If you don’t use NDI now, it’s a good bet that you will in the near future.  And then you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. NDI™ (Network Device Interface) is an open protocol developed by NewTek™ to enable video compatible products to share video across a local area network. NDI allows high quality video to be transported on your IP network avoiding legacy, video-only standards such as HDMI and SDI.

With NDI your production environment is no longer limited by the maximum cable lengths of SDI and HDMI or the cost of installing long cable runs. Cameras can be located anywhere while your production switcher remains safely in your studio.  Multiple devices can easily access and preview live sources at the same time. Crazy cool, right? Where other streaming protocols are great for backhaul and delivery over the Internet or bandwidth restricted networks, NDI shines in production workflows over robust and local networks.

AIO B2000 broadcast server for PEG broadcast, SDI broadcast playout

TelVue HyperCaster v7.1 adds NDI to the expansive list of supported IP formats to make it easy to integrate with production switchers and live sources including live streaming meetings from Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Skype, Google, and more. The HyperCaster can now directly play and record NDI, RTMP Push AND Pull, HLS, RTSP, RTP, TS, SRT, as well as SDI. 

NDI sources can be scheduled for playout and recording immediately or in the future, can be set as default programming on a channel, and can be used with the time-saving, Automatic Series Scheduling feature. HyperCaster NDI integration and features are available in AIO, B100-SDI/ANA standalone, and ProVue GFX and include:

  • NDI input support, for live playback & recording (recording in AIO models only)
  • Adjust NDI speed for best quality or lower network bandwidth
  • Automatic firewall management, auto detects IP address changes for portable units
  • NDI sources supported for all scheduling feature
  • Makes it easy to integrate live production chains
  • Easy integration of free tools like OBS that support NDI

HyperCaster v7.1 also includes a revamped, fully responsive and mobile-friendly Dashboard that puts more at your fingertips from any devices to monitor and manage your channels and live events. See the HyperCaster v7.1 release notes for more details. Contact TelVue to schedule an upgrade.

For more information about NDI other features available in the new TelVue HyperCaster v7.1 release, call TelVue at 1-800-885-8886 or email Info@TelVue.com.

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