Set Up an RTMP Stream in a HyperCaster

    1. Ensure you are running HyperCaster software version 5.5.0 or higher by going to your Config tab and clicking on About under System. If “Release” doesn’t say 5.5.0, contact to arrange to have a software update performed. Be sure to include in your email when would be the best time and date to do the upgrade, considering that playout will be interrupted momentarily.
    2. If you are running the latest software version, click on Config. Under Feeds click on Live Streams.
    3. Click on the small icon in the bottom-left of the table to add a new stream source
    4. Change the type to RTMP. Enter a name and description of your choosing.
    5. Enter the address address of the RTMP stream.
    6. Set Mux Rate to 3.5 and click Save.
    7. In version 5.5.2 and higher, you can preview the stream within the HyperCaster web interface, if the stream is active, by clicking on the blue link under URI.
    8. The RTMP stream can now be scheduled as you would schedule any other stream in the Programming tab, either Calendar or Classic view.
    9. To schedule in Classic view:
      • Click Add Stream Event.
      • Choose the channel you wish to stream the event on.
      • Choose the name of the RTMP stream you created.
      • Set the duration and start time.
      • (Optional) On the right side of the page, fill in the Program, Episode, and Description fields.
      • Click Save.
    10. To schedule in Calendar view:
      • In the second column from the left, choose Stream from the dropdown.
      • Drag and drop the RTMP stream you created to the appropriate time slot.
      • Set the duration and click Submit.
      • (Optional) Click Modify on the far right side and then enter the Program, Episode, and Description metadata and click Save.
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