YouTube Live

YouTube Live has been added as a Feed type in the HyperCaster v6.2.

To add a YouTube Live stream to your programming:

  1. Go to Config → Feeds → Live Streams.
  2. Click on the Add Feed icon.
  3. From the Type options, select YouTube Live from pulldown.
  4. Fill in the Name and Description fields.
  5. In the Address field, add the URL of the YouTube Live stream.
  6. Leave the Mux Rate blank for a Variable Multiplex Rate based on the incoming video and audio bit rates. If you need a Constant Multiplex Rate, enter a specific value, and be sure the rate is high enough to account for the incoming video and audio bit rates including any variability in those rates.
  7. Save this feed, and you can program it for playout and recording just like any other Live feed source.

Ensure that “Embed live streams” is enabled for the YouTube Live stream in YouTube’s settings, per the following screen shot:

Enable “Embed live streams” in YouTube settings


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