TelVue Connect Contributors’ Guide (PEG version)

TelVue Connect is a content management system through which you can contribute video content directly to your TV station through any Internet connection. The following step-by-step guide for Connect Contributors explains how to upload video to the TelVue Connect media library, describe your video with metadata, and submit it to your organization.

Activate Your Account

  • When your TelVue Connect account is created by an administrator, you will receive an e-mail to activate it.
  • Click the activation link in your email and select a password.

Login to TelVue Connect

  • Go to and login with your username and password.
  • Recommended Browsers: Chrome (latest), Firefox (latest), Safari (latest)
    Compatible Browsers: Chrome 4+, Firefox 4+, Safari 5+, IE8+

Upload Media

  • Click on the Media tab.
  • When in the Media tab, upload one or more videos by dragging and dropping them anywhere on the page. Your uploads are automatically “Resumable”. If they are interrupted for whatever reason, simply return to the site and drag the same files in again, and they will resume where they left off.

    Media Tab – for uploading and managing your videos

  • Uploading tips:
    • Do not close your browser window while the file(s) are uploading. If you want to continue to work within TelVue Connect while your upload(s) are in progress, open a new browser window or tab.
    • Be aware of the upload capacity of your bandwidth plan.  With large files, you are better off with a wired, not wireless, connection.
    • Editing and Master format files such as ProRes, DV, or uncompressed formats can be extremely large and may take a very long time to upload.  So when exporting out of your non-linear editor, consider using a broadcast-quality but compressed distribution format such as:
      • H.264 at 4Mbps for SD, or 8Mbps for HD, or
      • MPEG-2 at 8Mbps for SD or 18 Mbps for HD
    • Note on bulk uploads:  You can upload several files at once, by dragging a group of files to the media page at the same time.
    • Note for IE users:  If you are using an 8+ or 9+ version of IE, which does not support drag-and-drop natively, you will instead see an upload button. Click on that to browse and choose one or more videos from your computer.
  • Once a file has finished uploading, it will be automatically converted to the required broadcast format, and a thumbnail and web preview video will be created.
  • You can see the progress of the broadcast and preview conversion in the Activity tab or on the Dashboard.

    Activities Tab – View transcode progress

  • Once the web preview version is transcoded, you can preview it from the thumbnail on the media page, or in the video preview pane on the media edit window.

Enter Metadata

  • Under the media tab, choose Edit from the pulldown menu on the right of each video to fill in the metadata, including title and summary.

    Media Edit Window – To preview, add metadata

  • The episode ID and Transcript fields are optional.
  • Replace File.  If you want to substitute a new video file for the existing one, upload it to the page and it will replace the old video file. This is irreversible. If the video is part of a series, the length of the replacement video must be within the same range of tolerance.
  • If your organization uses Moderation, clicking “Save Draft” saves the record as a draft, so you can come back and make changes if you need to. Clicking “Publish” changes the status of the entry to “Pending”, which means it’s ready for moderators to approve or reject.

Submit for Review (This section only applies to organizations using the Moderation feature)

  • Once you have previewed your video and have entered all metadata, you are ready to submit your media for review by the moderator.
  • From the media edit window, click “Publish”. If you are moderated by your organization, this changes your video and metadata status to “Pending”, for review and approval by a moderator. The moderator may “Accept” or “Reject” the submission, and may provide comments.

    Moderation – “Save Draft” or “Publish”

  • You will receive email notifications on moderation actions and comments.
  • If you have published media that is still “Pending” and realize you would like to change the metadata, click “View”, “Rescind” the media, make changes, and then re-publish.

    Moderation – Rescind

  • Once your media has been accepted, you cannot make any changes. If you feel you really need to make changes after that point, contact your system administrator via the contact us tab, or post a comment in the comments sub-tab on the media edit window.

Series and Scheduling

If your organization has assigned you a specific Series, you must first assign Episodes to that Series, and then fill the timeslots.

  • Assigning Episodes. In the Series tab, navigate to the Series you want to associate with this video, click on the thumbnail, and you will see the upload interface.  You can add Episodes in two ways:
    • Directly into the Series – drag and drop one or more videos from your computer on to the page, and these will be associated with this Series, or
    • Choose from Media Library – if you want to create an Episode for this Series using a video that already exists in the Media Library, you can “Add from Media Library”, and it will take you to a list of usable media.

      How to add videos to your Series

  • Filling the schedule with Episodes. You still have to assign specific Episodes to specific time slots. This can be done from either the Dashboard or the Scheduling tab. Any empty slot will display a “Fill” button. In the Schedule Tab (Day view), the empty slot appears in the appropriate time slot. Click either the Fill button or the empty slot, and when your choices pop up, click on the thumbnail of the Episode for that Series you want to run in the time slot. It will populate the empty time slot.
  • Alerts – If there is an empty slot coming up in your schedule, TelVue Connect will send you an email alert, giving you seven days to deal with it.


  • You can search for media by entering in metadata keyword matches or partial matches in the search field on the media tab.
  • If your organization uses the Moderation feature, you can also filter based on moderation status. For example, see all of your media that is “Pending” approval, or has been “Published” and accepted.

I have a question, whom do I ask?

  • If your organization has the Moderation feature, and you would like to add a comment to any individual video in TelVue Connect, each piece of media has a comment sub-tab in the media edit window.
  • The Contact Us page in Connect should have all the information you need to reach your organization’s Administrator.
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