Verification File Export

Verification files are also part of the CCMS GDP standard. They contain a log of playouts with a corresponding status code (completed, missed, partial, etc). They are named identically to their original SCH file, but with a .VER extension. The VER file format is outlined in Appendix I.

It’s important to note that not only will VER files be located in two places on the schedule remote server, but each child server also creates and saves its own copy of its VER file.  This is useful to know when we’re experiencing connectivity problems.

Note also warm spares DO NOT write to the top level VER file (but still to their serial number specific directory).

A quick refresher of the verification file locations:

  • Each unit writes a VER file locally, always, in vol1/import/GDP/verification.
  • Each unit sends that VER file to the schedule remote server, in vol1/distribute/GDP/verification/[serial number]. Every serial number is unique for every HyperCaster.
  • If the unit is NOT marked as a Warm Spare on its Config->System page, it also writes its VER to vol1/distribute/GDP/verifications on the parent, this is an effort to give you a single target to draw VER files for all the primary servers.
  • The units do not have any way to know if they are suppose to be a warm spare or not (they do not heartbeat each other, for instance), so in the event of failover, you should change the checkbox under Config->Server yourself.

You can access all three locations via FTP or SMB. The serial number of each unit can be seen on its dashboard, when you log into the web user interface.


in Guide to CCMS PlusHC User Manual

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