Congratulations to Newport News Public Schools on the launch of a very attractive NNPS-TV channel in Apple TV!

NNPS-TV’s Apple TV channel was developed by TelVue and is powered by the same versatile CloudCast content management system that streams NNPS-TV videos to the NNPS website and the NNPS Roku channel.

“The Apple TV channel will allow NNPS-TV to reach new audiences on a platform that many of the younger generations favor,” says TelVue CEO Jesse Lerman. “The use of CloudCast means you only have to organize your content once to display it in many ways, so nobody needs to miss out.”

The NNPS Apple TV channel displays a 24/7 live feed as well as video on demand, organized by playlists and categories. The homepage display is made all the more attractive with NNPS’s use of eye-catching branding graphics for all of its programs.

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