Transmux to TS and Import DVD

HyperCaster 4.0 and above includes a Transmux feature, which will look for any MPEG-2 Program Stream or MP4 mux containing H.264 (including most .mov formats) video, and transmux those to the MPEG-2 Transport Stream format required to play out on the HyperCaster.

The types of supported formats increased significantly beginning with HyperCaster 6.1: Re-multiplex supported MPEG-2 Program, M1S, M2TS (with MPEG-2 video codec) and MP4, MOV, AVI, QT, M4P, M2TS, MKV (with H.264/AVC video codec) files on import to Transport Stream. Video preserved as-is from the original file including video bit rate. Audio preserved as-is from the original file including audio bit rate for AC-3, MPEG-1 Layer II, and AAC audio. Other audio formats converted to MPEG-1 Layer II for MPEG-2 video, and AAC for H.264 video.

In the 6.1 release, the VMR (Variable Mux Rate) Transmux feature has been improved to generate PCR stamps in the Transport stream more frequently. With this improvement, the VMR Transmuxing is always recommended over CMR (Constant Mux Rate) unless you specifically need constant mux for some reason. Source files with highly variable video codec will be considerably larger after CMR transmux due to padding, so VMR will result in much smaller files and is also less likely to balloon the mux rate beyond your HyperCaster channel MAX bitrates.

(NOTE: If utilizing the transmux feature of the HyperCaster, first please confirm that the audio formats above are supported by the end decoding devices; IE: Set Top Boxes, TV Tuners, Other Broadcast Decode Solutions. If these audio formats are not supported, you will need to use an external file prep solution such as TelVue Connect, Sorensen Squeeze, or TeleStream Episode Pro.)

To enable the Transmux feature, go to Config –> Content –> Content Item.  Check off the box “Transmux to Transport Stream”.

If you do not have the Transmux feature enabled, the HyperCaster will still import other formats, but will show the files as unplayable. The tool tip help will display the reason why, and note that you need to enable the Transmux feature so that the file can be transmuxed to Transport Stream for compatibility.

If you do have the Transmux feature enabled, unplayable formats will still be flagged when they are first imported, but the tool tip help will show that they are waiting to be Transmuxed.

The transmux operation itself is fast, and does not require re-encoding the video stream, and also typically does not require re-encoding the audio stream. The original quality of your source video is preserved, the file is just reformatted to Transport Stream.

You can see the progress of the transmux operation in the Tasks tab.

The Transmux feature also makes it possible to import a DVD.

Import a DVD

  1. Create a new Folder in the DVD_Import directory with the intended filename once imported, like Football-02232017
  2. Drag the entire VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD into that new Folder
  3. It will then autoname the final file based on the folder name
  4. If you name a folder with a “+” symbol at the end, the importer will join multiple titles into a single file.  Otherwise the default is to import each title (if multi) into separate files

More detailed DVD Import instructions, here.

If the HyperCaster is integrated with a TelVue Connect account, your and your contributors can upload the DVD content directly into the Connect Media Library, where it will be automatically transcoded to the proper profile and made available to distribute to your HyperCaster.

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