TelVue’s PEG.TV on Roku App that highlights local live & on-demand programming from over 150 PEG Channels has been re-designed for the latest Roku OS with all-new features. PEG.TV now supports adding your Favorite channels to the app so they are pinned at the top on launch for quick access. Simply click the the Start/Options button when a specific Channel is highlighted or when you are within a Channel to add/remove to and from your favorites. 

Favorites feature allows pinning your favorite PEG Channels to the top of PEG.TV

You can now also search within PEG.TV for PEG Channels by both State, and Keyword. Each Channel supports its own keyword search to easily find programming across the presented Series, Playlists, and Categories with quick recall of previously used search terms.

Search for PEG channels within PEG.TV by Keyword or State

When watching content, the Fast Forward & Rewind “trickmodes” display Thumbnail Images in addition to the time location to make it easy to jump to a specific location in the video. This new feature is also available in all CloudCast Roku Apps that allow you to launch your own dedicated channel in the Roku Channel Store complete with your own branding.

Fast Forward & Rewind Thumbails for easy navigation within a video

Other great PEG.TV features also available to dedicated CloudCast Roku Apps include Featured Playlists & Series, and video Chapters. Featured Playlists & Series allows pinning featured programming, such as a station’s Live Channels or most popular or newest independently produced Series, to the top of their Channel. Chapters allows tagging index points within a video, for examaple Agenda items within a Town Meeting, or key Highlights in a sporting event. Chapters can be browsed with additional descriptive metadata to find a specific location with a program.

Featured Playlist & Series pinned to the top, such as Live Channels

Chapter points for jumping to a specific location in a video

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