The InfoVue Library is a repository of shared media and templates that you can copy/paste into your own library to use as you please. These include some Ad Council PSAs, public domain images, templates with background images, sample layouts, and sample tickers.


To use these:

  1. right-click on the thumbnail → Copy
  2. Navigate to your own library → Paste.
  3. Double-click on the copy to open it and edit it for your own purposes.


In the Ticker section of the InfoVue Library, there are several sample ticker templates in the “Not Published” folder. You can copy/paste these to your library and edit as needed. They will contain placeholder feed elements.  To replace these with your own feeds:

    1. In the staging area, click on the element you want to replace.
    2. Then on the right side, under the Data Feed Manager, pull down and select the feed you want to replace it with. (See the User Manual on how to create a new Data Feed.) Select the field within that feed, and click Apply.
    3. Repeat with each field you want to replace.

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