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The TelVue Connect Video Producer is an add-on feature that allows you to produce professional videos right in the TelVue Connect interface.  Video Producer is perfect for creating ads or sponsorship spots, community bulletin boards, promos and more.  Starting with a wide variety of dynamic styles and pre-licensed background music, you can produce these videos by simply adding your own images, videos, and text.

The finished videos will show up in your Media Library, to be scheduled to your TelVue broadcast server, or downloaded for use elsewhere.  For organizations with the Video Producer feature, all users in your organization can access this powerful tool. This allows contributors without any video production expertise to create stunning videos to submit to you.

How to Create a Video:

Organizations with the Video Producer feature enabled in TelVue Connect will see the “Produce a Video” option in the pulldown menu under the Media tab.  Open it, and you will see this window:

Video Producer Opening Screen

Video Producer Opening Screen

Browse Music and Theme Styles.  If this is your first time in Video Producer, click on “Change Song” and “Change Style” to browse and preview the available music and visual themes.

Upload Elements.  When you’re ready to start producing your own video, upload images and videos in the storyboard interface.  Your files must be less than 20MB for images, or 400MB for video.  This is also where you will add text captions.

Once your elements have been uploaded, they will show up as thumbnails in the storyboard view.

The storyboard interface displays each element as a thumbnail, with editing options

The storyboard interface displays each element as a thumbnail, with editing options

Edit Image and Text Elements.  Each thumbnail has an “Edit” option on the lower left.  Click on “Edit”, and you can:

  1. “Rotate” the orientation of the element

  2. “Highlight” an image or caption to lengthen its duration and the overall length of your finished montage.  You can also highlight from the storyboard view by clicking on the star at the top left of each thumbnail.

  3. “Reset” to return to default choices

  4. You can “Delete” from this interface, or by clicking on the “X” on the top right of  each thumbnail

You can also Rotate, Highlight, Edit, Duplicate or Delete selected elements from the menu at the bottom of the storyboard interface.

Adjust length and start position of your video

Adjust length and start position of each video clip

Edit Video Clips.  With uploaded video clips, you have additional editing options:

  1. Clip Length – You can choose up to 10 seconds of an uploaded clip.

  2. Clip Starting Point – Use the slider to choose the starting point.

  3. Clip Audio – You can choose whether or not to include the audio


Re-arrange the Elements.  Upload your elements in any order and drag them around in the storyboard interface until you have the sequence you like. You can preview and change the style and music at any time.

This slider adjusts the pacing and length of your video project

This slider adjusts the pacing and length of your video project

Change the Pacing.  If you want to speed up or slow down the entire montage, click on the “Video Options” link at the lower right of the storyboard, and you will get a “Video Pacing” popup with “Automatic” checked by default.  Uncheck “Automatic”, and you have the option of slowing down or speeding up the pacing of elements within your theme.

It’s a Wrap! Once you are happy with your choices, preview one more time and then “Finalize” your video.  Under the TelVue Connect Activity tab, you will see the video first Render — and then TelVue Connect will create a preview and a broadcast version of your video, ready for distribution.

If you change your mind after you have Finalized your video, you can go back to the Video options in the Media Library, and either “Edit a Production” (which will automatically replace your video with the new version), or “Edit a Copy of a Production” (which keeps both the original and the copy).

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