TelVue Resellers – TelVue Certified Partner (TCP) Program

TelVue is committed to strengthening our relationships and continuing our value-based reseller strategy. To meet customer needs and help you capture this growth opportunity, TelVue has evolved through its programs and resources designed to help you accelerate growth, differentiate your business and drive greater profitability.

When customers work with a TelVue Certified Partner (TCP), they can be assured that they are working with an organization that has product knowledge, delivers outstanding support, and has a strong relationship with TelVue. A TelVue Certified Partner has made the commitment and investment to deliver outstanding technology and support to its customers.

Why become a TelVue Certified Partner (TCP)?

By joining the TelVue Certified Partner (TCP) Program, your company will enjoy these benefits:

  1. Opportunity to maximize sales and generate additional revenues by offering the most innovative, stable, extensible, and scalable technology.
  2. Ability to quickly enter new markets by leveraging the TelVue product and service.
  3. Assistance in identifying new market opportunities with your sales teams.
  4. Competitive advantage – TelVue has developed industry leading technology.
  5. Access to the TelVue Partner Resource Center (password protected for TelVue Certified Partners only)
  6. Help grow your revenues, differentiate your business and enhance your profitability.

How to Become a TelVue Certified Partner (TCP)?

Thank you for your interest regarding the TelVue Certified Partner (TCP) Program. In order to sell TelVue products we require all resellers to apply to become a TelVue Certified Partner (TCP). Below is an overview of the steps to become a TelVue Certified Partner (TCP).

  • Complete the Reseller Inquiry Questionnaire – a brief questionnaire to help us know you better, understand your business and how well your company and TelVue could work together. Once completed, please email to
  • After TelVue has reviewed the Reseller Inquiry Questionnaire, we will provide you with a TelVue Certified Partner (TCP) Application to complete and return to TelVue ( for approval.

After approval, the following steps need to be completed.

  • TelVue will provide you with the TelVue Reseller Agreement for submission.
  • A minimum of two representatives from your company will participate in our certification program. The certification program includes a review of online training materials and passing of the online certification testing.
  • Purchase a nominal amount of demonstration product at a specially discounted price.