and time from new event.
  • FIXED: Fix typo on PMT tables page.
  • FIXED: Foreground image could not be removed on existing ticker overlays.
  • FIXED: Saving overlay to all resolutions did not work with existing overlays with images.
  • FIXED: Faster dashboard response times.
  • FIXED: Streaming destinations should not be editable without IP encoding licenses.
  • FIXED: Do not allow slide events to be scheduled on external ProVue’s.

8.2.5 – September 22, 2022

  • FEATURE: Program Guide Overlay for displaying on-air program guides. Configurable including background color or image, layout, number of events, format, text, and display metadata.
  • FEATURE: Slide events for displaying Program Guide “Overlays” as the main video/playout region rather than as an overlay. Program Guide Slides can be scheduled individually, used in Playlists, and set as continuity. 
  • FEATURE: Add ability to export logs from the UI.
  • FEATURE: Add ability to upload software patches from the UI for when remote access is not possible.

8.2.4 – September 20, 2022

  • FEATURE: Upgrade internal SRT receiver for OBS SRT compatibility.

8.2.3 – September 14, 2022

  • FIXED: Default caption settings may not sync correctly from TelVue Connect.
  • FIXED: Fix calendar bulk update error during drag and drop.

8.2.2 – August 22, 2022

  • FEATURE: Enhance performance of Samba file transfers for apple clients. 

8.2 – June 1, 2022

Main Features

  • Native streaming output (RTMP/HLS, Adaptive Bit Rate).
  • New Clock Overlay for displaying an on-air clock. Configurable including background color or image, format, and text.
  • New Program Guide Overlay for displaying an on-air program guide. Configurable including background color or image, format, and text.
  • New Layers field for Overlays that allows setting the z-index for full control over the layer order of overlays. 

Native Streaming Output (RTMP/HLS, Adaptive)

  • FEATURE: Option for AIO models that enables encoding and streaming a channel output as RTMP or HLS. Requires license.
  • FEATURE: Compatible with popular CDNs and TelVue CloudCast.
  • FEATURE: Customizable Streaming Encoding Profiles supporting HD/SD H.264/AAC and up to 3-rate Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR).
  • FEATURE: Manage multiple destinations per streaming channel output including RTMP, HLS, YouTube, Facebook.
  • FEATURE: Destinations page shows real-time connect status and allows turning destinations on and off. Supports up to 5 active destinations per streaming output.
  • FEATURE: Streaming outputs carry through all available processing on the output channel including up/down-conversion, captioning, graphics, audio loudness, and auto fade transition effects.


  • FEATURE: Support live streams from Vimeo as feed sources.
  • FEATURE: Configuration option to normalize audio on all files during import supporting Peak, RMS, or EBU.
  • FEATURE: Add ‘Week number of the week-based year’ to Series TBD filename variable.
  • FEATURE: Allow configuration of caption “lines to display”. Options are 2, 3, 4 and dynamic.
  • FEATURE: Add login link to TeleCast 2 management page.


  • FIXED: Encode profile profile/level validations may have blocked some profiles that were actually valid.
  • FIXED: Encode profiles using H.264 video codec and level equal to 4.2 or 5.0 must now use progressive scan mode.
  • FIXED: Emergency overlay stopped email may not be sent.
  • FIXED: Fix possible browser caching of content previews.
  • FIXED: More accurate units for feed bitrates on live streams index page.

8.1.7 – August 26, 2022

  • FIXED: Validate snipe overlay duration is less than or equal to 24 hours.
  • FIXED: Update default transcoding task details when actual transcode begins.
  • FIXED: Fix possible task failure when uploading files older than 1 week to Connect.

8.1.6 – August 25, 2022

  • FIXED: Live captioning may not recover after network interruption.

8.1.5 – August 22, 2022

  • Internal Release only

8.1.4 – July 1, 2022

  • FIXED: Some valid encode profile level/profile/framerate/resolution combinations were marked as invalid.
  • FIXED: Block invalid encode profile PID values.
  • FIXED: Preview task may fail when running at the same time as a transmux task on the same file.

8.1.3 – June 15, 2022

  • FIXED: Bitrates for live feeds were not being displayed correctly.

8.1.2 – June 8, 2022

  • FEATURE: Add ‘Week number of the week-based year’ series TBD filename variable.
  • FIXED: Fix issue where browser may cache old version of content preview.
  • FIXED: More accurate bitrate units on feeds index page.
  • FIXED: Live input continuity captioning may not restart after server reboot.
  • FIXED: Captioning should start and stop automatically after channel captioning settings are updated.
  • FIXED: Long running live captioned events were not being captioned after 3 hours.

8.1.1 – May 18, 2022

  • FIXED: Setting a network interface to a static IP address may result in loss of network connectivity.
  • FIXED: Changing the preview channel resolution may not work in some cases.
  • FIXED: The preview channel may get stuck mirroring the first channel requiring an input event to be scheduled on the preview channel.
  • FIXED: RSS feeds may fail to display in the overlay designer.
  • FIXED: Archiving files to may fail in some cases.
  • FIXED: The events tab when viewing content may show event recurrences that cannot be canceled.
  • FIXED: Ticker marquee may fail to scroll when some resolutions use RSS and some use plain text.

8.1 – April 6, 2022

Main Features

  • Streaming Blackout automation for streaming rights management. Designate which Series, Live Sources, Events show a slate on the live stream while the programming airs on the primary channel outputs (i.e. on Cable etc…). Requires TelVue TeleCast 2 streaming encoders.
  • Manage TelVue TeleCast 2 encoders in the HyperCaster application for linking to channel outputs for Streaming Blackout Automation, and monitoring TeleCast 2 liveness for System Health. 


  • FEATURE: Support importing content files with DASH stream type.
  • FEATURE: Add caption settings to native CSV event import/export.


  • FIXED: Dashboard live sources table may not show loading spinner while loading sources.
  • FIXED: Network settings page may show stale data after an update.
  • FIXED: Caption configuration may be incorrect between HyperCaster and external ProVues when management and video networks are on different subnets.
  • FIXED: Offline captioning may fail when using 24×7 smart captioning for content files that are part of a series not designated to be captioned.
  • FIXED: Certain types of future events may not be set to caption when 24×7 smart captioning is enabled.
  • FIXED: Designating a live source to never caption may not update future events when 24×7 smart captioning is enabled.
  • FIXED: Fix importing files that have non-UTF-8 characters in the metadata.
  • FIXED: Disable background captioning configuration sync for backup servers in a mirror-primary setup.
  • FIXED: When 24×7 smart captioning is enabled, do not queue future playout events for background captioning when server is a backup in a mirror-primary setup.

8.0.5 – March 8, 2022

  • FIXED: Background caption task fails with ‘unknown caption engine’ when captioning content file after capture event.
  • FIXED: Background caption task fails with ‘unknown caption engine’ when captioning content file prior to playout when using 24×7 Smart Captioning mode.
  • FIXED: Live captioning of playout events that have not yet captioned offline in 24×7 smart mode may fail with the v2 SmartCaption engine.

8.0.4 – March 4, 2022

  • FEATURE: SmartCaption v2 Speech-to-Text engine for enhanced, cutting edge accuracy.   

8.0.3 – February 10, 2022

  • Internal Release only

8.0.2 – February 1, 2022

  • FIXED: Default baud rate values for Miranda and Utah switches were invalid.

8.0.1 – January 28, 2022

  • FIXED: MAC address should be capitalized when sent to Connect for integration.
  • FIXED: Optimize content tooltip query.
  • FIXED: NDI/Input event live captioning may not stop when event is locked past scheduled end.
  • FIXED: Changing the URL for an active live feed may result in form error.

8.0 – January 22, 2022

Main Features

  • Operating System upgrade to the latest Ubuntu Linux Long Term Support for security and performance.

7.4.1 – January 18, 2022

  • FIXED: 24×7 smart captioning mode fails to inject caption data during continuity.

7.4 – December 22, 2021

Main Features

  • Content Workflow Rules for Automatic Publishing and Archiving
  • SCTE-104 Ad Trigger Events

Content Workflow Rules for Automatic Publishing and Archiving

  • FEATURE: Manage Workflow Rules for automatic publishing to TelVue Connect for CloudCast Streaming/OTT and Media Exchange, and automatic archiving to Archive Servers and Select one or more HyperCaster Collections (Category or Series) for which the rule applies, and one or more Targets (Connect, Archive Servers, When content is added as an Episode to a Series, or is added to a Category matching a Workflow Rule, the associated publishing and/or archiving workflow will automatically trigger as a background task, transferring files and metadata as appropriate. Workflow Rules allow setting custom mappings from HyperCaster Collections to Connect Collections, Archive Servers, and Collections, saving time by eliminating the need to manually publish or archive new content in the user interface.   
  • FEATURE: Connect Targets allow selecting to which Connect Collections (Series, Playlists, Categories) and Syndication Groups (Media Exchange Public and Private Groups) to publish based on your configured Connect Collections and Media Exchange Groups. You can effectively set an automatic mapping from HyperCaster Collections to Connect Collections and Media Exchange Groups.
  • FEATURE: Archive Targets support an option whether to delete the original upon successful archive.
  • FEATURE: Targets allow selecting to which Collections to archive from your configured Collections. You can effectively set an automatic mapping from HyperCaster Collections to Collections.
  • FEATURE: When adding a new Workflow Rule, option to Execute Rule on Activation to bulk trigger the rule for all existing content already in the configured HyperCaster Collections.
  • FEATURE: Workflow Rule management allows adding, editing, deleting, and activating/deactivating Workflow Rules. 

SCTE-104 Ad Trigger Events

  • FEATURE: License option to enable scheduling SCTE-104 Ad Trigger Events for HyperCaster AIO, B100-SDI, and ProVue-GFX/CC models. 
  • FEATURE: Schedule Ad Trigger Events including Channel, Start Date/Time, Duration, Pre-roll. Matching SCTE-104 signal will be injected in the SDI output for triggering down-stream ads.  
  • FEATURE: Ad Trigger Events support all standard scheduling features including Classic View add, modify, delete, and search, Recurring Scheduling, Block Copy/Paste, Import/Export, and As Run Reports.
  • FEATUREConfiguration option for global Ad Trigger Offset to fine-tune ad trigger timing. 


  • FEATURE: Upload to TelVue Connect pop-up menu includes available Syndication Groups in addition to Collections. Allows syndicating to one more Media Exchange directly from the HyperCaster without requiring uploading into already syndicated collections.


  • FIXEDUpload Brightcove EPG data for each channel separately.
  • FIXEDBrightcove EPG data now ignores gaps smaller than 5 minutes.
  • FIXEDFix possible application error when updating SSL certificates.

7.3.6 – December 16, 2021

  • FEATURE: Adds new series scheduling playout Rule Type: Random. Populates the schedule with randomly selected episodes including a repeat option. Selected episodes will not be scheduled again until all other episodes have been selected.
  • FEATURESetting series scheduling pattern group size to 0 sets group size equal to the number of episodes in the series.
  • FIXEDEmergency overlay failed to air from emergency console when emergency overlay did not already exist.
  • FIXEDDay offset had no impact when using InfoVue XML scheduling API.
  • FIXEDAutomatic caption extraction incorrectly marked some captions as invalid.
  • FIXEDFix rare case where background captioning task may stall.
  • FIXEDNavigation bar system health text should change to ‘UNKNOWN’ when web application loses connection to server.
  • FIXEDFix application error when setting timeshift value.
  • FIXEDInactive feeds should not be available for use by CSV import.
  • FIXEDFix some x-list formatting errors.

7.3.5 – October 18, 2021

  • FEATUREAdd configuration option to backup files before replacement import.
  • FEATUREAdd configuration option for including purged/deleted content files in nightly content CSV backup.
  • FEATUREBrightcove EPG support.
  • FIXEDRescheduling a capture event on a different capture channel within 1 hour of air time created 2 capture events with media server.
  • FIXEDDashboard monitor captions did not work in safari.
  • FIXEDFix intermittent captioning failures (background and live).
  • FIXEDCreating a server snapshot may timeout when system contains a large number of historical events.
  • FIXEDAdding a content file to a category that already contained many content files could timeout.
  • FIXEDAllow Remote Server and Connect management on ProVue-CC model.
  • FIXEDFix multi-channel uploads to Innovative EPG.
  • FIXEDWhen captioning, the custom language model base language must match the source language selection.
  • FIXEDDisable caption audio publishing on backup servers managed under mirror primary.
  • FIXEDFix samba archiving when archive server requires a min protocol greater than NT1.
  • FIXEDFix stale cache on backup server after mirror primary sync is run.
  • FIXEDGenerated captions were not being uploaded to Connect if file was already uploaded to Connect.

7.3.4 – August 13, 2021

  • FEATURE: Add “Exclude Networking” option to server snapshots.
  • FEATURE: Capture events will now show CC caption icon when they are scheduled to be captioned.
  • FEATURE: Capture event duration no longer needs to match stream event duration when being captioned.
  • FEATURE: Caption minutes will no longer be used when no audio is present.
  • FIXED: Generated captions were not being uploaded to Connect if file was already uploaded to Connect.
  • FIXED: Live captions may fail if some background services were restarted.

7.3.3 – July 19, 2021

  • FEATURE: Improved live captioning accuracy.

7.3.2 – June 14, 2021

  • FIXED: Fix performance issue when saving events.
  • FIXED: Fix missing captions with certain live streams.

7.3.1 – June 14, 2021

  • FIXED: Long running live captions may lose sync over time.
  • FIXED: Live captioning does not stop when disabled via channel form.
  • FIXED: Live captioning could be enabled on a channel that does not support it.
  • FIXED: In rare cases, an extremely high number of SDI Input as-run events can cause all as-run processing to fail.
  • FIXED: Restarting the media server may cause duplicate captions to be shown.

7.3 – June 4, 2021

Main Features

  • SmartCaption™ Automatic Live & Offline Captioning Integration 
  • Caption Sidecar Support

SmartCaption™ Automatic Live & Offline Captioning Integration

  • FEATURE: Link HyperCaster to Connect account with SmartCaption™ for automatic live & offline captioning.
  • FEATURE: SmartCaption™ LIVE channel license option for automatic live captioning, no additional hardware required.
  • FEATURE: Smart 24×7 Live Caption mode automatically captions channel 24×7 minimizing usage to unique programming only. Live events captioned live, schedule files caption offline in advance with live fallback if not completed in time.
  • FEATURE: Select which Live Sources, Series, Events get auto captioned.
  • FEATURE: Series designated to auto caption will caption all live events live, and all added episodes offline.
  • FEATURE: Live events with corresponding records of same or smaller duration saves the live captions for replays.
  • FEATURE: CC caption icon highlights which events will be live captioned on Dashboard Now/Next and scheduling views. 
  • FEATURE: Content individual and bulk action to automatically Generate Closed Captioning for broadcast files.
  • FEATURE: Available caption settings include Source Language, Custom Language Model, Profanity Filter, Smart Formatting.
  • FEATURE: Available languages and dialects include: English (US), English (UK), Arabic, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish (Argentinian, Castilian, Chilean, Colombian, Mexican, Peruvian).
  • FEATURE: Automatically syncs Custom Language Models from linked Connect Account.
  • FEATURE: Global, per-source, per-series, per-event caption settings include Custom Language Models.
  • FEATURE: Task tab shows caption generation background tasks with progress.
  • FEATURE: Dashboard Channel Confidence Monitor and Preview Channel displays captions.
  • FEATURE: Register caption usage with linked Connect account. Display available minutes and usage info.

Caption Sidecar Support

  • FEATURE: Support for uploading sidecar captions to content for display on playout with internal/external ProVue decoders. 
  • FEATURE: Sidecar captions displayed on playout injected in SDI VANCs as 608/708 captions.
  • FEATURE: Detect embedded captions in imported files. Extract as WebVTT sidecar and attach to content record.
  • FEATURE: Content preview displays captions.
  • FEATURE: CC caption icon displays for content with embedded or sidecar captions. 
  • FEATURE: Captions content tab for managing sidecar captions including upload, replace, and download/view.
  • FEATURE: Upload sidecar in WebVTT (.vtt), SubRip (.srt), MacCaption (.mcc) or Scenarist Closed Caption (.scc) formats. Captions are converted and stored as WebVTT format.
  • FEATURE: Channel config option to enable or disable displaying sidecar captions on playout. 


  • FIXED: Embedded captions displayed properly across frame rate conversions with internal or external ProVue decoding.
  • FIXED: Updating event recurrences with a time span longer than 1 year and a time exclusion results in 500 error.
  • FIXED: The duration for a playout event was not extended when replacement file has a longer duration.
  • FIXED: Creating a playlist with a name longer than 50 characters results in 500 error.
  • FIXED: Series cancel conflicting setting was not respected when adding new episodes.
  • FIXED: NDI continuity was not restored after NDI events.
  • FIXED: SDI continuity was not restored after locked stream event was unscheduled.
  • FIXED: Fix rare condition where slow background job could cause missed events.
  • FIXED: Fix rare condition where failed ripple could cause missed events.
  • FIXED: YouTube streams were failing to play due to 3rd party API changes.

7.2.10 – March 30, 2021

  • FIXED: Use high quality scaling on outputs when Confidence Monitoring and Graphics are enabled (AIO, ProVue, B100-SDI/ANA models).  

7.2.9 – March 19, 2021

  • FEATURE: Ross Ultrix switch support.
  • FEATUREAdd configuration setting to disable live feeds when not in use.
  • FEATURESeries automatic go live & record scheduling on signal presence with compatible encoder feed devices. Automatically interrupts active programming and joins in progress on event end or signal loss.
  • FEATURESystem health notifications for feed device connectivity.
  • FIXEDDisable feed device polling on backup HyperCasters under mirror primary setup.
  • FIXEDEvents may fail to play when system starts if media server has been offline for more than 1 hour.
  • FIXEDPostponed Input/NDI events may cause incorrect system health reporting.
  • FIXEDFix processing of back to back stream event locking.
  • FIXEDSocial Media streams used as continuity were continually restarted even when no signal present.
  • FIXEDAdditional validation to make sure feeds ports don’t conflict with system port usage.
  • FIXEDFix issue where confidence monitoring stream settings may not be set properly or could be missing.  

7.2.8 – March 5, 2021

  • FEATUREAllow simultaneous baseband and IP output on External ProVues with IP Encoding license.
  • FEATUREAllow adjusting the live feed buffer time for RTMP, HLS, DASH streams to tune tradeoff between latency and network suspends.
  • FEATUREImprove resilience to network conditions for long running streams.
  • FIXEDJoin In Progress overlay was not suppressing lower priority overlays.
  • FIXEDUpdate Stream Settings help tooltips.
  • FIXEDDashboard data can become stale due to browser caching when network connection is lost.

7.2.7 – February 25, 2021

  • FEATUREIncrease user session timeout to 24 hours.
  • FIXEDContent search may return too many results in some cases.
  • FIXED: Users were unable to change the state of the series auto fill value.
  • FIXEDServers with more than 4 NICs were unable to manage them.
  • FIXED: Events that were excluded from the program guide were displaying in the RSS feeds.
  • FIXED‘Next Up’ snipes would fail to display if the next event was excluded from the program guide.
  • FIXEDZero duration switch events could return a 500 error when viewing the program guide.
  • FIXEDDashboard previews may fail to start on system boot-up (IPTV only).
  • FIXEDMedia server may appear offline after snapshot upload.
  • FIXED: Programming pages may return a 500 error if they include events with deleted sources.  

7.2.6 – January 27, 2021

  • FEATURESnapshot feature for HyperCaster IPTV CCMS workflows to restore a specific server configuration on a spare server. Requires license.   

7.2.5 – December 18, 2020

  • FEATUREProgram schedule feed API now matches calling http(s) scheme and port in URL links.
  • FEATURE: Added location, contributor, and short summary to content CSV export.
  • FEATURE: Configuration setting for auto-removing playlist items when content is expired.
  • FIXED: Updating individual playlist items resulted in an application error.
  • FIXED: Faster page load times when viewing playlists.
  • FIXED: Updating playlist items in playlist that is currently in continuity may air the wrong items.
  • FIXED: CCMS content sources may not download all files needed for events.
  • FIXED: Input and NDI source record events may not restart after server reboot.

7.2.4 – December 4, 2020

  • FIXEDCould not create a new feed with device trigger information when a feed with the same information was recently deleted.
  • FIXEDResumable Connect uploads may fail if the file is transmuxed during upload.
  • FIXEDContent uploaded through the browser should be assigned to the user who uploaded it.
  • FIXEDFix missing events from as-run CSV export.
  • FIXEDExporting a large number of events via as-run CSV may stall.
  • FIXEDDashboard channels table may not render on some IE browser versions.

7.2.3 – November 9, 2020

  • FEATURESpecify which live sources are suspended in system health alerts.
  • FEATUREInclude events which never acquired source signal in system health alerts.
  • FEATUREAdd event metadata fields to dashboard “Go Live” modal.
  • FEATUREAllow importing H.264/H.265 video codecs without a license. Files are still unplayable.
  • FIXEDFix YouTube and Facebook remote preview links on dashboard.
  • FIXEDIn some cases SDI ports could be set to wrong source when updating ProVue Outputs.
  • FIXEDStopping a ‘Start On Trigger’ event before the trigger could leave action buttons grayed out.
  • FIXEDNot all errors were showing when a ProVue Input failed to save.
  • FIXEDSlow connection to email server could cause unrelated task failures.
  • FIXEDPause/Resume recoding buttons should not be visible while event is waiting for trigger.
  • FIXEDFix creating a new content file from existing when custom metadata is set up.
  • FIXEDDashboard ‘Next Up Capture’ sometimes showed the incorrect event.
  • FIXEDDashboard ‘Next Up Playout’ sometimes showed the incorrect event.
  • FIXEDDashboard ‘Next Programming Gap’ may be incorrect when channel was using switch home ports.
  • FIXEDEditing an existing capture event using unattached content may autofill incorrect metadata.
  • FIXEDFix redirect after schedule playout event from content pages.
  • FIXEDSpeed up long running Connect uploads/downloads.
  • FIXEDFix possible 404 error when updating network settings.
  • FIXEDOnly restart ProVue IP encoding when the active encode profile is updated.
  • FIXEDFix 500 error when editing global channel configuration page on non-AIO servers.
  • FIXEDRevert Now Playing event title display on dashboard. Show program and episode metadata.
  • FIXED: Revert search behavior to not tokenize searches when quotes are not used.
  • FIXEDFix 404 error when updating Internet Archive configuration.
  • FIXEDIn rare cases, series that fail to schedule due to conflicts can create media server errors.
  • FIXEDPartial archive transfers using SMB may appear to succeed when they actually failed.
  • FIXEDSystem health should not alert when events waiting for trigger have no source signal.

7.2.2 – October 6, 2020

  • FEATURE: Support custom metadata for series.
  • FEATURESupport custom metadata in snipe overlay variables.
  • FEATUREAdd ‘YY’ year variable for snipe overlays.
  • FEATUREAdd ‘Ingested At’ date variable for snipe overlay, i.e. to show date recorded for replays.
  • FEATUREAdd ‘Live’ overlay rule condition for live vs. pre-recorded snipe automation.
  • FEATUREAdd overlay rule ‘Duration’ conditional.
  • FEATUREOverlay rule program trigger offsets limited to MM:SS.
  • FEATUREOverlay rules priority is now a picklist.
  • FEATURE: Active overlay rules now show with green check and inactive show with red ‘X’.
  • FEATURE: ‘Start on Trigger’ option for Stream, Input, and NDI sources that waits to start live events until manually triggered via dashboard.
  • FEATURE: Start on Trigger support for automatic trigger based input signal presence for Drake PEG Plus encoders.
  • FEATUREAdd ‘Start on Trigger’ and ‘Stop on Loss’ for series live source scheduling.
  • FEATUREAdd ‘Include Preview Channel’ option when searching for events.
  • FEATUREAdd As-Run search option to exclude all overlay rules.
  • FEATUREAdd duration when dashboard monitor is enabled and channel is currently playing a file.
  • FEATUREGlobal configuration for whether to record black frames or pause during IP capture suspends.
  • FEATUREPer-channel configuration whether to stay in continuity until a stream event source is verified and present.
  • FEATUREAdd source to ProVue outputs page.
  • FEATURE: Continuity as run logging support for NDI, Input, and Switch continuity sources. 
  • FEATUREAdd formatted event start time to Comments section of Program Schedule Feed XML API.
  • FEATUREIncreased granularity of event and as run search. Allows searching for multiple source types at the same time.
  • FIXED: Increase performance of Program Schedule Feed XML API.
  • FIXED: Browser upload icon may drop below content sidebar.
  • FIXED: With multiple files with similar filenames, the replacement file importer may replace the wrong file.
  • FIXED: Program criteria is now disabled with Continuity trigger.
  • FIXED: In rare cases, continuity overlay rules are not unschedule when continuity is unscheduled.
  • FIXED: Create new NDI event form was missing cancel conflicting checkbox.
  • FIXED: ‘Plays In’ content search filter was returning duplicates.
  • FIXED: Incorrect snipe variable metadata was used when event was locked past its scheduled end time.
  • FIXED: Wrong name is used when adding a channel to a system with an Integrated Preview channel.
  • FIXED: Preview channel may not work if it is not the ‘last’ channel.
  • FIXED: Turn off JIP overlay if it runs past the event that joined in progress.
  • FIXED: Fix for setting timezone to UTC.
  • FIXED: Fix inconsistent series delete trashcan icons.
  • FIXED: Files from Connect would fail to distribute to content files that were pending delete.
  • FIXED: Certain files that should have failed transmux were completing and causing errors.
  • FIXED: Content file ingested at times must be populated.
  • FIXED: Continuity overlay rule is sometimes late to turn off when programming starts.
  • FIXED: IP capture events appears to start recording after the scheduled end time on record tab if the source is never present.
  • FIXED: ProVue outputs were not showing the correct source address when source was set to SSM.
  • FIXED: Strip whitespace from start and end of TBD template filenames.
  • FIXED: Some connect events may fail to schedule if slot duration is shorter than actual file duration.

7.2.1 – August 25, 2020

  • FIXEDDVD’s were not automatically importing.
  • FIXEDExternal schedule embed via iframe was not working.

7.2 – August 3, 2020

Main Features

  • Browser content uploads.
  • Channel Confidence Monitoring. (HyperCaster AIO, B100-SDI/ANA, or with ProVues).
  • Integrated Preview Channel. (HyperCaster AIO and ProVue GFX models).
  • Overlay Rules
  • SAP (Secondary Audio Programming)

Browser Content Uploads

  • FEATURE: Upload content directly from modern browsers on PCs, laptops, tablets, phones.
  • FEATURE: Drag and Drop or File Select, one or multiple at a time.
  • FEATURE: Resumable uploads continue where left off from broken connections.
  • FEATURE: Displays real-time upload progress and remaining time estimates. 
  • FEATURE: Replacement import option per content.
  • FEATURE: Secure https compatible.

Channel Confidence Monitoring

  • FEATURE: Live channels display in Dashboard for real-time, full motion confidence monitoring from anywhere, any device. (HyperCaster AIO, B100-SDI/ANA, ProVue GFX, and HyperCasters with external ProVues).
  • FEATURE: Full motion, streaming resolution suitable for previewing locally and remotely.
  • FEATURE: Displays all channel elements with all channel processing including licensed Graphics and CALM Audio.
  • FEATURE: Picture-in-Picture option to pop out a given channel, resize and place anywhere on your workspace. 
  • FEATURE: Toggle on/off per channel, remembering each user’s last preference.
  • FEATURE: Admin can globally disable and enable per channel.

Integrated Preview Channel

  • FEATURE: Dedicated, in-Dashboard Preview Channel for previewing and testing content, live, sources, and graphics from anywhere, any device. (HyperCaster AIO models).
  • FEATURE: Full motion, streaming resolution suitable for previewing locally and remotely. 
  • FEATURE: Preview channel is manageable and scheduleable like any other channel.
  • FEATURE: Admin can globally disable and enable, and select either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect.

Overlay Rules

  • FEATURE: Graphic Overlay Business Rules to fully automate channel branding, programming announcements, info tickers, and more.
  • FEATURE: Rules allow selecting single or multiple overlays, priorities, and defining trigger, frequency, duration, and conditionals.
  • FEATURE: Triggers supported include Time (i.e. on the 5s), Program (i.e. X seconds before/after start/stop), and Continuity.
  • FEATURE: Frequency can be one-time, or interval.
  • FEATURE: Duration can be a fixed time, or until trigger end.
  • FEATURE: Conditions supported include, Continuity, Channel, Date Range, Day Part, Days of Week, Max/Min Program Duration, Live Event, Months of Year, Program Categories and Series.


  • FEATURE: Support for recording and playing multiple audio channels, up to 16 channels, including for SAP support. (HyperCaster AIO, B100-SDI/ANA, ProVue GFX, and HyperCasters with external ProVues). Compatible with closed captioning workflows. Recording supports default H.264 profile. Requires technical support activation.


  • FEATURESupport redirects for HLS previews.
  • FEATUREDashboard performance enhancements.
  • FEATUREContent import dropdown performance enhancements.
  • FEATURESRT feeds no longer require source IP address. Port only.


  • FIXED: Fix ability to pause recordings that are locked past scheduled end.
  • FIXED: Manual overlay switch was being displayed for channels that did not support graphics.
  • FIXED: Dashboard may not render correctly on some versions of Internet Explorer.
  • FIXED: In some rare cases, the system may indicate the media server is offline when it is not.
  • FIXED: Clean duplicate firewall rules.

7.1.6 – July 22, 2020

  • FEATURE: Built-in NDI Access Manager to support NDI devices on different subnets. 
  • FEATURE: Add number of schedule items limit parameter to Program Schedule Feed API.
  • FIXEDSRT firewall rules were not being deleted when feed was deleted.
  • FIXEDSupport SRT streams with variable TS packet sizes.
  • FIXEDCertain content API routes were returning 404 errors.
  • FIXEDEncode profile Scan Mode field selection may not save properly.
  • FIXEDEncode profiles should be editable with valid IP encoding license.
  • FIXEDX-List fill gaps feature was not respecting configuration setting.

7.1.5 – July 9, 2020

  • FIXED: Add missing database schema migration version for metadata attribute indexes for upgrades.

7.1.4 – July 2, 2020

  • FEATUREChange disabled content filename field from text input to plain text.
  • FEATUREAdd content sorting by play count.
  • FEATUREShorten auto start event horizon for YouTube and Facebook live streams.
  • FIXEDFix performance regression when searching for content.
  • FIXEDFix live stream previews when web application is using non-standard http(s) port.
  • FIXEDFix typo on dashboard event unlock modal confirmation.
  • FIXEDRedirect after updating future events per content lead to 404 error.

7.1.3 – June 16, 2020

  • FEATURE: Add port 443 to firewall rule options.
  • FEATUREAdd tooltip help for ‘no repeats’ under series pattern scheduling.
  • FIXEDDVD’s were failing to auto-import.
  • FIXEDCalendar sidebar event buttons were not returning to calendar page.
  • FIXEDNTP system health configuration link lead to 404.
  • FIXEDCategory delete icon lead to 404.
  • FIXEDCalendar sidebar was showing playlists as schedulable when switch output was selected with no channel.

7.1.2 – June 9, 2020

  • FIXEDFix 500 error when requesting network interfaces API with a format.
  • FIXEDUsers were unable to block copy NDI events.
  • FIXEDDashboard may show channel as “switched away” when it was actually in the correct position.
  • FIXEDSDI encodes may not restart correctly after reboot.

7.1.1 – May 26, 2020

  • FEATURE: Allow setting NDI quality for NDI sources. 
  • FEATURE: Automated management of firewall rules for NDI sources, auto detect IP address changes for portable units.
  • FEATUREFill in NDI source Name with URL by default when using autofill.
  • FEATUREUpdate tooltips to better distinguish SDI vs. NDI sources.
  • FEATUREAllow events under “Next Up” on dashboard to be unscheduled right from the Dashboard.
  • FEATUREInclude action gear when live streams are now playing on dashboard.
  • FEATUREAdd icon to preview files on dashboard when in mobile view.
  • FEATUREGoing live from dashboard does not require page refresh.
  • FEATUREDashboard will include live sources even when they are not recordable.
  • FEATUREAdd “Record Now” to dashboard for live sources.
  • FEATURESpeed up dashboard response times.
  • FEATURERearrange record tab form fields so required fields are grouped together.
  • FEATURE: Collapse responsive external schedule calendar and search under extra small screen sizes.
  • FEATURE: Add confirmation step when resetting firewall.
  • FEATURE: Add custom metadata to content APIs.
  • FEATURE: Add help tooltip to content that is blocked from being deleted.
  • FEATUREForce files with source errors to transmux/transcode to ensure stable playout.
  • FIXEDpsguser account should not be able to manage remote servers.
  • FIXEDEditing a live stream as psguser resulted in application error.
  • FIXEDLive streams could not be stopped/started/restarted manually.
  • FIXEDEnsure valid channel when scheduling live source on dashboard.
  • FIXEDDisplay live sources in alphabetical order.
  • FIXEDOnly refresh NDI status when NDI sources exist.
  • FIXEDOptional program guide data was missing for NDI events.
  • FIXEDLive sources context menu should be hidden when another is opened.
  • FIXEDSeries tooltips for episode metadata generation were not displaying.
  • FIXEDEncode profile selection from ProVue output was not formatted correctly.
  • FIXEDUsers were unable to switch content view to table mode.
  • FIXEDFilter content for slot from calendar programming was not working.
  • FIXEDProVue output loudness profiles were not populated correctly when CALM was enabled.
  • FIXED“Use Default Auto Delete Date” link on capture event page was not working.
  • FIXEDAlways set extension on files sent to
  • FIXEDFix rare case where dashboard live sources may show as blank.
  • FIXEDDashboard was not rendering correctly in IE.
  • FIXEDPlaylist copy resulted in 404.

7.1 – April 22, 2020

Main Features

  • NDI sources support for live playout and recording (HyperCaster AIO, B100-SDI/ANA, and ProVue GFX models).
  • Revamped, fully responsive & mobile friendly Dashboard with more at your fingertips for monitoring and managing live events.
  • RTMP Push and Pull live sources previewed via HLS so deprecated Flash plugin not required.

NDI Support

  • FEATURE: NDI source support for live playout and recording* (HyperCaster AIO*, B100-SDI/ANA, and ProVue GFX models).
  • FEATURE: Add and manage NDI sources, with automatic discovery of available NDI sources on the network.
  • FEATURE: Schedule NDI live events on Calendar and Classic view, and with automatic Series Scheduling.
  • FEATURE: Use NDI feeds as channel continuity.
  • FEATURE: Schedule or instantly record NDI live source for archiving and replay.
  • FEATURE: Automatic firewall management to allow traffic from added NDI sources.

Revamped Dashboard

  • FEATURE: Dashboard redesigned to be fully responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • FEATURE: Quick action menu for each live source to Go Live, Schedule Live, Record Now, Schedule Record, and manage source.
  • FEATURE: Dashboard Record Now keeps you on Dashboard rather than taking you to the Record Tab.
  • FEATURE: Unschedule Next Up event and record from Dashboard.
  • FEATURE: Lock/Unlock buttons for Live, Record, and Switch updated for clarity of current state and consistency.
  • FEATURE: Lock live switch events from Channel Now Playing in addition to Switch section.
  • FEATURE: Real-time push updates for Channel & Record now / next display. 
  • FEATURE: Preview live streaming sources right from the Dashboard for RTMP, HLS, YouTube, and Facebook live.
  • FEATURE: Display signal presence and active bitrate for most streaming sources right from the Dashboard.
  • FEATURE: Automatic firewall management to allow traffic from added NDI sources.


  • FEATURE: Additional UI pages fully responsive and mobile-friendly: System Health, Missing Files Report, Connect Conflict Report, Users, Channels, Server, Live Feeds. 
  • FEATURE: Content Sidebar quick link icons to Playlist and Series management.
  • FEATURE: Content Sidebar Content CSV download report revamped to include all content details and metadata.
  • FEATURE: Option to hide thumbnails in Content Sidebars and show filename only.
  • FEATURE: Allow deletion of files in the Failed import directory right from the UI.
  • FEATURE: Channel display order configuration to order by channel number or alphabetically. 
  • FEATURE: Series episode view enhancements for mobile devices.
  • FEATURE: Connect medium ID included in content APIs.
  • FEATURE: Option to unschedule an event from event edit view.
  • FEATURE: Server page shows live CPU and Memory resource utilization.
  • FEATURE: Support importing NewTek SpeedHQ files.


  • FIXEDConnect connectivity test may require multiple failures to show failure in UI.
  • FIXEDProgram guide filters should persist selection after display/download error.
  • FIXED: Creating a recurring playout event without filling in recurring information can lead to application error.
  • FIXED: Transcode audio during import for MP4 files with corrupted AAC audio.
  • FIXED: Playlist events were not included in schedule RSS.
  • FIXED: Input continuity should not be permitted on channels with external ProVues.
  • FIXED: Always show playlist icon on content index sidebar.
  • FIXED: Preview could not be deleted for file with mux rate higher than any channel.
  • FIXED: Fix possible incorrect file ingest duration rounding.
  • FIXED: Server name may not show correctly on application header after update.
  • FIXED: Update X-list formatting and program display.
  • FIXED: MP4 import was not always correctly determining maximum bitrate.
  • FIXED: Request media server restart when number of audio’s changes in PMT table.
  • FIXED: Fix cookie overflow error in some long running sessions.
  • FIXED: Fix potential issue where invalid playlist item events were scheduled multiple times in same timeslot.
  • FIXED: Fix possible DTS timestamp errors in some RTMP streams.

7.0.5 – March 30, 2020

  • FEATURE: RTP Input support with auto detection and handling of RTP on Transport Stream sources for IP Capture and StreamThru playout.
  • FEATURE: Advanced Streaming Configuration page supports enabling RTP Output.
  • FEATURE: Series option to disable Autofill missing TBDs with another available episode.
  • FEATURE: Support SSL CSR generation for streamlining https:// setup for User Interface access and program guide embedding.

7.0.4 – March 23, 2020

  • FIXED: Security update to help secure system if User Interface is left wide-open on the Internet (though it is always recommended to only open firewall to known and trusted source IP addresses).

7.0.3 – March 20, 2020

  • FIXED: Fix issue preventing importing and previewing files with rare codec properties, including Zoom RTMP captures.
  • FIXED: Content edit links would only show tooltip when clicked on mobile.

7.0.1 – February 12, 2020

  • FIXED: Switch form cancel link took user to incorrect page.
  • FIXED: Fix duplicate dropdown inputs from displaying.
  • FIXED: Dismissed flash alert may not reshow.
  • FIXED: Tooltips may not show correctly on Series page.
  • FIXEDFix 500 error when viewing single content file with more than 5 recurrence rules.
  • FIXED: Update channels API to support new epg_channel_id key.
  • FIXED: Transmux tooltip may showing incorrect information.
  • FIXED: Update character limits on X-List title and description fields. Sanitize results.

7.0 – January 7, 2020

Main Features

  • Series Scheduling with automatic, rules-based scheduling of regularly occurring live events, recordings, replays and episodic programs. 
  • Enhanced Recurring Scheduling with flexible rules including Daily, Weekly, Monthly and chaining multiple rules.

Series Scheduling

  • FEATURE: Flexible series scheduling rules for automatically scheduling live events, recordings, replays, and episodic programs.
  • FEATURE: Series source can be any available live source (i.e. SDI Input, Stream, Switch) or File-based.
  • FEATURE: Live source series support independent scheduling rules for live and replays.
  • FEATURE: Live schedule can be easily applied to just airing live, just recording, or both.
  • FEATURE: Automatically creates TBD content records and corresponding series episodes to match live recording schedule.  
  • FEATURE: Option to automatically create TBD content records and corresponding series episodes for programs that will be imported later.
  • FEATURE: Automatic routing for airing and recording will “macro” schedule all sub events as needed. 
  • FEATURE: Automatic management of shared resources such as available SDI Inputs, Encode Channels, and IP Capture Channels.
  • FEATURE: Live Recordings are automatically added as Series Episodes. 
  • FEATURE: Support manually adding and re-ordering Episodes. 
  • FEATURE: Playout and Replay scheduling rules include fill with Most Recent, Closest Ingest, and sophisticated Pattern.
  • FEATURE: Scheduling supports Daily, Weekly, Monthly time slot patterns with chaining multiple time slots for flexibility.
  • FEATURE: Failsafe scheduling automatically fills time slots for missing episodes with the most recent right before airtime.  
  • FEATURE: Exclusion management allows deleting individual events from a Series, viewing exclusions, and easily re-adding. 
  • FEATURE: Search Events and As Run based on Series.
  • FEATURE: Live series events that are also recorded show a recording icon on Calendar view.
  • FEATURE: Events from series on Classic scheduling view link back to the series.
  • FEATURE: Supports a wide range of common workflows including:
    • Schedule a series of pre-recorded programs for which new episodes are uploaded on a regular interval, in batches, or whenever
    • Schedule a series of pre-recorded programs for which new episodes come from TelVue Connect, i.e. daily Democracy Now! episodes
    • Schedule a series of live programming that will not be recorded, but just air live
    • Schedule a series of live programming that will also be recorded, with or without replays
    • Schedule a series of live programming that does not air live, but is recorded, with or without replays
    • Schedule a series of live programming that is recorded remotely, and subsequently uploaded, with or without replays


  • FEATURE: Configurable time slot size on Calendar scheduling view.
  • FEATURE: Advanced Search supports searching for content scheduled to play within a certain number of days.
  • FEATURE: Advanced Search supports searching for TBD programs to be ingested within a certain number of days.
  • FEATURE: External Program Guide links on Dashboard now point to the newer, responsive version.
  • FEATURE: Support for Innovative Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
  • FEATURE: TBD generation variables now include Hour, Minute, Second.
  • FEATURE: Additional config pages updated to be responsive: Remote Servers, Internet Archive, Switch.


  • FIXEDConnect connectivity test may require multiple failures to show failure in UI.
  • FIXEDProgram guide filters should persist selection after display/download error.

6.4.2 – January 2, 2020

  • FEATURE: Emergency console is now responsive and mobile friendly. 
  • FEATURE: Add previous/next day select on responsive external schedule.
  • FEATURE: Collapse responsive external schedule calendar and search under extra small screen sizes.
  • FEATURE: Add confirmation step when resetting firewall.
  • FEATURE: Add custom metadata to content APIs.
  • FEATURE: Add help tooltip to content that is blocked from being deleted.
  • FIXED: Content sidebar height was incorrect on some screen sizes.
  • FIXED: Nightly CSV database backups may not have been created.
  • FIXED: Internal ProVue may not save in all cases.
  • FIXED: ProVue index page may fail to render.
  • FIXED: Programming > Calendar page fails to render with certain output selections.
  • FIXED: Encode profile audio bitrate may show up as disabled after switching audio codecs.
  • FIXED: Ticker overlays using RSS feeds may fail to update if any RSS feeds are invalid.
  • FIXED: Samba configuration was not showing under global configuration options.
  • FIXED: Emergency overlays may fail to start in rare cases.
  • FIXED: YouTube/Facebook feeds may auto stop when they should be airing.
  • FIXED: Fix back to back playlists causing media server errors.
  • FIXED: System may auto-delete files that are marked for deletion before removing them from playlist continuity.

6.4.1 – October 17, 2019

  • FEATURE: Allow IP destinations for standalone ProVues with IP output encoding option.
  • FEATURE: Allow setting ProVue IP output multicast TTL.
  • FIXED: Fix database migration that could cause extra default encode profiles.
  • FIXED: Ensure Facebook and YouTube live feed management makes as few API requests as possible.

6.4 – September 27, 2019

Main Features

  • IP Output encoding option (HyperCaster AIO and TelVue ProVue)
  • ProVue GFX models
  • Facebook Live Feeds

IP Output Encoding 

  • FEATURE: Option for AIO and certain ProVue models that enables encoding and IP streaming the final output as Transport Stream supporting unicast and multicast.
  • FEATURE: Customizable IP Output Encoding Profiles supporting HD/SD MPEG-2 and H.264 codecs.
  • FEATURE: IP Output streams carry through all available processing on the output channel including up/down-conversion, graphics, audio loudness, and auto fade transition effects. 

ProVue GFX Models 

  • FEATURE: Standalone HD/SD graphics and branding box supporting SDI & IP Inputs and Output.
  • FEATURE: Built-in overlay designer supporting Bugs/Logos, Snipes, Tickers (including RSS/XML), and Squeezebacks.
  • FEATURE: IP Inputs supported include Transport Streams, RTMP, HLS, RTSP, SRT, YouTube & Facebook Live.
  • FEATURE: Manual and Scheduled triggered overlays with built-in scheduler.
  • FEATURE: Manual and Scheduled input source switching with built-in scheduler.
  • FEATURE: Customizable IP Output Encoding Profiles supporting HD/SD MPEG-2 and H.264 codecs.
  • FEATURE: Automatic Up & Down-conversion. 
  • FEATURE: Optional Automatic CALM Audio Loudness Control.

Facebook Live Feeds

  • FEATURE: Play and Record Facebook Live streams.


  • FEATURE: Customizable Encode Profiles for SDI Recording in addition to the available stock profiles.
  • FEATURE: Re-designed, responsive ProVue Decoder management pages including support for the IP Output option.
  • FEATURE: Login page is now responsive.
  • FEATURE: As-run keyword search now includes all event types.
  • FEATURE: Simplified setting up Let’s Encrypt for secure access.
  • FEATURE: HyperCaster AIO-4 models can be configured for 2 SD channels.


  • FIXED: Context menu was disappearing quickly after revealed when using ctrl-click on Safari.
  • FIXED: Continuity stream was not validated against channel bandwidth.
  • FIXED: Unset StaticPSI setting could cause slow splicing.
  • FIXED: HEVC files should transcode and not transmux if HEVC is not enabled.
  • FIXED: Auto-archive server list was not populated correctly in some cases.
  • FIXED: Column 3 of CCMS event verification line should use break scheduled start where possible.
  • FIXED: Old version of some .attr files could cause media server lock up.
  • FIXED: Fix possible database level deadlock when unscheduling events.
  • FIXED: Unformatted error message shown in Task when default transcoder failed.
  • FIXED: Capture rare server error response from Connect more gracefully during content distribution.
  • FIXED: Fix error caused by duplicate filenames with space in between name and extension.
  • FIXED: Exporting Minerva guide data would return 500 error when data included playlist events.
  • FIXED: CSV import summary would say SKIPPED when content was really only shortened to fill available slot.
  • FIXED: Underlying Connect upload process was not canceled when task was canceled.
  • FIXED: CCMS fails to created nested directories on Windows shares.
  • FIXED: CCMS verification lines could be filled with errant newlines in some cases.
  • FIXED: Duplicate transmux tasks could be enqueued for single file.
  • FIXED: Schedule configuration page was misaligned.
  • FIXED: Live feed stream or capture event could be missed if feed edited too close to event time.
  • FIXED: Fix possible malformed interfaces file when netmask is missing.
  • FIXED: Ensure all files that are transcodable are also available on local disk.
  • FIXED: Unmatched parenthesis could cause Remote Server file download to fail.
  • FIXED: Do not change extension of tranmuxed/transcoded file that is also archived.
  • FIXED: In rare cases, record events may appear to have started in UI but have not.
  • FIXED: Classic event search returns 500 error when search includes a dot.
  • FIXED: Prevent possible brief overlap during back-to-back encodes that could cause corresponding brief spike in system resources. 

6.3.6 – March 26, 2019

  • FEATURE: External schedule search now searches for episode metadata.
  • FEATURE: Searching for categories in event search now only applies to playout events.
  • FEATURE: Show Minerva program guide features by default without requiring activation.
  • FEATURE: Add configuration setting for Stop on Loss of Signal duration threshold for IP sources. Allows for a tolerance for momentary loss of signal before automatically stopping.
  • FEATURE: Show stopped events on content/events tab.
  • FEATURE: Allow automatic acquisition and renewing of SSL certificates so you don’t have to procure and configure your own SSL cert. Uses
  • FEATURE: Resource tuning to prioritize playout resources under heavy system load.
  • FEATURE: More robust error handling of Connect system health so related alerts are less chatty.

  • FIXED: DVD Import may not auto-import files in some cases.
  • FIXED: External schedule may appear stale when channel guide details are first enabled.
  • FIXED: External schedule may appear stale when Connect is first added to the system.
  • FIXED: Overlays index page may cutoff with lots of channels.
  • FIXED: Classic programming source column was not centered correctly.
  • FIXED: Updating an event recurrence may unschedule some events.
  • FIXED: Clean up frame rate section of content properties.
  • FIXED: Certain Pro Transcode profiles for IP Transport playout models may lead to transcodes with poor quality.
  • FIXED: Application-only restart may not restart the internal decoder on some HyperCaster models.
  • FIXED: Dashboard performance enhancements.
  • FIXED: Remove optional mux rate for live feeds.
  • FIXED: Fix system health warning background color.
  • FIXED: Test email may have failed to send.
  • FIXED: Fix issue where content from Connect may not attach to local content correctly.
  • FIXED: Performance enhancements when generating a switch event recurrence.
  • FIXED: Prevent scheduling of files that are not present on disk in all cases.
  • FIXED: HLS live feeds may stall if source is lost for too long.
  • FIXED: Fix issue where duplicate content file warnings may show on unplayable tooltip.
  • FIXED: Unable to schedule playout event with no trims where content had trims.
  • FIXED: Disallow scheduling playout events with trims when content does not support random access.
  • FIXED: Copy/Paste on calendar view may create events with incorrect duration in some cases.
  • FIXED: Scheduling an event with play immediately that encounters conflicts which are resolved with ‘Cancel Conflicting’ may lead to invalid events.
  • FIXED: Fix some calendar scheduling scenarios which could cause media server and web application to be out of sync.
  • FIXED: Responsive external schedule was showing scroll bar on mobile view.
  • FIXED: Fix issue where failed playout may result in uncancelable event.
  • FIXED: More robust error handling of NTP system health including when NTP is assigned by DHCP.
  • FIXED: Prevent files that don’t have sufficient timing information for Random Access support from being playable. Enable transcoding for files with insufficient timing for automatic correction.
  • FIXED: With Connect as Master enabled, Connect events were unable to unschedule conflicting local stream and input events.
  • FIXED: Time shift feature was not enabled correctly when configured on a channel.
  • FIXED: Replacement files with different extensions may not replace correctly.
  • FIXED: Blackmagic Design HyperDeck MP4 files may result in static audio.

6.3 – November 9, 2018

Main Features

  • Stop On Loss Of Signal
  • HTTPS Support
  • Increased Mobile Support
  • Channel Color-Codes
  • Integrated Pro Transcoding – Built-in, configurable Transport Stream transcoding for IP Playout applications

Stop On Loss Of Signal

  • FEATURE: Any live or record event with Stop on Loss of Signal activated will automatically stop the event if the incoming signal is lost. Can be used for automation to end live and record events, such as when a Camera (SDI source) or Encoder (IP source) is shut off.
  • FEATURE: Designate any Feed (IP/Live Stream) or ProVue Input (AIO SDI Input) to default to Stop on Loss Of Signal when scheduling that source for live or record events.
  • FEATURE: Stop on Loss of Signal behavior can be overridden if a given event is Locked.

HTTPS Support

  • FEATURE: The HyperCaster web application (User Interface) can be accessed securely using SSL encryption via https://. To access https remotely, you may need IT to set a firewall rule to map HTTPS from port 443 or another port to the HyperCaster’s management IP address on port 443.
  • FEATURE: The HyperCaster’s external schedule is now also available over HTTPS from port 50001. This allows embedding the guide securely in your website, Facebook page, etc… Your IT department will need to set a firewall rule on your router to map HTTPS from an external port to the HyperCaster’s management IP address on port 50001.

Enhanced Mobile Support

  • FEATURE: Many configuration pages have been redesigned to be fully responsive for enhanced user experience on mobile devices / smaller screens.
  • FEATURE: The HyperCaster’s external schedule has also been redesigned to be fully responsive for enhanced user experience on mobile devices / smaller screenst. Simply add “responsive=true” to the end of your external schedule URL for the responsive layout.

Channel Color-Codes

  • FEATURE: Broadcast channels can now be color coded throughout the application by selecting a designated color on the Channel -> Edit page.
  • FEATURE: Users will see the channel color designations for each event on the classic programming page and at the top of the calendar programming page. It will also appear on the as-run summary and missing files report.

Configurable Integrated Transcoding

  • FEATURE: Optional license allows customizable Transcode Profiles for creating Transport Streams on import with specific properties ideal for IP playout models and Cable/Telco applications. Supports automatic transcoding to selected default profiles on import and manual transcoding.
  • FEATURE: Manage Transcode Profiles. Fine tune video/audio encoding and Transport Stream parameters. Supports SD/HD MPEG-2 and H.264/AVC Codecs.
  • FEATURE: Transcode profiles can also be copied to help quickly create new transcode profiles from presets. CableLabs SD/HD MPEG-2 and H.264 Presets.
  • FEATURE: Default presets for SD and HD sources so that content can be automatically transcoded on import accordingly based on source resolution.
  • FEATURE: Audio normalization can be enabled with each transcode profile. Peak, RMS, and EBU128.


  • FEATURE: Allow for playback and recording of HLS streams with no audio.
  • FEATURE: Configuration Console updated.
  • FEATURE: “Remove from…” content delete option added to content context menu.
  • FEATURE: Content filename added to Missing File Report.
  • FEATURE: Users can now update file extension on files after transmux/transcode.
  • FEATURE: Calendar programming “Filter Content for Slot” will now sort content by duration to make it easier to find files that primarily fill the slot.
  • FEATURE: Add pagination buttons to bottom of Classic programming page.
  • FEATURE: Add Hardware ID to About page.
  • FEATURE: Add configuration option to remove Program/Episode Code fields from UI.
  • FEATURE: Improved real time progress tracking for transmux jobs.
  • FEATURE: Add Innovative Program Guide export option for Innovative Middleware support.
  • FEATURE: Add tooltip to ProVue restart/reboot button.
  • FEATURE: Updated Linux OS with security patches.


  • FIXED: Content attached to TBD’s that was unplayable would fail to unschedule.
  • FIXED: Event validation messages could show raw HTML.
  • FIXED: Content archiving process could fail in some rare cases where archive contained a system file.
  • FIXED: System failed to detect aspect ratio for some content.
  • FIXED: Some files attached to TBD’s less than 1 hour from playout may have failed to play when attached too close to the event.
  • FIXED: Restoration from may have failed if filename contained spaces.
  • FIXED: Remove need for SMB V2 checkbox under Samba configuration. Handled automatically.
  • FIXED: Record tab recording icon may look misaligned.
  • FIXED: Failed to purge/delete content error message was a bit confusing.
  • FIXED: Hide “Show Item” button under system health tab when no items were hidden.
  • FIXED: Transmux may have triggered during transcode if the setting was turned on while a transcode was occurring.
  • FIXED: Switching between 2 active recordings may not update displayed metadata correctly.
  • FIXED: Overlays page may timeout with lots of overlays defined.
  • FIXED: Playlist events missing gap actions on the classic programming page.

6.2.5 – August 7, 2018

Fixed: Disable import CSV button after submission to prevent duplicate submission.
Fixed: Scheduled TBD’s were showing blank validation error.
Fixed: In some cases, CSV import summary page would return application error.

6.2.4 – July 20, 2018

FEATURE: CCMS enhancements for BroadView traffic and billing integration.

Fixed: Typo in Stream Stitching help tooltip.
Fixed: Application error caused by creating a new RTSP feed.
Fixed: Update YouTube live feed help tooltip.
Fixed: Remove unsupported ripple option to End Early for playlist events.
Fixed: External schedule search function now supports quotation marks for exact matches.
Fixed: Manually importing a file that was already imported would result in the file being moved to the failed directory.
Fixed: Improve dashboard response time.
Fixed: Improve bulk modify response time.
Fixed: Allow users to update/unschedule events that do not adhere to channel restrictions.

6.2.3 – June 21, 2018

FEATURE: User uploaded CSV imports are now processed in background.

Fixed: Creating an anywhere firewall rule would fail.
Fixed: Disable ripple forward of any active event.
Fixed: DVD Import may fail to find all titles.
Fixed: Allow transmux/transcode of H.265 content.
Fixed: Hide transcoding option if H.264 is not enabled.
Fixed: In rare cases, uploads to Connect could stall.
Fixed: Duplicate content files could be created during Connect event sync.
Fixed: SRT feed was not creating correct firewall rules.
Fixed: SRT feed live bitrate was incorrect.
Fixed: Playlist duration may be incorrect when scheduling new playlist event.
Fixed: Scheduling playlist event with missing playlist returns 500 error.
Fixed: Calendar sidebar shows playlist option even when no playlists exist.
Fixed: Failed transmux/transcode task shows more detailed error message when metadata fails to save.
Fixed: Scheduled playlists do not respect first items offset.
Fixed: Searching for content on calendar sidebar when media type is something other than content appends thumbnails.
Fixed: Fix typo in live feed restart prompt.

6.2.0 – April 20, 2018

Main Features

  • Stream Locking

    • FEATURE: Live stream events can now be locked and unlocked for extending long-running events and then join programming in progress.
  • Record Locking & Pausing

    • FEATURE: Live record events can now be locked and unlocked to extend recording long-running events.
    • FEATURE: Live record events can now be paused and resumed.
  • Redesigned Record Page

    • FEATURE: Record page is now completely responsive for easier use on mobile devices.
    • FEATURE: Status updates on record page are much faster.
  • Join In Progress Overlays

    • FEATURE: Designate an overlay as the “Join In Progress” (JIP) overlay. This overlay will play each time a program is joined in progress.
    • FEATURE: Users can configure the duration of the JIP overlay.
    • FEATURE: Configuration setting added to suppress overlays scheduled during postponed events due to locking. Use this setting to avoid displaying overlays meant for other events.
  • Playlist Scheduling

    • FEATURE: Users can now schedule playlists from Classic view or drag and drop on calendar.
  • YouTube Live Feeds

    • FEATURE: Play and record YouTube Live streams.
  • New Remote Server Protocol: SFTP

    • FEATURE: Archive/CCMS/Content remote servers support SFTP protocol for secure file transfers.
  • Miscellaneous

    • FEATURE: New networking utility tools added: Ping & Traceroute.
    • FEATURE: Content auto-delete days are now configurable.
    • FEATURE: Category filter added to classic view programming search.
    • FEATURE: Manual transcode action added for content.
    • FEATURE: Content search default max duration field updated to ‘–:–:–‘.
    • FEATURE: Add SMB configuration to enable v2.
    • FEATURE: Configurable default duration for record events.
    • FEATURE: New default archive filters for classic playout event content file dropdown.
    • FEATURE: Error message when overlay cannot display now shows which resolution is invalid.
    • FEATURE: Add restore default network settings option to config console and LCD Panel.
    • FEATURE: Connect Medium ID added to Program Schedule XML API.
    • FEATURE: Chroma format 4:2:2 is now marked as unplayable and queued for transcode.
    • FEATURE: Hide help link on header moved to configuration page.
    • FEATURE: Add firewall control to config console.
    • FEATURE: Stream event tooltips now show live feed URL if applicable.
    • FEATURE: Move As Run CSV export to background job with task.
    • FEATURE: Allow acknowledgment of content file capture errors.
    • FEATURE: Add tooltips for events: Overlay, Playlist, Switch.
    • FEATURE: Upload content file program and episode to Connect during file upload.
    • FEATURE: Add expanded networking information to network API.
    • FEATURE: Content can now be imported while it is scheduled and will start playing immediately.
    • FEATURE: Add advanced channel configuration options: Video/Audio Grooming, Stream ID mapping.


Fixed: Invalid SRT URL’s were returning a 500 error.
Fixed: Classic view ripple links could be pressed multiple times in succession creating invalid events.
Fixed: Play Now link for content that was not included in guide would not play.
Fixed: ProVue Decoder system health email contained inconsistent capitalization.
Fixed: Saving a channel with NIC Redundancy turned on prompts for Media Server restart even if unchanged.
Fixed: Connect uploads may fail due to unescaped quotes in metadata.
Fixed: uploads may fail to due to unescaped quotes in metadata.
Fixed: Content file filename may be updated even if file does not exist.
Fixed: Reboot/Restart ProVue prompt may display multiple times when clicked.
Fixed: Connect upload to organization with uploading disabled showed cryptic error message.
Fixed: Facil event import did not import when date was not specified.
Fixed: InfoVue XML events may not be ordered correctly.
Fixed: Emergency overlays may not start on all channels specified.
Fixed: Snipe variables may be filled incorrectly for Input events.
Fixed: Emergency overlay may fail to appear as ON in web application if user SMTP settings were invalid.
Fixed: Overlays on screen may appear to glitch when scheduled back to back.
Fixed: GDP import would fail in some rare cases.
Fixed: Event Recurrences index page would return a 500 error.
Fixed: Hitting the back button on the tasks page could sometimes return unstyled HTML.
Fixed: SuperUser environment page showed no data.
Fixed: In some cases tooltips on dashboard would not be removed when no longer hovered over.
Fixed: Clone a playlist would remove all items in the original playlist.
Fixed: Empty playlists could be set as continuity.
Fixed: Include In Guide attribute was lost when using drag n’ drop scheduling on calendar.
Fixed: SNMP config page would return 500 error if invalid data was entered.
Fixed: Some rare ripple actions could result in stream events not rescheduling correctly.
Fixed: Searching for connect content by non-admin user did not work.
Fixed: Scheduling stream events on calendar view multiple times could result in incorrect durations used.
Fixed: Firewall config page returned 500 error when invalid data was entered.
Fixed: External schedule may show incorrect scheduling info if Month arrows are used to update calendar.
Fixed: As Run page could return 500 error if search returned no events and First Run Only was selected.
Fixed: Native CSV hotfolder was not moving import failures into failed folder.
Fixed: SNMPD does not start on boot resulting in SNMP config changes failing.
Fixed: Import SCH files via GUI when Head End/Network ID did not match valid channel returned 500 error.
Fixed: Events that end at 00:00:00 or 00:00:01 should be added to previous days verification file.
Fixed: Verification file duration section should have 8 characters instead of 6.
Fixed: Config console was failing to validate duplicate IP addresses.
Fixed: Re-add Break Position to verification files.
Fixed: Changing Connect Medium title duration distribution can cause failed download.
Fixed: Changing content file filename would result in offset/duration being reset for associated events.
Fixed: Should not be able to update TBD expected import date to before its first event.
Fixed: Scheduling event with invalid date returned 500 error.
Fixed: Some tasks may return cryptic “Forking” error message.
Fixed: Feed filter on As Run search would return non-matching event types.
Fixed: Classic search with an extremely large event set timed out.
Fixed: Error message when saving a channel with a duplicate error message was cryptic.
Fixed: IP address/Port conflicts were not being validated across channels.
Fixed: Disabling continuity with breakout audio source was returning a 500 error.
Fixed: When cloning overlays, Emergency attribute should not be duplicated.
Fixed: Snipe overlay variables sometimes showed on screen.

6.1.3 – November 10, 2017

FEATURE: New live feed type added: SRT – Secure, Reliable, Transport. Allows the HyperCaster to receive SRT streams for live playback and capture. SRT is a transport technology that optimizes streaming performance over unpredictable networks such as the public Internet.
FEATURE: Increase the number of events that can be stored in a copy-block.
FEATURE: Content file properties pane will now show the actual duration.
FEATURE: Background task to clean processing directory.
FEATURE: Optimized Connect event synchronization.

Fixed: Loosen restrictions on creating new SMB archive servers. Will now only block servers with the same host, share name, and destination directory.
Fixed: Media server slow to restart with 20 channels configured to use Nic Redundancy.
Fixed: Manual Minerva uploads were failing to transfer data.
Fixed: Editing a ticker overlay with squeezeback enabled was showing multiple ‘Bring to Front’ icons.
Fixed: Start time, end time, duration, and day-of-week now required when generating TBD’s for series.
Fixed: Content search was not persisting sort order selections when global search was turned off.
Fixed: Connect content could be deleted mid-distribution if file was un-licensed on Connect.
Fixed: Unfilled Connect slots were showing on all channels.
Fixed: Missing files email was not excluding canceled events.
Fixed: Custom routes were not persisted correctly and could be erased on server reboot.
Fixed: Pagination text was not pluralized correctly in some places.
Fixed: More accurate filename when creating a new capture event immediately with autoname enabled.

6.1.2 – October 20, 2017

Fixed: Event ripple will now collapse gaps in between rippled events. Any events rippled past midnight will now be canceled/truncated.
Fixed: Successfully scheduling an event recurrence will now redirect the user to the last visited programming page.
Fixed: Added minimum height/width validations for overlay squeezeback region.
Fixed: Fix 500 error after exporting content to CloudCast.

6.1.1 – October 11, 2017

FEATURE:  Support importing ProRes files.
FEATURE:  Minerva Title will now fall back to source if no other metadata is available.
FEATURE:  Support for RTSP streams with no audio.

Fixed: Add Status header to server responses.
Fixed: Automatic Minerva upload may include channels without a Minerva Channel ID.
Fixed: Sanitize Minerva program data lines to strip out newline characters which can cause programs on EPG to show as ‘No Title’.
Fixed: Recurring playout events using a TBD may not be generated correctly.
Fixed: Live feed bitrates now show correctly when webapp is running on a non-standard port.
Fixed: Metadata variables for snipe overlays should exclude content that is not in guide.
Fixed: Classic view may take user to wrong pagination page after creating a new event.
Fixed: Offset and duration are now included on all content uploads to Connect.
Fixed: More robust HLS live stream processing.
Fixed: Remove ability to delete internal ProVue Decoders.

6.1.0 – September 25, 2017

Main Features

FEATURE: Resumable transfers to/from TelVue Connect plus automatic retries
FEATURE: Integration (within Archiving module)
FEATURE: Integrated Transcoding
FEATURE: Enhanced Transmuxing (Variable Mux Rate mode)
FEATURE: AIO SDI Input Locking for Extending Live Events with Join In Progress

Connect Resumable Uploads/Downloads

FEATURE: Option to turn on resumable uploads/downloads from the Config -> Connect page.
FEATURE: All uploads and downloads will auto-retry after any temporary network interruption.
FEATURE: Any canceled/failed upload or download can be manually retried and will continue where it left off. Support

FEATURE: Users can now add as an archive server on systems with the Archiving module activated. Allows archive & retrieval to and from just like any other Archive location.
FEATURE: Manage collections for selecting to push content into one or more collections on upload.
FEATURE: One-click access to archived content on from the HyperCaster’s content edit page.
FEATURE: Customizable bucket prefix to avoid naming collisions on
FEATURE: Populates basic metadata on upon upload, including Title and Subjects.
FEATURE: Customizable Title using Program and Episode on upload.

Integrated Transcoding

FEATURE: Option to turn on integrated transcoding from the Config -> Content page.
FEATURE: Any files that are not playable natively or with transmux will be automatically transcoded.
FEATURE: Any files that fail to transmux will also be transcoded.
FEATURE: Files will be transcoded to MPEG-2 TS with H.264/AVC video with AAC stereo audio (6Mbps for HD, 3Mbps for SD). Transcode will preserve source resolution and use constant multiplex rate. Transcodes compatible with external and internal ProVue decoders, including HyperCaster AIO models.

RSS & XML Tickers

FEATURE: Add any RSS or XML feed to the HyperCaster to be displayed as text on a ticker overlay.
FEATURE: All fields and tags will be displayed in the feed editor allowing users to customize which RSS or XML fields are present in the overlay text.
FEATURE: All feeds are automatically refreshed while they are on air to pick up feed updates.

Input Locking with Join In Progress (AIO only)

FEATURE: New lock button added to dashboard for AIO live SDI Input events.
FEATURE: Allows extending live Input events past their scheduled end time.
FEATURE: Automatically joins subsequent scheduled events in progress after Input lock is unlocked.

RTSP Feeds

FEATURE: Users can now add RTSP feeds to their HyperCaster’s list of live feeds. RTSP feeds must use H.264/AVC encoding, and include an audio track.
FEATURE: RTSP feeds can be scheduled/recorded like all other feeds types.


FEATURE: Create new TBD’s from existing records using the new save option “Save and New”.
FEATURE: Support HLS streams over HTTPS.
FEATURE: Multiple keywords used in content search will now be searched separately unless quoted.
FEATURE: Channels API (JSON) for querying and updating (INDEX, SHOW, UPDATE)
FEATURE: Auto restart live stream transmux when certain multiplex errors are detected.
FEATURE: Indicate when transmux task fails because target mux rate is too high.


Fixed: FTP archiving would only work when using default port (21).
Fixed: Content API ‘all_content_metadata’ would not display as XML when certain invalid characters were present.
Fixed: Content API ‘content_metadata_by_filename’ did not respond with XML when filename included an extension.
Fixed: Content imported from content index drop down was labeled with MANUAL source.
Fixed: Connect Upload task failed if content metadata included invalid characters.
Fixed: Inability to turn off X-List gap customization.
Fixed: Content playlist/series tab showed duplicates if content was in a given collection multiple times.
Fixed: Fix 500 error when adding live feed with blank url.
Fixed: Playout event source on programming pages now displays content filename.
Fixed: Importing a file that would attach to a scheduled TBD airing within the hour that needed transmux may fail to play out.
Fixed: Replacement file imports failed when target content had virtual trims set.
Fixed: Content sidebar may fail to auto load content when scrolled on a large monitor.
Fixed: Deleting content file used in continuity would lead to blank selection on channel file continuity drop down.
Fixed: Bulk delete content errors were not formatted correctly.
Fixed: When using Connect scheduling, “Connect as Master” configuration setting had no effect.
Fixed: Cancel overlapping events on import configuration setting was not visible.
Fixed: Recurring capture filename was duplicated when autoname was used.
Fixed: Classic search feed drop down included deleted feeds.
Fixed: Input event could be scheduled without a valid Input selected.
Fixed: As-Run search was very slow with lots of continuity events.
Fixed: Minerva continuity injection did not fill continuity on days where 0 events were scheduled.

6.0.9 – July 28, 2017

FEATURE: Update Connect content icons. Indicate uploaded vs. downloaded as well as when VOD is available.
FEATURE: Add ‘Add to Series’ content bulk action.
FEATURE: Re-enable custom attributes for playlists.
FEATURE: Add audio sampling rate check for content.

Fixed: Users were unable to click ‘Modify’ link on events on mobile devices.
Fixed: Content actions menu showed ‘Play Now’ option when the content was not playable.
Fixed: Users were unable to delete failed captures/encodes.
Fixed: Automatic Minerva schedule upload was failing.
Fixed: Some tickers/snipes may fail to air if drop shadow parameters are blank.
Fixed: Mirror-Primary was copying primary channel settings to the backup when it shouldn’t have.
Fixed: Fix performance regression when searching for content.
Fixed: Replacement Files system health email may contain raw html.
Fixed: Ensure admin owned playlist/series can not be edited by user accounts.
Fixed: Fix performance regression when rippling events.
Fixed: Fix possible 500 error when exporting events as CSV.
Fixed: Fix possible 500 error when exporting Minerva schedule with continuity injection turned on.
Fixed: When creating a new event, the form should default the channel to last one searched.
Fixed: When clicking the schedule link for a channel on the dashboard, the channel should be auto-filled into the search parameters.
Fixed: When adding content to playlists from content bulk actions list, users should not be able to see admin-owned playlists..

6.0.8 – July 11, 2017

FEATURE: Limit missing files email to only events in-window.
FEATURE: Relax ProVue Decoder system health decoding check.
FEATURE: Allow Snipes to be played during some types of continuity.
FEATURE: Sort classic source dropdowns alphabetically.
FEATURE: Show new content file VOD links in Program Schedule Feed API.
FEATURE: Remove pagination limits on content and event pages.

Fixed: Validations on DNS Servers were not triggered.
Fixed: Content licensed on Connect, then distributed, was being sync’ed when un-licensed.
Fixed: Channel save timeout when lots of events are scheduled.
Fixed: Connect event sync issues; speed up Connect event conflict check.
Fixed: New TBD’s and imported Content files were owned by the wrong user.
Fixed: Do not change TBD filename when attached to file.
Fixed: CCMS verification log generation.
Fixed: Setting new IP Address with config console.
Fixed: Custom capture directory config setting will now be used.
Fixed: Update Playlist as Series Connect help text.
Fixed: Some VMR content was not being shown in calendar sidebar when it should have.
Fixed: Replacement files system health check.
Fixed: 500 error on Minerva config page.
Fixed: Case where media server fails to drop to input continuity after failed stream event.
Fixed: Capture event auto delete days link.
Fixed: Do not allow mux rate of 0 for RTMP/HLS live streams.
Fixed: Increase height of Connect upload picklists.
Fixed: Increase Connect media index sync timeout.
Fixed: Case where graphics engine may become out-of-sync of web application.
Fixed: RSS Program Schedule Feed API date-based url query parameters were not respected.
Fixed: 500 error when clicking on username link on header.
Fixed: Correct typo in overlay communication error message.
Fixed: Special characters showing up in InfoVue XML API.
Fixed: Content hot folders were generated with wrong directory permissions.
Fixed: Custom content metadata attributes were not saved when creating a new TBD.
Fixed: System may fail to play some IP captured files.
Fixed: Rare media server crash when re-scheduling continuity playlist.

6.0.7 – May 25, 2017

FEATURE: Background jobs will continue to process even if web application is restarted.
FEATURE: Duration on Record page is now pre-filled with 00:00:00.
Fixed: Certain ProVue output formats were not saved correctly.
Fixed: Can now save a channel with stream clone active.
Fixed: Increased performance in preview generation and Turbo transcoding.
Fixed: Connect events may fail to unschedule on HyperCaster schedule.
Fixed: Sequentially named files may return incorrect bit rates.

6.0.4 – April 24, 2017

Fixed: Channel parameter in Dashboard RSS links.
Fixed: Task emails sending.
Fixed: Overlay events now excluded from guide.
Fixed: ‘Run Netstat’ button put back in the network configuration page.
Fixed: Include Content file description and short summary in search.
Fixed: Increase Connect upload/download error resiliency. This includes removing the ‘Speed Time’ and ‘Connect Time’ timeout options. They have been replaced with a single ‘Timeout’ option.
Fixed: Fixed a possible ProVue crash when using an external ProVue on an AIO simulcast channel.
Fixed: A 500 error was raised when scheduling a recording without a valid feed.

6.0.0 – March 30, 2017

Main Features

  • Supports HyperCaster AIO Model
  • Squeezeback Overlays
  • Series Management with flexible TBD program placeholder generator
  • Enhanced Recurring Events including rule updates and modify all
  • Enhanced Event Ripple
  • Calendar Copy/Paste between Channels

AIO Model

FEATURE: Built-in SDI matrix switching allows use of SDI inputs for events & continuity.
FEATURE: Native SDI file encoding supporting MPEG-2 & H.264 SD/HD formats
FEATURE: Native Simulcast.

Squeezeback Overlays

FEATURE: An optional squeezeback property can now be set for all types of overlays to define the location and window size for the video playback region.


FEATURE: Series can now be created to help organize related episodic content.
FEATURE: Series episodes can be generated dynamically as TBD program placeholders when creating/updating a series with flexible naming based on variables.

Event Ripple

FEATURE: Re-designed Classic/Calendar ripple prompts.
FEATURE: Ripple can now be used to resolve conflicts when scheduling multiple events in Calendar view.

Recurring Events

FEATURE: Streamlined display of recurring events from a given content file edit page by more concisely summarizing the recurrence rule..
FEATURE: Added new view which list all events and metadata associated with a event recurrence and allows unscheduling individual events or all.
FEATURE: Increased flexibility when editing event recurrences. Users can now modify: Channel, Source, Start Date/Time, Recurrence Schedule and apply either individually or to all.

Scheduling & Reports

FEATURE: Calendar keyboard copy/paste now works across channels.
FEATURE: As Run event count has been added to the As Run summary view.

Content Management

FEATURE: Content that is pending purge/delete can be set back to available.
FEATURE: Improved thumbnail generation performance.
FEATURE: Content Save and Return button which saves and returns user to the content file index view.


SOAP APIs discontinued in favor of more robust REST APIs.

5.5.7 – March 7, 2017

Fixed: Relax Connect upload speed restrictions

5.5.6 – February 27, 2017

Fixed: Small jitter noticed in some HEVC files.
Fixed: Fix to Transport padding algorithm to use Transport Padding instead of Continuous User Data.

5.5.5 – January 27, 2017

Fixed: Respect continuity playlist randomization setting.

5.5.4 – January 10, 2017

FEATURE: Live Streams will now automatically start when stream events for them are scheduled.

Fixed: Fixed a bug where capture events could get stuck on the dashboard and not clear out.
Fixed: Fixed a bug where playlist item edit page may display an incorrect order after an update.
Fixed: Restore Archived Content now properly handles a zero byte file by failing the job, and leaving the content file’s state as archived.
Fixed: Fixed a bug where importing a file to a TBD with a playout event in the schedule window would schedule SS with an erroneous filepath.
Fixed: Fixed Connect event sync issue where event durations would be different on HC vs Connect, leading to erroneous schedule conflicts.
Fixed: Content file XML API payload were missing some fields.
Fixed: Disabling automatic preview generation in UI now properly cancels all pending preview tasks.
Fixed: Failed uploads to connect are now handled more gracefully.
Fixed: Previews should not be enqueued if the file is missing.
Fixed: Fixed a bug where RTP on a ProVue Decoder could not be removed once set.
Fixed: Fixed an application error on ProVue Decoder page when provue was not responding.
Fixed: Media bitrate property was not always detected properly. Now it will be more accurate.
Fixed: Fixed issue where Feed form mux rate field may be parsed incorrectly.

5.5.2 – September 27, 2016

FEATURE: Deleting content from archive now asks for confirmation before proceeding.
FEATURE: Option added to use Variable Mux Rate when transmuxing. Defaults to off.
FEATURE: Feed index page now truncates long URLs for display.
FEATURE: Minerva upload now happens at 5am rather than 11pm.
FEATURE: Live RTMP and HLS feeds can now be previewed directly in the application.
FEATURE: Changed preview to only show trim sliders once play button is clicked.
FEATURE: Content Thumbnail Icons now display below the preview window on the content detail page
FEATURE: New configuration options added to hide calendar and next air date from external schedule.
FEATURE: Allow for more flexible total server bandwidth allocation across HyperCaster channels.

Fixed: External Schedule ‘next air date’ now scopes to the channel.
Fixed: Issue where poorly formed RTMP or HLS feed URLs could cause an application error.
Fixed: Issue where non-administrator users were incorrectly allowed to edit feeds.
Fixed: Bug where future events would fail to update on importing a TBD if the file needed to be transmuxed.
Fixed: Bug where next up event didn’t have a link if the name was blank.
Fixed: Issue where improper error messages would be displayed when changing Network settings.
Fixed: Issue where auto-export to CloudCast upon import option now works again.
Fixed: Issue where “Watch Now” links on the external schedule may require logging in to follow for Connect VOD.
Fixed: Dashboard tooltips for playout/stream/continuity re-enabled.
Fixed: Fixed a bug where < or @ in metadata on connect upload could cause the operations to fail.
Fixed:: Bug where special characters in SMB or FTP passwords would cause transfer operations to fail.
Fixed: Datetimes now always display on the same line.
Fixed: Issue where hung background job workers for Connect API could block Connect transfers.

5.5 – Aug 16, 2016

Main Features

  • Integration with new CloudCast streaming service featuring TelVue Connect as the CMS, adaptive streaming, responsive player, and new OTT apps including Roku and Apple TV.
  • 1-click upload content to TelVue Connect for ABR VOD publishing
  • Content visual trim editing
  • HLS streams support for StreamThru™ and IP Capture
  • Continuity Playlist randomization

TelVue Connect

FEATURE: 1-click upload single or multiple content files to TelVue Connect for ABR VOD publishing with metadata.

FEATURE: Add content to any of your Connect VOD playlists, series, or categories.

FEATURE: Watch published Connect VOD programs directly from the external program guide.

FEATURE: Link directly to Connect VOD video from single content page.

FEATURE: View Connect upload/download real-time statistics from tasks page including bandwidth and estimated time remaining.

FEATURE: Customizable download speed/timeout parameters to better support very slow networks.

FEATURE: Short Summary field added to Content File Metadata to aid in mapping to Connect.

FEATURE: Filenames sanitized on Connect upload to improve compatibility with cloud transcoder.

Fixed: Connect downloads that timeout may have imported partial file.

Fixed: Connect download failed if Connect user had certain characters in their username/password.

Content Management

FEATURE: With preview created, simply click and drag range sliders to customize offset and duration for any content.

Fixed: a form issue on content page where the delete_at date was incorrectly filled with ingest_at.

Fixed: Thumbnail play button no longer appears on top of dropdowns.

Content Ingest

Fixed: an issue where transmuxing could cause some H.264 files to have audio sync problems.

Fixed: Clearer error messages on failed transmux tasks.


FEATURE: A continuity playlist can now be randomized. Randomized playlist will play out in order the first time, then randomize all subsequent playouts within the playout event.

Fixed: Playout events for TBDs did not update their duration after import when track content metadata is unchecked.

Fixed: Allow canceling of stale capture events that previously couldn’t be canceled.

Fixed: Drag-and-drop on calendar view may not have unscheduled event with Media Server when start time updated.

Fixed: Calendar page would sometimes fail to remember search terms on page refresh.

Fixed: a bug causing an application error when updating a recurring overlay event.

Fixed: a bug that caused Minerva Guide Output to be wrong in some cases.

StreamThru™ & IP Capture

FEATURE: Support playback of single rate HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Streams. Schedule as events or StreamThru™ continuity.

FEATURE: Support capture of single rate HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Streams, requires IP Capture license.

FEATURE: Manage HLS Feeds (add/edit/delete, and start/stop). View live bitrate of incoming feeds.


FEATURE: Overlays can now be duplicated using the copy button.

Fixed: Emergency Users properly disabled when graphics are disabled.


Fixed: Application error when attempting to sort As Run report by channel name.

Fixed: As Run First Run Only will now only search for playout events and respect channel selection.

Fixed: a bug where all as-run data would be erroneously marked as missed when a continuity playlist was deleted soon after being removed from continuity.


Fixed: Delete from archive option was not shown in single content view restore pop-up.

Fixed: Delete afterwards on archive task failed sometimes due to deletion attempt happening before archive finished.

Fixed: Changing content filename could orphan archive record in some cases.

Fixed: a bug where Remote Server FTP connectivity test would incorrectly fail.

Media Server

FEATURE: Improved PCR precision in the Stream Server.

Fixed: an audio grooming bug in the stream server’s audio grooming mode, generally only enabled for integration with specific encoders runnings pass-through AC-3.


FEATURE: B1000 models max single channel bandwidth raised to 40 Mbps from 20 Mbps.

Fixed: a form issue on channel when removing continuity playout.

Fixed: Can now have more than one SSM feed with the same IP source but different ports.

Fixed: Prevent overwriting custom timeservers on upgrade.

Fixed: Channel bandwidth validation now updates immediately on changing a channel’s max bandwidth, rather than requiring a webapp restart to take effect.

Fixed: some unexpected behavior in corner cases on Remote Server form.

Fixed: Remote Server form can now edit an FTP Path, rather than needing to delete and recreate the remote Server

Fixed: A unit with a RAID array will now always come back online unattended after a power cycle.

Fixed: Application error when updating a ProVue with channel left blank.

General UI/UX Updates

FEATURE: Dashboard load time improved by increasing efficiency of loading Feed data.

FEATURE: Improved readability of various error messages.

Fixed: Long server names are now handled more gracefully by the UI.

5.4.3 – April 12, 2016

FEATURE: Connect distributions will now match TBDs with leading 0’s.
FEATURE: Sidebar infinite scrolling. Scroll size is configurable from Config.
FEATURE: Add more archiving search options.
FEATURE: Add “unaccepted EULA” to Connect system health check.
Fixed: Unable to create two SSM feeds with the same source IP address.
Fixed: Content files scheduled, then archived (deleted afterwards) may fail to playout correctly.
Fixed: Channels may not release feeds from continuity. This would result in being unable to delete feeds.
Fixed: Calendar sidebar thumbnails were not draggable after “Filter content for slot”.
Fixed: Feed source IP would show “0” instead of blank.
Fixed: For some files, transmux would find incorrect file parameters and create an invalid file.
Fixed: Connect distribution unable to download files with “#” in the filename.
Fixed: 5.4 version of Turbo could not communicate with 3.22 versions of HyperCaster.
Fixed: Multiple files in replacement file hotfolder at one time would fail.
Fixed: Content removed from Connect failed to remove related database artifacts.
Fixed: Fix serial switch integration.

5.4.2 – February 17, 2016

Fixed: Certain As-Run messages were not processed correctly. This could cause As-Run to stop processing new events.
Fixed: Files with .mp4 extensions could not be uploaded to CloudCast.
Fixed: Using a date or string longer than 64 chars in Connects “Episode ID” column may cause content sync to fail.
Fixed: Long content sidebar search may return results after a shorter request has already finished therefore returning an incorrect search.
Fixed: Use of MediaInfo would cause change in file permissions in Media directory.
Fixed: Fix 500 error on Schedule XML page.
Fixed: Some tasks could fail to fail, blocking attempts for retry.

5.4.1 February 5, 2016

FEATURE: Increased performance of Connect conflicting checking page.
FEATURE: Server domain name will now appear in Connect UI if applicable.
FEATURE: Content analysis of frame rate can be turn on from Config -> Content to protect against playout of 0 FPS content.
FEATURE: Add ability to persist content search data on a per-page basis instead of globally.
Fixed: Capture events would fail to block copy.
Fixed: Connect event scheduling did not respect timezone offset.
Fixed: User could not manually change playlist sequence number in Firefox.
Fixed: In some cases metadata entered before transmux may be deleted.
Fixed: Content metadata could not be updated if file did not support random access.
Fixed: Content sort by date-added was actually sorting by date-updated.
Fixed: In some case files transferred from Mac OSX to server may fail to import.
Fixed: If browser window is too narrow, ProVue reboot context menu may appear off the page.
Fixed: Content analysis tools may fail to find a valid Chroma Format, and cause imports to fail.
Fixed: Content API would fail to find archived files.
Fixed: Calendar keyboard copy paste could paste user clipboard text in quick search.
Fixed: Added features to better protect RAM resource utilization.
Removed: Content sidebar infinite scrolling that was added in 5.4.0
Known Issues:

  • If a capture starts without a feed present the dashboard will show a flashing stop button. This is expected to be fixed in the next major release.
  • If searching content quickly on Calendar page results may appear random due to original search not completing prior to creating a new search. This can be mitigated by waiting for searches to complete before running a second search.


5.4 January 12, 2016

FEATURE: New feed type: RTMP
FEATURE: RTMP Feed can be pulled directly from CDN
FEATURE: HyperCaster will now act as a RTMP server allowing RTMP feeds pushed to HyperCaster to become available locally at: `rtmp://localhost/telvue-rtmp/`
FEATURE: Live status and bitrate are available on the feeds index page
FEATURE: Allow user to start and stop RTMP feeds.
FEATURE: Add Overlay Event button added to Programming -> Calendar view
FEATURE: Add Capture Event button added to Programming -> Calendar view
FEATURE: ProVue managment page now includes ability to set ProVue input to “Input Connection”
FEATURE: Increase range of files that can be transmuxed on import
FEATURE: Ability to update scheduled runs after setting offset or duration
Fixed: User was not able to copy user-made transcode profiles
Fixed: Failed imports may not move to “/import/failed”

5.3.6 December 15, 2015

FEATURE: Issue warning to user that purging archived files will be deleted from broadcast server.
FEATURE: Better handling of background task management
FEATURE: Add categories column back to content table view.
Fixed: Media server could stop outputting video under very rare circumstances.
Fixed: Archived/Offline content not considered for deletion by background jobs.
Fixed: CCMS backup days was not set by default.
Fixed: Delete from archive after a restoration would fail.
Fixed: Connect scheduling times properly handled.

5.3.5 December 1, 2015

Fixed: Broadcast server could wrongly consider past Connect events for scheduling.
Fixed: Incorrect spacing between pagination input form and surrounding text on Content page.
Fixed: NTP configuration file could be malformed on save or upgrade causing system health to become critical.

5.3.4 November 19, 2015

FEATURE: System health changes are now logged for support purposes.
FEATURE: Connect content downloads will now retry if there is a timeout error.
Fixed: Loading the list of importable files on the content page could sometimes take a long time.
Fixed: Deleting content will now remove its related tasks.
Fixed: User would not see content import if there was currently no content on the page.
Fixed: Content advanced search would throw 500 error when categories where included in the search.
Fixed: Dashboard auto-refresh should wait until previous poll request has returned before sending another request.
Fixed: Connect content refresh local event job would fail to find fetch window end.
Fixed: In OS X, ctrl-click now acts as right click on content index.
Fixed: Content pagination summary could overlap import button if browser window was too narrow.
Fixed: Unable to import content that would attach to TBD via import dropdown.

5.3.3 November 4, 2015

FEATURE: Content quick search now includes search by: category, media type and source.
Fixed: Content dropdown on channel and schedule-playout page were not in alphabetical order. These orders are now controlled under content -> config.
Fixed: Content sidebar may not load all content in certain situations.

5.3.2 October 19, 2015

Fixed: Content could fail to import if there was purged content with the same name but different file extension.
Fixed: Program Code and Episode Code were being excluded from consideration during keyword content searches.
Fixed: Search params for content search were being remembered, but not re-displayed on the search form after navigating away and back to the content search page.
Fixed: When on the Content tab, in table view mode, importing a new content file would not immediately show the new content item.
Fixed: Block copy events were being deselected when choosing a different month in the date-picker widget.

5.3.1 October 17, 2015

NOTE: Server version 4.2.2 is a pre-requisite for this upgrade, as well as the OS upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04.5

  • FEATURE: AJA KUMO switch support.
  • FEATURE: Audio respects fade-in time.
  • FEATURE: Added help tooltips to the InfoVue form builder.
  • FEATURE: Users can now access a report of conflicting Connect events.
  • FEATURE: Default sort column and order for content search.
  • FEATURE: Ability to toggle automatic content synchronization with Connect.
  • FEATURE: Improved Connect synchronization efficiency.
  • FEATURE: Link to schedule overlays from the Overlay page.
  • Fixed: Playlist item program and episode may be misaligned.
  • Fixed: It was possible to set deleted/archived content as continuity.
  • Fixed: Tasks which stall will now be visible on the tasks page until resolved.
  • Fixed: Decreased response times for programming calendar page.
  • Fixed: Content sidebars were not respecting configuration setting for scheduling unattached content.
  • Fixed: Content sidebars were not respecting default content sort order.
  • Fixed: Previews could failed to be created in some rare cases.
  • Fixed: Turbos were failing to access broadcast servers transcode profile information.
  • Fixed: Turbo Status link on system health page was broken.
  • Fixed: Fixed minor bugs in Overlay editor.
  • Fixed: Fix InfoVue RSS feed URL generator min and max duration when some fields are left blank.
  • Fixed: Some files with certain characters in the filename may fail to import.
  • Fixed: Advanced content search was slow dependent upon pagination size.
  • Fixed: Certain files were showing up as importable when they were not.
  • Fixed: Some feeds would fail to playout after 5.2.0 upgrade.

5.2.0 – September 30, 2015

Main Features

  • Overlay User Interface now more WYSIWYG and includes Drag and Drop Positioning, Ticker Foreground/Background image options and Drop Shadow for Text.
  • Revamped and streamlined Content User Interface.
  • Complete rewrite of Connect sync for improved speed and error tolerance.
  • Global Switch Delay for Routing Switchers to fine tune timing for cleaner switches.
  • SNMP Traps for System Health status.
  • General User Interface and stability improvements throughout application.
  • Upgrades OS to Ubuntu 12.04.05.

Content Management

  • FEATURE: Content that has been uploaded to CloudCast now shows with a representative icon.
  • FEATURE: Quick and Advanced Searches have been improved.
  • FEATURE: Categories can now be nested to support sub-categories.
  • FEATURE: All content management functions and bulk actions can now be accessed by right-clicking a given content item or a group of selected items.
  • FEATURE: Content Show view now includes the video codec in the media inspector.
  • Fixed: Removed character limit from the Program and Episode metadata fields.
  • Fixed: Content files would fail to delete if the offset was defined as a null value.
  • Fixed: It was possible to change the name of a content file while it was defined as Continuity.
  • Fixed: Multiple slashes in a filename could cause issues importing the file.


  • FEATURE: Now possible to change the start time of a scheduled event in the Calendar View by double clicking on and editing the start time in-place.
  • FEATURE: System will now warn users if content will be pasted after midnight when using the shortcut keys.
  • FEATURE: Removed checkboxes in the Classic View in favor of the “Click to Highlight” used in the Calendar View currently.
  • FEATURE: Updated the date-picker dialogue boxes to be more modern.
  • FEATURE: Bulk Modify now starts with currently selected file.
  • Fixed: Bulk Modify wouldn’t take into account content offset or duration modifiers.
  • Fixed: TBD’s woudn’t show duration within Bulk Modify.
  • Fixed: Could not replace TBD’s within Bulk Modify.
  • Fixed: Block Copy wouldn’t work when copying events between channels.
  • Fixed: Content Offset would be ignored if using the gear icon to play a file immediately.


  • FEATURE: Bulk Preview Creation now possible through the Content page.
  • Fixed: Previews could occasionally have A/V Sync issues on captured files.


  • FEATURE: Drop Shadow has been added as an option for all overlays that support text.
  • FEATURE: Drag and drop positioning for Tickers and Snipes.
  • FEATURE: Tickers can now have foreground and/or background images.
  • FEATURE: Tickers can now have a custom separator text when the message wraps around and starts over.
  • FEATURE: User can now adjust alpha channel for Bugs on top of alpha levels that may already be set in the uploaded PNG image; Also allows setting an alpha when none was present in the original image.
  • FEATURE: Improvements to Ticker preview in UI to match on-air appearance.
  • FEATURE: Overlay Designer now has option to show exact dimensions of objects.
  • FEATURE: Overlays will now automatically scale from 1080i to lower resolutions upon initial creation.
  • Fixed: Tab order of overlay fields included tool tips.


  • FEATURE: VER files now contain end lines.
  • Fixed: Occasionally there would be no status update of a content replacement in CCMS.

TelVue Connect

  • FEATURE: Complete rewrite of Connect sync for improved speed and error tolerance.
  • FEATURE: Connect metadata syncs to the broadcast server when updated in Connect. Changes to override local metadata on the broadcast server are preserved providing Connect metadata is not updated subsequent to the local changes.
  • FEATURE: Additional Connect metadata fields now sync down to Broadcast Servers as an Extended Metadata tab in the Content Edit view.
  • FEATURE: Connect Thumbnails now match Content Thumbnails on the Broadcast Server.


  • Fixed: Issue where audio drift could occur when exporting to CloudCast on captured files.


  • FEATURE: Missing files email now includes filenames.
  • Fixed: ROVI had problems with some X-List data.
  • Fixed: Categories would be removed from a Content record after deletion.

Media Server

  • FEATURE: Better handling of H.264 with poor IDR stamping.
  • FEATURE: Mute audio frames can now be 100% buffer compliant.
  • FEATURE: Improved handling of H.264 files that have PTS/DTS stamping behind PCR.
  • Fixed: Issue with Float Point Exceptions under certain rare circumstances.

Routing Switchers

  • FEATURE: Support can now add a global delay to routing switchers to allow for fine tuning of switch timing leading to cleaner switches.

ProVue Management

  • Fixed: Issue where a ProVue would incorrectly report network feed type.

API and XML Feeds

  • FEATURE: Added parameters for content API including: Offset, Duration, Custom Metadata, and Categories.
  • FEATURE: InfoVue XML Feed Builder to quickly generate custom XML feeds for integrating Program Guide and Programming information into your InfoVue digital signage templates.
  • FEATURE: InfoVue XML Feed now includes ability to parse by program duration, category, and display events starting X days in the future.
  • Fixed:  Content API would return false in certain cases when it should return true.


  • FEATURE: SNMP System Health is now available as traps.
  • FEATURE: Option to select ProVue Optimized or Transport Stream Compliant transitions on a per-channel basis. When using ProVue decoders, ProVue Optimized tightens transitions.
  • FEATURE: Streaming output NIC Redundancy option on a per channel basis.
  • FEATURE: NTP health status now links back to NTP settings.
  • FEATURE: Server now ships with eth1 as the default route for all multicast.
  • Fixed: Feeds with the same multicast IGMP group/port could be created using different names.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue preventing management of the firewall.
  • Fixed: Changes to network interfaces may not take effect immediately in some cases.
  • Fixed: DHCP could fail to pickup gateway address from some routers/DHCP Servers.

General UI/UX Updates

  • FEATURE: Improved UI support on mobile devices.
  • FEATURE: Dashboard will now auto-refresh every 10 seconds to remain current with scheduling.
  • FEATURE: Navigation tabs now have drop downs allowing for quicker access to certain pages such as the Calendar View for Programming.
  • FEATURE: Numerous updates and modernizations to Content, Playlist, Overlays, Channels, and Various Config pages.
  • FEATURE: Program number field removed and converted to Custom Metadata if currently in use.
  • Fixed: Certain versions of Internet Explorer would have Java Script errors preventing some functionality.

5.1.0 – March 20, 2015

Main Features

  • Multiple simultaneous IP Captures. Requires IP Capture licenses.
  • Channel video auto-fade transition option when playing to ProVue Decoders.
  • Combined/redesigned Content show/edit page.
  • Support for time-shifting continuity feeds by a constant time interval. Requires Timeshift license.
  • Support for passive FTP connections for content upload.
  • Keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) for copy/paste on the Calendar View.
  • As-Run report first-run filter now allows specifying first-run from “beginning of time”, or “only in the filtered date range”.
  • GHOST vulnerability patch.


  • FEATURE: Stream sources may now be scheduled via Calendar view. A supplementary dialog will appear to collect the desired duration.
  • FEATURE: Current selection set for copy/paste on Calendar View is indicated by rendering a dark border around selected events.
  • FEATURE: To facilitate dragging and dropping on the Calendar View and Manage Playlist Item pages, the preview lightbox is only triggered if clicking directly on the play icon, rather than the entire thumbnail image area.
  • Fixed: Advanced search pane would not open on initial page load on Calendar View.
  • Fixed: Could not drag events onto last row of Calendar View in some cases.
  • Fixed: Block copy was not working immediately after creating a block (without dismissing the dialog).

IP Capture

  • Fixed: Capture events associated with TBD’s would not auto-import after capture completed.


  • Fixed: Enable Previews / Delete Previews jobs were being created every time the Config -> Content page was being saved, regardless of whether the ‘Create Content Previews’ setting had been changed.


  • Fixed: Fixed Application Error when trying to schedule an emergency overlay for the first time.
  • Fixed: Fixed text position discrepancy between Snipe designer within the application and the rendered result on-screen.

Content Management

  • Fixed: Fixed Application Error when switching to Table view on the Content Tab.
  • Fixed: Offline content could not be selected on the Content Tab in table-view mode.
  • Fixed: Custom metadata attributes could not be deleted if there were any Playlists defined.


  • Fixed: Time-zone issues causing CCMS content imports to miss downloading updated remote content.

TelVue Connect

  • FEATURE: Connect reachability health included in System Health.

ProVue Decoder Management

  • FEATURE: Video transition autofade time may be set for managed ProVue decoders. ProVue decoders must be running ProVue software version 2.5.0 or greater.
  • Fixed: Fixed Application error when saving a previously unreachable ProVue Decoder with a reachable IP address.
  • Fixed: Fixed Application Error when editing a ProVue Decoder that has 0 decoding quality.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with restarting internal ProVue Decoders through the Config -> ProVue Decoders page.


  • Fixed: Fixed Application Error when trying to edit server via Config -> Server.
  • Fixed: Current default gateway not shown when editing a network interface in static mode.
  • Fixed: Fixed admin user’s ability to delete users.
  • Fixed: Program ID is no longer considered for uniqueness against PIDS in a PMT Table.
  • Fixed: Fixed Application Error when trying to edit a PMT Table.
  • Fixed: Leaving PCR PID blank would cause Audio to be forcefully re-mapped to the VIDEO PID + 1.
  • Fixed: Restarting the Application through the web application was not working.
  • Fixed: Fixed error when trying to set IP address via LCD on units with an internal ProVue.
  • Fixed: Event validity with respect to channel maximum bitrate is now re-evaluated each time a channel’s bitrate is adjusted upwards or downwards, allowing events flagged as invalid due to mux-rate to become valid again.
  • Fixed: User may no longer create Remote Servers of type ‘Archive’ unless archiving is enabled.
  • Fixed: Remote Servers using the FTP protocol were being forced to use Active mode, regardless of the check box setting that was submitted.
  • Fixed: Remote Servers can now be updated without re-entering the password by leaving both the password and password confirmation fields blank. Passwords are still required when creating Remote Servers.
  • Fixed: Continuity sources were not being released when continuity was disabled for a channel. This was causing Live Stream Feeds to remain un-editable, even after it was no longer being used by any channels.

External Schedule

  • FEATURE: More granular date and time within the Schedule RSS feed to facilitate TelVue InfoVue digital signage program guide templates.
  • Fixed: ‘Next Air Date’ on external schedule was only populated for recurring events.


  • FEATURE: New search mode for ‘first-run’ and ‘repeats’ in As-Run reports. Previously, searches would return the first-run instance within the search date range. The user now has the option to search for the first time a file has EVER played, whether or not that time falls within the search date range. The original behavior is also still available.
  • Fixed: Fixed various Application Errors when downloading Program Guide information.

Media Server

  • FEATURE: Black-frame insertion now inserts true black.

Routing Switchers

  • FEATURE: Support for ROSS NK series switchers.

5.0.3 – December 17, 2014

NOTE: Server version 4.2.2 is a pre-requisite for this upgrade


  • FEATURE: Changed coloring of past and future scheduled events on the Programming Calendar view to add contrast.
  • FEATURE: Allow sorting by duration in the Calendar advanced search.
  • Fixed: Calendar advanced search filter by Connect event slot.


  • Fixed: Timeout while queueing a large number of previews after enabling automatic preview generation.
  • Fixed: Issue that would cause Preview jobs to stay queued indefinitely when queueing a large number of previews.


  • Fixed: Regression in console config interface.


  • Fixed: Issue preventing snipe overlays with single quote characters from playing.


  • Fixed: Application error when editing or viewing tooltips for Connect content that originated from DVD.
  • Fixed: Minerva program guide now uses GMT time.
  • Fixed: Media Server Segmentation fault when playing very small files.



5.0 – October 28, 2014


2nd Generation (Ubuntu-based) HyperCaster only.  The Overlay updates apply only to HyperCasters with ProVue integration and Graphics Upgrade, whether internal or external.

  • B100 HyperCaster
  • B100-HyperCaster-Analog (Composite/HDMI Internal ProVue)
  • B100-HyperCaster-SDI (HD-SDI Internal ProVue)
  • B1000-HyperCaster

Archiving Upgrade

  • FEATURE: Manage archived content directly in Content Management, alongside online content, and manage archiving workflow.
  • FEATURE: Any FTP or SMB NAS may be used as an archive location.
  • FEATURE: Content may be archived in bulk from the Content tab, with an option to delete the local file at the same time.
  • FEATURE: Content may be restored from archive in bulk from the Content Tab, with an option to automatically delete the file from archive when finished.
  • FEATURE: Archived content may be deleted from the NAS in bulk from the Content tab.
  • FEATURE: Scheduling archived content automatically triggers a download of the medium.
  • FEATURE: A destination directory may now be set for SMB remote servers.  The use is no longer constrained to store files in the root directory of the SMB share.
  • FEATURE: Content search includes filters for archived status.
  • FEATURE: Content may be set to automatically archive on import.
  • FEATUREIcons and other visual cues to easily determine whether content is online or archived.


  • FEATURE: One or more scheduled events in the Calendar view can now be dragged and dropped to a new time slot.  This reschedules (moves) the events.
  • FEATURE: Completed events can be selected so that they may be used as a basis for block copy/paste, or to drag and drop schedule in the future (copies the event).
  • FEATURE: Checkboxes on Calendar view events removed.  User may now click anywhere on the row to select it. Selected rows are highlighted and support Control/Shift multi-select.
  • FEATURE: Block Copy dialog has an option to move (cut and paste) the selected block, rather than copy it.
  • FEATURE: Make it easier to visually distinguish historical vs. future events on Calendar view.
  • FEATURE: Warn when a user tries to interact with an event that no longer exists because they had not refreshed the page and another user edited or deleted the event.
  • FEATURE: New tabbed styling for source selection on Calendar view (media, switch, etc…).
  • Fixed: When changing the date, existing selections were not being honored.
  • Fixed: Cancel conflicting events was not being honored when using the ‘Modify’ link on the Calendar view.
  • Fixed: Fixed ambiguities in wording and operation in the ripple form.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue preventing deletion of the last row on block copy popup.
  • Fixed: Fixed corner case issue when rippling events and including related switch events.


  • FEATURE: Previews may be generated for all content, either individually, or automatically on import.
  • FEATURE: Enabling automatic preview generation will queue all existing content for preview generation as a background task on the Task tab with real-time progress.
  • FEATURE: Previews may be played in a pop-up dialog anywhere a content thumbnail image is normally shown and on the Content Show and Edit pages.
  • FEATURE: Disk usage of all preview files is displayed on the Config -> Content page.
  • FEATURE: All existing preview files may be deleted in a single operation on the Config -> Content page to free disk space.
  • FEATURE: Playback speed can be specified between 1x and 10x.  Above 2x, audio will not be played.

Overlay Upgrade

  • FEATURE: New Snipe overlay type and designer for teasing programming, and other announcements.
  • FEATURE: Snipes support custom background image or color rectangle, dynamic variables inserted when triggered (program metadata, date/time), and fade-in effect.
  • FEATURE: Users may now choose between light and dark background in the overlay preview area.
  • FEATURE: Overlay parameter area is scrollable in the Overlay edit view.  Prevents the preview area from scrolling off-screen.
  • FEATURE: User may now create a new Overlay of any type directly from the Overlay list view.
  • FEATURE: Added dedicated Overlays tab to the top-level navigation bar.
  • Fixed: Could not use existing tickers as templates for new tickers.
  • Fixed: Uploading a new PNG before saving a bug overlay leaves the old PNG on the staging area.
  • Fixed: Rapid off/on cycling of overlays would cause text to re-start.
  • Fixed: Back-to-back scheduled overlays could cause the 2nd overlay to not play.
  • Fixed: Deleting overlays did not delete all Emergency Overlay event objects.  Could lead to application error.
  • Fixed: Saving a new ticker without a preset selected would cause an application error.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with in rare cases the periodic resync could turn off an overlay that should be running.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue that could cause a momentary thin red line to display on the ticker designer.

Continuity As Run

  • FEATURE: Ability to enable as run logging for continuity events on a per channel basis, for affadavit purposes.
  • FEATURE: When continuity as run is enabled, display continuity events in as run and recent events list on Content details page.

Content Management

  • FEATURE: Thumbnail images include icons to visually display certain statuses (New – imported in the last week, Pending scheduled deletion, Archived, Offline).
  • FEATURE: Thumbnail images are now generated and displayed with the correct, native aspect ratio.
  • Fixed: The replacement file importer would sometimes import media in-place within the replacement_files hotfolder, causing repeated failed tasks.
  • Fixed: Reported Aspect Ratio incorrect for some non-standard aspect ratios.

ProVue Decoder Management

  • FEATURE: ProVue Decoder index page now automatically updates periodically without a refresh.
  • FEATURE: User can now restart/reboot ProVue Decoders from the ProVue Decoder index page.
  • FEATURE: ProVue Decoders associated with a Channel can be configured to use a different input source with just a warning. Useful for temporarily tuning into live feeds that require graphics.
  • FEATURE: Support for sd480i23.98 output format removed.
  • Fixed: ProVue decoders could not be edited if there were more than 2 ProVues assigned to the same channel.


  • FEATURE: Admin can cancel tasks of certain types on the Tasks tab.
  • FEATURE: Touch-ups to the overall look and feel of the Tasks tab.

External Schedule

  • Fixed: Integrated VOD previews launched from the external schedule did not always stop playing when closing the lightbox.


  • FEATURE: Categories, Location, Contributor, and all Custom Metadata fields included in As Run reports.
  • FEATURE: Program Guide tab moved under the Reports tab.
  • FEATURE: Missing Files report for scheduled events includes archived offline content in addition to TBDs.
  • FEATURE: Content status is now a column in the nightly Content CSV dump.


  • FEATURE: Connect content will now fill TBD’s.  TDB expected filename (without extension) must match the Connect ‘Title’ field.


  • FEATURE: ‘TelVue Credentials’ no longer an option on Remote Server edit form.
  • Fixed: Remote server edit form remembers existing password correctly.
  • Fixed: NTP Configuration file was incorrectly formatted.

Media Server

  • FEATURE: Allow pass-through of PSIP metadata.
  • FEATURE: Improved support for streaming encrypted content.
  • Fixed: Handle large SPS for H.264 High/5.0.
  • Fixed: Treat Missing Splice errors detected on import as a warning.

Routing Switcher Upgrade

  • FEATURE: Support for Extron MAV-32.


4.3.0 – June 27, 2014

NOTE: Server version 4.2.0 is a pre-requisite for this upgrade


2nd Generation (Ubuntu-based) HyperCaster only.  The Overlay updates apply only to HyperCasters with ProVue integration and Graphics Upgrade, whether internal or external.

  • B100 HyperCaster
  • B100-HyperCaster-CVBS (Composite/HDMI Internal ProVue)
  • B100-HyperCaster-SDI (HD-SDI Internal ProVue)
  • B1000-HyperCaster

Block Copy

  • FEATURE: In Programming View (both Calendar and Classic), Block Copy feature allows copy/paste of selected events to additional timeslots in the future
  • FEATURE: Scheduling blocks can be saved by name for future pasting

Scheduled Overlays

  • FEATURE: Schedule overlays from the Programming Classic view
  • FEATURE: Overlays, including Emergency Overlays, displayed in as-run report
  • FEATURE: Mouse-over tooltips for overlays on scheduling and as-run report for additional details


  • FEATURE: Manage network routes via the UI


  • FEATURE: Failed connect content downloads will make 3 retry attempts before reporting failed
  • FEATURE: If no checksum is provided by Connect, skip the check and allow importing

Media Server

  • Fixed: Audio grooming could cause segfaults under certain very rare conditions

Content Management & Import

  • FEATURE: Replacement file importer now neglects leading 0’s in filenames when searching for a Content File record to replace for CCMS
  • Fixed: Fixed feature that blocks MP2 audio from being imported for deployments that require AC3 only


  • FEATURE: Channel is now an included column in the as-run report

4.2.0 – May 23, 2014


2nd Generation (Ubuntu-based) HyperCaster only.  The Overlay updates apply only to HyperCasters with ProVue integration and Graphics Upgrade, whether internal or external.

  • B100 HyperCaster
  • B100-HyperCaster-CVBS (Composite/HDMI Internal ProVue)
  • B100-HyperCaster-SDI (HD-SDI Internal ProVue)
  • B1000-HyperCaster

Emergency Ticker Overlays

  • FEATURE: Admin can create and select an emergency overlay ticker template. If none is specified, the app will provide a default template.
  • FEATURE: Admin can create emergency users, who are only allowed to view the emergency overlay console.
  • FEATURE: Emergency overlays can be started with an automatic end/expiration date.
  • FEATURE: Normal overlays are suppressed when an emergency overlay is started on a channel. They are automatically restored once the emergency overlay is stopped.
  • FEATURE: Page header indicated when an emergency overlay is active
  • FEATURE: Admin and emergency users are notified when an emergency overlay is started or stopped. Emergency users do NOT receive normal workflow/health emails.


  • FEATURE: Text input field moved to top of Ticker Overlay edit form.
  • FEATURE: Drag and drop positioning of Bug overlay image.
  • FEATURE: Overlay list view is now filtered, allowing the user to view bug-only, Tickers-only, or all overlays.
  • FEATURE: New Overlay Config tab setting to select the default resolution to edit when managing overlay. Simplifies workflows not leveraging simulcast.
  • FEATURE: Automatic overlay re-synchronization. Internal and External ProVue Decoders reconcile overlays periodically and on start-up to ensure the proper overlays are on-air even after reboot, loss of communication (i.e. networking issue), or changing output resolutions.
  • FEATURE: Clearer error reporting on the Overlay Admin control panel if there are failures starting or stopping overlays, for example due to temporary networking issues.
  • Fixed: Fix bug auto scaling uploaded bugs for other resolutions.

ProVue Decoder Management

  • FEATURE: ProVue decoder control is now enabled by default across all HyperCaster model variants.
  • Fixed: ProVue decoder saved correctly even if it cannot be contacted at that time.

IP Capture (Upgrade) & StreamThru

  • FEATURE: For MPEG-2 video, insert black frames on transition when there are small time gaps between files rather than freezing the last frame. (This was already the case for h.264 video)
  • FEATURE: StreamThru and IP Capture errors now insert black frames on errors rather than passing the discontinuities to the stream or capture file. Errors handled include loss of source signal, continuity counter, and PCR stamp errors. Allows StreamThru and IP Capture to be highly resilient even in the case of source or network errors, to protect downstream equipment and ensure that capture files from a damaged source are still compliant, and can be opened in 3rd party tools such as editors and transcoders.
  • Fixed: Manual capture page would not correctly show the currently recording feed if refreshed.
  • Fixed: Stopping stream events from the dashboard would hide the partial event on the Programming tab.
  • Fixed: Captured files could throw off A/V sync in some transcoders.

Media Server

  • FEATURE: User can now remap PIDs from 16-31. They are no longer ‘reserved’.
  • FEATURE: Improved buffer compliance for MPEG-2 and H.264 video during transitions.
  • FEATURE: Default to pass DigiCipher through as MPEG-2 stream type.
  • FEATURE: Pass through SCTE-35 from source.
  • FEATURE: Pass through PSIP from source.
  • FEATURE: Audio Grooming for MPEG-1 Layer 2, AC-3 and AAC for integration with the Harmonic Electra’s audio passthrough mode.
  • FEATURE: Increase capture buffer size for improved capture resilience.
  • Fixed: Editing channel destination IP addresses were not being respected without restarting the media server.
  • Fixed: Various robustness improvements playing corner case content.

Content Management & Import

  • FEATURE: Allow import and transmux of .mov and .avi files containing H.264 video codec.
  • FEATURE: Transmux tooltip help reworded for clarity.
  • Fixed: Certain combinations of audio and video codecs would not transmux.
  • Fixed: Fixed bug causing Advanced Search to not work correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed: Fixed bug preventing deletion of content with special characters in the filename.


  • FEATURE: Tasks API. Tasks can now be requested as XML or JSON

Traffic & Billing

  • FEATURE: Support scheduled files with lower case .sch extension.
  • Fixed: FTP content fetcher was not taking into account the year that could lead to fetching unneeded content.
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes to SMB and FTP CCMS file transfer modules.


  • FEATURE: Playlist continuity resume picks up at the start of the next playlist item, rather than where it left off mid-item.

Connect Integration

  • FEATURE: Content distributed from Connect uses human-readable filenames based off the Connect title rather than UUID-based filenames.


  • FEATURE: Rename NTP to ‘Network Time Protocol’ on Health screen for clarity.
  • SECURITY: Plug NTP DDOS vulnerability, via change to ntp.conf configuration file.


  • FEATURE: HyperCaster B1000 available with Quad ethernet NICs.

4.1 – March 3, 2014


2nd Generation (Ubuntu-based) HyperCaster only.  The Overlay updates apply only to HyperCasters with ProVue integration and Graphics Upgrade, whether internal or external.

  • HyperCaster B100 Gen 2
  • HyperCaster B100-Analog (Composite/HDMI ProVue Inside)
  • HyperCaster B100-SDI (HD-SDI ProVue Inside)
  • HyperCaster B1000 Gen 2

Graphic Overlays Upgrade

  • Feature: Design, manage, and trigger ticker and bug overlays for on-air text crawls and channel branding. Requires one or more internal or external TelVue ProVue Decoder with graphics license.
  • Feature: Ticker designer with control for speed, font, color, position, alpha and more. Includes ticker preview in the browser.
  • Feature: Bug designer with control for positioning, and uploaded logo. Includes bug preview in the browser.
  • Feature: Overlay management screen to easily turn overlays on/off per channel.
  • Feature: Simulcast graphic overlays allows designing each overlay for multiple resolution outputs.
  • Feature: Dashboard display per channel of whether any overlays are active on the channel, and a link to manage active overlays.

ProVue Integration

  • Feature: Edit ProVue Decoder page shows whether graphics license is enabled.

DVD, MPEG-2 Program, and MP4 Import Support

  • Fixed: issue where attribute files may not be generated properly for transmuxed files that could inhibit playout of those files.

SNMP Support

  • Fixed: issue with changing the default community string.

Media Import

  • Fixed: issue importing short files with large MEPG-2 Transport PTS gaps.

Traffic & Billing

  • Fixed: issue with CCMS verification file names for events ending on or very near midnight.

4.0.0 – November 11, 2013


2nd Generation TelVue HyperCaster only.

  • HyperCaster B100 Gen 2
  • HyperCaster B100-Analog (Composite/HDMI ProVue Inside)
  • HyperCaster B100-SDI (HD-SDI ProVue Inside)
  • HyperCaster B1000 Gen 2
  • HyperCaster B1000-SDI (Quad HD-SDI ProVue Inside)

Product Additions

  • Feature: Support for HyperCaster B1000-SDI model with Quad HD-SDI ProVue Inside decoders.
  • Feature: Support for 4TB Drives in the B1000.

DVD, MPEG-2 Program, and MP4 Import Support

  • Feature: Transmux MPEG-2 Program Stream and MP4(H.264) to MPEG-2 Transport Stream on import.
  • Feature: DVD Import hot folder for importing VIDEO_TS content.  Only applicable if transmux feature is enabled.

ProVue Integration

  • Feature: ProVue Configuration section added to the config tab to manage internal and external ProVue decoders.
  • Feature: HyperCaster B100 SDI and B1000 SDI models supports 708, 608(708), and 608ANC Closed Captioning for MPEG-2 in HD-SDI output formats.
  • Feature: ProVue status now included as one of the System Health criteria.  Monitors ProVue connectivity, and decoding status.
  • Feature: Crop mode. When set to an SD output format, 16:9 content will be scaled to fit the height of the screen, and cropped horizontally.
  • Feature: Change which HyperCaster channel an integrated ProVue decoder decodes. With the integrated Quad decoder system, multiple decoders can be set to the same channel for HD/SD Simulcast applications.

Connect Integration

  • Feature: SCH files line up to Connect content and vice versa.
  •    Connect medium description field will match a TBD’s expected filename (minus file extension) before trying to create a completely new content record.
  •    When importing a SCH file, the spot ID will attempt to match against Connect content’s title before creating a new TBD.
  • Feature: Human readable filenames based on Connect’s Title in VER files.
  • Feature: Can use HTTP proxy to reach Connect.  This must be set-up by TelVue Support personnel.
  • Fixed: Improves checking for duplicate Connect contributor records.  This was causing a slow-down of all content search methods.  Existing duplicates are removed by the upgrade process.
  • Fixed: Handles cancelling of Connect distributions before file download is complete. Previously could cause future distributions to fail.
  • Fixed: Fix “no task” errors that prevent Content distributions from completing.
  • Fixed: Connect content transfers were being held open, delaying import of distributed content.

SNMP Support

  • Feature: All system health status categories are now available via the SNMP protocol.

User Interface

  • Feature: Playlists can be edited live while in use as continuity.
  • Feature: Reboot action now re-directs after a timeout.  Refreshing no longer causes another reboot.
  • Feature: System Health no longer shows Turbo or ProVue categories, unless at least one is configured.
  • Feature: Media server errors are more descriptive.
  • Performance: Use AJAX to determine external IP address.  Speeds up loading of Config -> About.
  • (Removed Feature: integration to automatically report application errors back to TelVue removed, due to low adoption.)
  • Fixed: Fixed logfile download.
  • Fixed: psguser password change was not propagating to Samba and FTP.
  • Fixed: Unable to delete a file set as continuity, after continuity is disabled.
  • Fixed: No longer accept gateway offered by DHCP for eth1.  This was causing routing problems when both interfaces were offered a default gateway via DHCP.
  • Fixed: Backup directory is now owned by psguser.  Previously, the end user could not delete anything from this directory.
  • Fixed: Reset Firewall to default was broken.
  • Fixed: Deleting a required PMT row was allowed, but re-adding it was dis-allowed.
  • Fixed: Fixed a number of CCMS Traffic & Billing integration failure scenarios to make schedule and content fetching more robust.
  • Fixed: Improper network masks were being allowed in the Networking config settings.
  • Fixed: Unsupported file types in media and replacement hotfolders no longer show cryptic errors on the Tasks tab.
  • Fixed: Console application was not working.
  • Fixed: Fixed race condition where a file import would attach to the wrong TBD.
  • Fixed: Capture destination directory was not being respected.  This was preventing captures from being auto imported upon completion, if a non-empty destination directory was specified to override the default
  • Fixed: Stop button was not being displayed on the dashboard for IP Captures whose source feed went away.
  • Fixed: IP Captures were allowed to be scheduled for different feed sources at conflicting times.

Media Server

  • Feature: Filter incoming multicast strictly by IGMP group.  E.g, different incoming streams may be directed at the same UDP port.
  • Fixed: Fixed interpretation of H.264 frame size and crop mode.