Understand the Media Upload Process

There are several different ways to upload media to InfoVue, depending on how you intend to use the images: whether as a (1) template element, (2) a ticker element, (3) a background, or (4) a server feed element.

Content Library

1. If you upload images, video, or audio to the CONTENT LIBRARY, you will be able to search for those (by filename or keyword) from the search bars in your Content library and the Media library on the right side of all template designers.

To upload to the Content Library, right-click in an empty spot.  Add –> Media.

Top Layers


2. If you want to upload a transparent image (like a station logo, or an image without a background), upload it to the TOP LAYERS section at the top right of any template designer.  These images will always display in front of other media on your template. This is a good option for transparent pngs.

To upload an image to the Top Layers section, Right-click –> New



Background Images

3. If you want to use an image as a fullscreen background, upload it to the BACKGROUND section at the bottom left of any template designer. These images will only display in back of other media on your template, and will display full screen. They must be jpgs, preferably in the same aspect ratio as your InfoVue output feed.

To upload to the Background Image Library:

  • Open any template
  • Click on the Background toolbar
  • Select Type = Image
  • Click on the “Add” link, at the top left of the thumbnail list

4. Images in a Server Feed context can be used like any other data feed source in your template design. This is a good option for looping through portraits of board members or team members, for example.

  1. Open template designer
  2. Click on Data Feed Manager
  3. Click on the darker Data Feed Manager button to create a new feed
  4. Select New Feed
  5. Name that feed, and Select Server Feed from pulldown
  6. Double-click on the column to which you want to add images
  7. In the “Columns” toolbar on the left, choose “Image”
  8. Save
  9. Double-click on the spreadsheet cell in the new Image column to open the Upload Image popup
  10. Select and Upload your image
  11. You can preview the image in the Preview toolbar
  12. You can create text columns to enter any other feed information to match that image
  13. Click “OK” to save the feed
  14. The feed and its images now become available as fields to add to your template design.

Server Feed Image Column

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