Share and Embed Videos

You can share individual videos, streams, series and playlists via the “VOD Links” feature, available through Edit link for any video, stream, series or playlist.

To generate a VOD link with which to share a video over the internet, the media in question must first be:

  1. Published
  2. Added to a Series, Playlist or Category (Loose videos that have not been added to a Series, Playlist or Category will not generate a VOD link.)
  3. That Series, Playlist or Category must be added to a VOD player

To get to the VOD Links, choose Edit from the pulldown to the right of any Video, Stream, Series, or Playlist in your library. 

A “VOD Links” tab will be associated with any Video, Series or Playlist that has been published and added to a VOD player.

In the VOD Links tab is a “Pick Options” wizard that offers the following choices (Notice that the Embed code and Direct URL change based upon the choices you pick. Copy/Paste that code to embed the CloudCast player in any website, or to share the URL.):

  • For Videos and Streams:
    • Type:
      • Video with player (Produces a link to the video surrounded by the player containing metadata and player/series/category information)
      • Video only (Produces a link to just the video in fullscreen)
    • Auto Play
      • Let user start video (Requires user to click play to view video)
      • Start video automatically
    • Tab and Search Display
      • Show navigation tabs and search (Displays Series and Playlist tabs in player)
      • Hide navigation tabs and search (Prevents users from navigating to other collections, and limits users to the videos available in this playlist.

  • For Collections (Series and Playlists), the VOD Links tab offers a different option:
    • Landing Page gives you the option of sending the viewer to a collection’s landing page with full navigation, or First Video page with just the list of videos in that collection. If you choose First Video, the wizard will add the Auto Play option.


in CloudCast User Manual

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