TelVue Connect Media Exchange

The TelVue Connect Media Exchange simplifies program syndication by automating the logistics of program-sharing in the Cloud.

To use the Media Exchange:

1. A Syndicator determines the licensing terms to be attached to his or her content. The End User License Agreement (EULA) is under the Administration tab, and gives you the option of writing your own licensing terms, or choosing several versions of the Creative Commons license.

2. The option to “Syndicate” each piece of media is accessed through the pulldown menu on the right. Once Syndicated, your media becomes visible in the Media Exchange.

3. An Affiliate can browse the Media Exchange, preview entire shows in the browser interface, and “License” the selections for download or distribution to a broadcast server for playout. These are the options an Affiliate sees in the Media Exchange:

The licensed video will show up in your organization’s own Media Library.  Click on the Connect tab at the top to return to your own Media Library. From there the licensed video can be distributed or downloaded to add to your programming.

Private Groups

The Private Group Feature in Media Exchange is an option for a group of stations that might want to share some videos among themselves, but not necessarily to the entire Connect user base.

Private Groups are visible only to the members of that group, and can be accessed from the Group pull-down menu under the Media Exchange tab.  To browse within your group, just select the group name from that menu.

To add media to a Private Group:  Users of a Media Exchange Private Group will see an “Edit Syndication” choice on the Actions menu beside each media entry.  Edit Syndication gives you a popup checklist, allowing the Syndicator to decide whether to add this video to the public Media Exchange, or to any number of Private Groups to which this user belongs.

Private Group members can opt in to email notifications of new content added to the group.  To turn on notification, click on your username at the top right of the screen, and open the My Account page. There you can select the type of email notification you would like to receive,

If your organization is interested in setting up a Media Exchange Private Group, please contact

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