TelVue Connect/CloudCast Technical Specifications

System Requirements


  • Chrome
  • Firefox – Incompatible features: Folder Uploads
  • Safari 5.1+ on OS X 10.7+ – Resumable Uploads compatible with 6.0+. Incompatible features: Folder Uploads.
  • Internet Explorer 8+ – Incompatible features:
    • IE 8 & 9 – Resumable, drag-and-drop uploads. You will only see a single-file uploader.
    • IE 8 – Lightbox video previews. Use the Edit page instead.
    • All IE Versions – Folder Uploads

LAN / Internet Connectivity


  • 100 Mb wired Ethernet LAN – With large video files, you’ll have better success if you get Wireless out of the equation. Wi-fi, being radio frequencies, is subject to too many interference factors.
  • 10 Mb/s Upstream Internet Bandwidth
  • 20 Mb/s Downstream Internet Bandwidth

Find out your Internet bandwidth at Speakeasy Speedtest. Ultimately, if you truly want the fastest workflow, purchase as much Internet bandwidth as you can.

Also, be sure your computer does not go into “Standby” or “Sleep” while large uploads are in progress.


For TelVue Broadcast Servers to be able to communicate with Connect, they must be able to access outbound ports:

  • 443 – HTTPS
  • 53 – DNS

Nearly all firewalls have these outbound ports open by default.


  • TLS / SSL / HTTPS – All communication to and from Connect is encrypted using a 256-bit SSL certificate from Verisign. This includes all communication from web browsers, our broadcast-server appliances, and other software clients connecting to Connect’s REST API.
  • Passwords – Passwords are stored using a 512-bit, one-way, cryptographic-hash algorithm. They cannot be seen or decrypted by anyone or anything.

Broadcast Servers

TelVue Connect-compatible products:

  • TelVue Princeton Digital Broadcast Server
  • TelVue Hypercaster
  • TelVue HyperCaster AIO

Input Formats

Media Containers

  • 3GPP, 3G2
  • HDV
  • MXF (including D-10/IMX)
  • MPEG-2 PS, MPEG-2 TS
  • MP4, MOV (QuickTime)
  • GXF, LXF
  • Smooth Streaming – H.264, VC-1
  • VOB – DVD Import
  • WMA, WAV, Broadcast WAV

Video Codecs

  • MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MPEG-1
  • H.264, H.263
  • DVCPro, DV50, DV25
  • DPS, DivX
  • DNxHD, AVCIntra
  • Flash – VC-1
  • RealVideo
  • Windows Media Video

Audio Codecs

  • PCM, MPEG-1 Layer II, MP3
  • AC-3, Dolby Digital
  • Dolby E
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • RealAudio
  • Windows Media Audio

Closed Caption Formats

  • WebVTT (Web Video Text Tracks)
  • SRT (SubRip Text)
  • SCC (Scenarist Closed Captions)
  • MCC (MacCaption)

Output Formats

Connect can be configured to transcode to any of the following formats. You may contact TelVue Customer Service if you need your output format changed.

All Transport-Stream and most Broadcast formats are ITU-1770 audio-normalized to -24db LKFS.

MPEG-2 Transport Stream – AC-3 Audio

  • CableLabs 1080i
  • CableLabs 1080i VOD – 15Mbps Mux, 13.5Mbps Video
  • CableLabs 720p
  • CableLabs 720p – 12Mbps Mux, 10Mbps Video
  • CableLabs 720p VOD – 15Mbps Mux, 14Mbps Video
  • CableLabs SD – 528×480
  • CableLabs SD – 720×480 (BFF)
  • CableLabs SD HQ – 720×480
  • H264 1080i AC3
  • H264 720p AC3
  • H264 720p AC3 With .5sec Fade
  • H264 SD AC3 – 720×480

MPEG-2 Transport Stream – MPEG-1 Layer II Audio

  • H264 720p DISH
  • H264 1080i – 6.5Mbps Constant Mux, 5.9Mbps Video, High/4.0
  • H253 1080i MP2
  • H264 720p 2.5 Mbps (Mediaroom)
  • H264 720p MP2
  • H264 SD MP2 – 720×480
  • MPEG-2 TS 480i – 8Mbps Mux, 7Mbps CBR Video

MPEG-2 Transport Stream – AAC Audio

  • H264 1080i AAC
  • H264 720p AAC
  • H264 720p AAC with .5sec Fade
  • H264 SD AAC – 720×480

MPEG-2 Program Stream

  • SD


  • MP4 1080p
  • MP4 720p
  • MP4 480p
  • Pass-Through

Transcoding presets for VOD streaming, including Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR)

  • 3 Rate HD 720p
  • 5 Rate HD 720p
  • 7 Rate HD 1080p

Closed Captioning

Embedded Closed Captioning is preserved in VOD and most Broadcast output formats when uploaded source files contain 608/708 embedded captioning.

The CloudCast Video Player and OTT Apps including Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV support displaying Closed Captioning for both on-demand and live streams containing embedded 608 captions. Your streaming encoder must support embedded 608 captioning for captioning to display on your live streams.

The CloudCast Video Player and OTT Apps support displaying Closed Captioning from a WebVTT, SRT, SCC, or MCC closed caption sidecar file uploaded for on-demand videos via the CMS Media Edit page.

Uploaded, sidecar caption files can be used to embed 608/708 captioning in transcoded Broadcast files for playback or sharing in the Media Exchange.

For Media without embedded captions or an available sidecar file, Connect supports SmartCaption Automatic Closed Captioning with advanced Custom Language Modeling that can be used to generate captions for both Broadcast and Streaming/OTT content. Connect also supports SmartCaption Caption Translation to translate captions to over 100 languages for Streaming/OTT.