PEG stations are constantly exploring ways to get HD content in front of their viewers, leading to more and more PEG channels streaming on Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms like Roku and Apple TV.

TelVue has developed a number of Roku and Apple TV channels for our CloudCast customers. With the addition of a Roku or Apple TV license, any VOD content uploaded to a CloudCast account can be automatically mirrored in the OTT channels for convenience, or customized for the OTT audience.

Some PEG stations on Roku

Some PEG stations on Roku

Stations are finding this to be a convenient way to offer HD content, not only in their own embeddable CloudCast player online, but also in the same OTT platforms that deliver popular services such as Netflix and Hulu to millions of potential viewers.

“We knew Comcast was not going to give us an HD channel. A Roku channel seemed like such a great way to offer programs in HD,” says Wendy Blom, Executive Director of Lowell Telecommunications Corporation (LTC), “Besides, it’s super easy to manage in CloudCast.”

LTC Lowell's embedded CloudCast player

LTC Lowell’s embedded CloudCast player

Blom also likes the fact that she can watch the LTC channel from anywhere, as she doesn’t live in Lowell.

The station runs three channels out of a single HyperCaster B2000 AIO, which means LTC can simultaneously offer an SD-SDI signal to Comcast, and use the CloudCast integration to present HD content, both live streaming and VOD, to its own website and to Roku.

Once the content in CloudCast is organized into Series and Playlists, these same sections are automatically reflected and updated in their Roku channel.

LTC also includes closed captioning on some of its programs, and these are passed through CloudCast to the streaming videos and the OTT platforms.

TelVue would also like to congratulate the latest additions to the Apple TV store! We’re pleased to have developed new Apple TV channels for Pacific Coast TV, Austin Public, Princeton TV, Perth Amboy, TV Santa Barbara and New England Cooks, and hope to get more PEGs on OTT in the coming year.  CHECK THEM OUT!

Pacific Coast TV on Apple TV

Pacific Coast TV in the Apple TV Store

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