SmartCaption™ Automatic Closed Captioning

The smart, affordable way to make your live channels and on-demand programming accessible & searchable
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Automatic Live and File Closed Captioning for Broadcast, Streaming & OTT  

TelVue’s SmartCaption™ is the complete Live & Offline multi-language captioning solution for broadcasters that makes captioning affordable and fully automated. Make your channels and programming accessible to the hard of hearing, multiple language speakers, and comply with government regulations. SmartCaption saves you significant money, allowing you to control what gets captioned or limit live captioning to unique programming only. SmartCaption’s standards-based captioning is compatible with any broadcast and streaming platform. SmartCaption Translation allows for Live Dual Language captioning (such as English and Spanish), and translation to over 100 languages for streaming on-demand viewing.  SmartCaption integrates seamlessly with HyperCasters for Live & File captioning (AIO, B100-SDI/ANA), Connect for Broadcast & Media Exchange captioning, CloudCast for Streaming, Mobile, & OTT captioning, and ANY playback system with the standalone SmartCaption™ LIVE server. SmartCaption is managed centrally from the cloud within TelVue Connect. SmartCaption features include:

Multiple Workflows

  • Live Captioning for Broadcast
  • File Captioning for Broadcast & Media Exchange Sharing
  • File Captioning for Streaming & OTT

    HyperCaster Live Captioning Integration

    • Live Captioning with SmartCaption LIVE HyperCaster Plugin
    • Dual Language Live & Offline Captioning w/ Translation Option
    • No Additional Hardware Required
    • Automate Series, Live Sources & Files to Caption

    Standalone Live Caption Server

    • Add Live Captioning to ANY Playback System w/ ProVue CC
    • Built-in Caption Automation & Scheduling
    • SDI, NDI, IP Inputs / SDI, Optional IP Outputs


    • Supports over 50 spoken languages, 9 for Live
    • Custom Language Models for improved accuracy 
    • Optional Live and Offline Translation to over 100 languages

      CloudCast Integration

      • Display Captions in CloudCast Web Player, Mobile & OTT Apps
      • Closed Caption Video Search for Meetings and More
      • Display Multiple Languages with Translation Option
      • User Selectable Captions 

      Save Money & Time

      • Control Cost & Save Money with Usage-based Pricing
      • Manage Centrally in the TelVue Connect Cloud
      • Optional SmartCaption Editor Speeds Up Caption Editing
        AIO B2000 broadcast server for PEG broadcast, SDI broadcast playout

        HyperCaster Live Captioning

        Add Live automatic captioning to your HyperCaster with the SmartCaption LIVE HyperCaster plugin. Usage-based pricing saves you considerable money allowing you to designate which Series, Live Sources, and Files are captioned, and limit captioning to unique programming hours. Improve caption accuracy for your meetings with program-specific Custom Language Models. Set-and-forget automation rules makes captioning 100% automated. Uploading to Connect publishes captions for CloudCast streaming, mobile, OTT, and Media Exchange. HyperCaster SmartCaption integration for Offline captioning of files is a standard feature. Add Live & Offline Dual Language Captioning with the Caption Translation option. 

        Standalone Live Caption Server

        Don’t have a HyperCaster and want live captioning for your channels? No problem! SmartCaption works with any playback system with the standalone ProVue CC with SmartCaption LIVE. Includes built-in, rules-based scheduling and automation for program-specific captioning. Adds 608/708 captions to SDI, NDI, and IP inputs, and outputs SDI or optional IP. Considering how much money you’ll save compared to expensive captioning solutions, you might just want to upgrade your playback to a HyperCaster AIO for the most innovative playback system complete with captioning intelligence and so much more.

        CloudCast Caption Search

        Closed Caption Meeting & Video Search

        You may already be posting all of your town meetings online, but are you making them accessible and easy for viewers to quickly find topics of interest within your programming? SmartCaption automatically generated captions are presented as fully searchable, timed text-based transcript within the CloudCast video player. Searching closed captioning makes it easy to find specific topics and areas of interest within any on-demand programming, including local meetings. Clicking on a search result takes you directly to that spot in the video, scrubbing the video or scrolling the transcript keeps both in sync. In addition to making your content more accessible, Caption Search is another great reason to caption your programming to provide more discoverability and convenience to your community and viewers. It is even better than meeting indexing for your viewers, and is fully automated to save time!

        Multi-language Captioning

        SmartCaption supports captioning in over 50 spoken languages, and optional translation to over 100 language. SmartCaption makes your programming accessible to the hard of hearing and to your multi-language audience. Choose the languages important to your community, and setup rules to automatically translate to those languages. The optional SmartCaption Editor supports editing in multiple languages as well. Viewers can select the caption language within the CloudCast player. All generated and translated captions can be exported as a sidecar caption file for integration with other platforms. Connect Broadcast Transcodes embed captions as standard 608/708 for distribution and sharing.           

        SmartCaption Editor

        SmartCaption Editor

        Optional, integrated caption editor optimized for fast editing of captions right from your web browser. Edit automatically generated and uploaded captions. Supports video preview and caption synchronization with frame stepping, scrubbing, scrolling, search, find & replace, spell check, and keyboard shortcuts. Import and Export captions in multiple popular formats including WebVTT, SRT, SCC, and MCC. Edit and create captions faster and more affordably than using traditional video caption editors.