TelVue AdCaster™

Scalable Ad Server for Digital TV Ad Insertion
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The TelVue AdCaster™ A1000 is an innovative, cost-effective digital ad server for digital TV ad insertion. It supports up to 64 SD or HD Channels in a single rack unit. Unlock the profitability in lower volume Digital Ad Insertion for Tier 1, 2, and 3 Cable & Telco, Affiliate & Local Broadcast, Hospitality, and Broadcast Networks. The TelVue AdCaster A100 is a more compact digital ad server that supports up to 16 Channels.

The AdCaster integrates seamlessly with industry standard Traffic & Billing systems via the CCMS protocol, and Ad Splicers via SCTE-30. The AdCaster advanced workflow features include automatic ingest of schedule files and ad spots from network storage, and generating missing file reports and email alerts so issues can be addressed well in advance. The AdCaster creates Traffic and Billing verification logs, and includes native As Run reports, and Error reports. The AdCaster includes an integrated, browser-based management interface, that can be easily accessed remotely and displays real-time status across all channels.

AdCaster A1000 – Up to 64 channels

AdCaster A100 – Up to 12 channels