TelVue recognizes that Community Broadcasters across the US are now dealing with the COVID-19 crisis on many levels.  Broadcasters need to continue to be a resource to their communities despite community and government health and safety constraints. This includes continued operations in the event that buildings are closed to the public and producers are limited by travel restrictions.

TelVue Connect is a cloud-based video service that allows community broadcasters to easily ingest and schedule new programming from remote producers, external contributors, and syndicators. Connect allows you to create contributor accounts, and contributors can securely drop content to your station from anywhere, complete with built-in moderation workflow including email notifications, and automatic distribution to your playout server.

You can even optionally assign time slots to contributors for them to self-schedule their new episodes once they have been approved.

TelVue Connect can just as easily be used to receive and aggregate VOD content for your website, and your CloudCast OTT apps on Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV.

TelVue Connect is currently available and can help you not only work around temporary social distancing requirements caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, but streamline your workflow and save time. TelVue Connect also supports automatic closed caption creation, and caption translation to make sure your programming is accessible to everyone especially when communicating critical information.  

Using TelVue Connect, you can keep your community broadcast channel up to date with the latest programming and information your community needs. The Media Exchange portal built directly into TelVue Connect can also be a great source of additional programming you can download from peer stations and syndicators.

If you have questions about how TelVue Connect can assist with remotely managing your station, please call 1-800-885-8886 or email

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