TelVue is pleased to welcome Brian Albertson on board as our new Field Application Engineer, based in Massachusetts. Our Northeast PEG clients might recognize Brian from his years in the public access world: first in Wellesley, then Norwood, and most recently, Stoneham TV.

It was Brian’s experience as program coordinator at Stoneham that brought him into the TelVue orbit. His fluency with technology made him an ideal Beta partner for the development of new HyperCaster features, and his organized thinking provided invaluable feedback to our development process. He became a TelVue “power user”.

“I enjoyed getting more deeply into the technology that makes programming possible,” says Brian of that part of his work. “It was a great experience being able to help TelVue, and be on the leading edge of new software features.”

Now Brian is in a position to share that knowledge with TelVue’s growing list of PEG clients in the Northeast. Being a Field Application Engineer based in Massachusetts means he will be focusing on installation, on-site troubleshooting, and technical support. Brian will also be involved in sales engineering, and yes – product feedback.

Brian learned electronic troubleshooting in the Marine Corps. It was the beginning of a career trajectory that includes a BS in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production, teaching and training A/V production in both PEG and academic environments, and managing the hardware and software programming systems for Stoneham TV.

At Stoneham, Brian gained an appreciation of IP workflows, and the power of hybrid SDI/IP systems. “The IP transition made programming so much easier, with the ability to schedule live streams and IP capture, in the same interface [the HyperCaster]. It made a lot more sense, workflow-wise.” He also “gets”, from first-hand experience, the priorities of a PEG channel. “I understand that different stations will have different workflows, and I know what’s important to them. I can help them make the most out of their TelVue system, the little touches that can save time and make a channel look more contemporary.”

With Brian on board, TelVue reaffirms our commitment to providing first-class support to our growing client base, especially – but not limited to – the Northeast.

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