TheLegalEditionA new half-hour series now available in the TelVue Connect Media Exchange is called “The Legal Edition”, and features producer/host Mary Kay Elloian speaking with a wide range of experts on legal, business, and policy issues.

“I started this show in 2012 because of a passion to educate people on important issues,” explains Elloian, “The mainstream media is too biased because of advertisers and financial incentives, and often do not go in depth on topics to ferret out the real issues. I produce these programs ‘pro bono’ without advertisers or sponsors – there is no money changing hands. The purpose is to remain focused and unbiased. The goal is to get people thinking about important issues, or in ways they have not thought about before.”

Elloian is a lawyer and writer who has worked with the health and environmental professions, and wants to use her communication skills to present these and other issues to the public in lay terms.  The Boston-based Legal Edition gives her access to legislators and academic experts – including some Nobel nominees – with whom she delves into news topics in greater detail.  A sampling of recent issues: Fracking, GMOs, Alternative energy. The Legal Edition is produced in the studios of Bedford TV.

Besides distributing her monthly show from The Legal Edition website, Elloian recently joined the TelVue Connect Media Exchange as a Syndicator.  Media Exchange members can license and download her Series from here… or choose to download individual episodes by logging in to the Media Exchange and searching for The Legal Edition.

If you don’t already have a free Media Exchange account, ask us for one. You’ll find a lot of other free programming in the TelVue Connect Media Exchange, like Democracy Now!, National Science Foundation educational videos, Ad Council PSAs, and many local and regional TV programs of a wide variety of styles and topics.

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