The TelVue InfoVue Digital Signage system has taken a major step forward, with the upgrade to version 2.0. Besides the sleeker interface, you’ll notice that InfoVue v2.0 includes a significant number of new features, such as template and ticker design previews right in the interface; video previews; and social media feed support.

InfoVue v2.0 also eliminates the need for any browser plugin, making it accessible from any HTML5 compatible browser, on any OS. The new content management interface presents an easier-to-use dashboard with a more intuitive publishing workflow, as seen in this screencast:

Here is a list of the new InfoVue Content Manager features in v2.0:

  1. Totally new, native HTML5 user interface. No plugins required for any browser, on any OS. (For those who still want to work in the old version for awhile, there is a link to the previous Silverlight interface on the login page.)
  2. Video preview now available in Content Manager.
  3. Completely revamped WYSIWYG template and ticker designers. Users can see a snapshot of actual content and data feeds in template and ticker zones while they work to streamline designing amazing templates.
  4. Facebook and Twitter social media feed support. This feature has been completely rebuilt and supports the latest social media APIs.
  5. Template and ticker text and data fields now let users select the vertical alignment. All 3 alignment types are now supported (top, middle, bottom). Users can now swap media content in the library. All previously entered media properties are retained.
  6. Users can search for a media within playlist window and edit a media or template from the playlist.
  7. A total of 10 overlapping playlists can now be merged in the planning grid. Previous versions only supported 5 overlapped playlists.
  8. New programming preview feature shows a list of all content to be played within a future period with precise time allocations and number of impressions for each item.

For a more in-depth look at the new InfoVue, you’re welcome to sign up for any of the upcoming InfoVue v2.0 training webinars, which will be a step-by-step tutorial on how to build different kinds of data feeds, templates and playlists.

The InfoVue Beginner’s Guide has also been completely updated to reflect the changes.  You can browse the InfoVue Beginner’s Guide in the TelVue Knowledgebase, or download a pdf version.

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