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If you have a HyperCaster AIO or if your HyperCaster includes the IP Capture feature, the Record page allows you to capture files to your media library for future playout. It also shows you the real-time status of the active capture. This page essentially acts like a simple VCR control for the record/capture feature.

Once a recording is complete, the recorded file will automatically be imported to your library.

Field Descriptions

Record Settings

  • Channel – Select the channel to be recorded
    • Pick from the available Encode channels for AIO file encoding
    • Pick from the available Capture channels for IP feeds. IP Capture is an add-on feature that requires a license.
  • Feed – Select a feed or input source from the drop-down list.
    • You can configure your feeds on Configuration –> Feeds –> Live Streams
    • You can configure your AIO inputs on Configuration –> IO Ports –> Inputs
  • Recorded – The amount of time it has been recording, in hours, minutes, and seconds. If you Pause the recording, this number will reflect the sum of all recorded segments.
  • Remaining – This is the amount of time left in the Record Duration you set (see “File Information” section, below.) If you Pause the recording, the Remaining time will continue to count down to the original stop time. 
  • Actions – When you click the red dot to begin recording, a different set of controls will appear:

    •  Stop Recording – Stops the recording process immediately and resets Recording and Remaining timers to zero.
    • Lock Recording – When locked, the recording process will continue even if the Record Duration window has ended. Unlocking after the Record Duration window has ended has the same effect as Stopping the recording. When locked, the button changes to the Unlock Recording button for unlocking.
    • Pause Recording – Pauses recording until you click record again to resume. All recorded segments will be saved into a single video file. When paused, the button changes to the Record button to resume recording.

File Information

  • Record Filename – If you are not using a placeholder name, enter a name for the file to be recorded. Filenames must be unique on the server. By default, the HyperCaster will auto-name the recorded file with the feed name and date and time of recording. Such a filename might look something like this: Encode_1_input_1_20170328-153321.mpg
  • Unattached Content – If you have created a placeholder on the Content page for the program you want to record, select it from the drop-down list.
  • Record Duration – The duration of the recording in hours, minutes, and seconds (HH:MM:SS). If left blank or set to 00:00:00, it will default to 20:00:00. You may stop the recording and save the file at that point at any time by clicking on the Stop Recording button.
  • Delete at Date – Use a Calendar icon to select a date for the recorded file to be deleted from the server.
    • Time – Enter a deletion time for the recorded file in HH:MM:SS format using 24-hour time. For example, 1:00 PM is 13:00:00. The default is midnight.

Note: For IP recording, if there is no source detected, you will get a warning.

For IP recording, if there is no source detected, and the recording duration is more than one minute, you will get a Health warning:

For Encode recording, if there is no source detected, and the recording duration is more than one minute, you will get a Health warning:

Optional Program Guide Data

This program guide data will become the metadata for the recording.

  • Program Code – Enter a code that distinguishes what program this is, if program codes are used in this installation.
  • Episode Code – Enter a code that distinguishes what episode of a series this is, if episode codes are used in this installation.
  • Program – If this installation does not use program codes, enter the name of the program.
  • Episode – Enter the name of the episode, if applicable.
  • Description – Enter a detailed description of the recording.

Note: as of HyperCaster v6.2, the Record page is responsive, making it easier to use on a small-screen mobile device.

You can also access the Record page of any Feed from the Dashboard – by clicking the red Record icon.

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