Publishing and Moderation

Publishing & Moderation

The Publishing feature adds the concept of “Drafts” to media uploaded to Connect. A “Draft” is an item you need to work on privately for a period of time before making it live in the system. When the content is ready, the user clicks “Publish” and it is made live in the system, and optionally enters Moderation if the Moderation feature is enabled and that user is a Moderated User. Assigned Moderators can Approve or Reject content that has been submitted for Moderation.

Contact TelVue Customer Service if you would like Publishing or Moderation activated or de-activated.

Creating Moderators

With the Moderation feature enabled, you will see a “Moderator” checkbox while creating or editing a user account for Admin and Program Coordinator users. Checking that grants that user moderation abilities. Moderators see a “Moderation” tab in their user interface. In that tab is their organization’s Moderation Queue, holding all uploads from Moderated Users that are awaiting approval.  A Moderator has the power to approve or reject submitted videos.

Difference Between Moderators and Admins

Like Moderators, Admins can always approve and reject content sitting in the moderation queue. The main difference is that Moderators receive email notifications when there is moderation activity (assuming “email notifications” is active on their user account).

Creating Moderated Users

A Moderated User is a user whose published uploads are subject to the approval of your Moderators before they are made live in the system.  A user in any role can be moderated.  Although, making an Admin moderated has no practical effect because an Admin, by definition, can edit and approve anything at will, which includes their own moderated content.

To create a Moderated User, check the “This user’s content is moderated” checkbox on their user account.  That user’s published uploads are now subject to the approval of your Moderators before they are made live in the system.

Assuming Publishing and Moderation are active, users will see a “Save Draft” and “Submit for Review” option on the media edit pages, along with space for an optional comment to the Moderators. When a Moderated User clicks “Submit for Review”, the video status will be marked “Pending” and will enter the Moderation Queue. Moderators are notified via email of the new item in the queue, and the Moderated User’s comment is included in that email.

The moderated user will not be allowed to submit media for review until all required metadata has been entered.

Contributor sees “Save Draft” and “Submit for Review” options when editing media

Moderators can manage moderation either from the Moderation Tab to view all media in the moderation queue, or directly editing individual media from the Moderation sub-tab.

Moderators can see all Pending media in the moderation queue from the Moderation Tab

For media that has been submitted for review, Moderators will see an “Approve” or “Reject” option, along with space for an optional comment to the Contributor.  Once approved, the video’s status changes to “Published”.  Approved content is now usable in the system, whether that be for scheduling or distribution.

The Moderator may include a comment back to the Moderated User for any purpose, or to explain the reason for approval or rejection. A new email is sent to the Moderated User with the Moderator’s comment included.  If rejected, the Moderated User may make the appropriate changes and resubmit for approval.

Moderator sees “Approve” and “Reject” options when clicking on pending items in the moderation queue


Moderator sees “Approve” and “Reject” options from the Moderation sub tab when editing media


Moderated items that have been Rejected by a moderator will show a status of Rejected. The Contributor will then see the option to “Re-Submit for Review”.


Items in moderation are freely editable by Admins, Program Coordinators, and Moderators, but not Contributors. When a Moderated Contributor submits an item for moderation, the item is locked. The Contributor cannot make changes to it.  For a Contributor to be able to edit an item in moderation, they must pull it out of moderation by “rescinding” it. They will see “Rescind” buttons in their interface.

Moderated Program Coordinators do not see “Rescind” buttons on their moderated content, because the permissions of their role allow them to freely edit content at any time, even while it is Pending and Approved.

Changes to Published / Approved Items

Only Admins, Program Coordinators, and Moderators can make changes to published items.  Contributors are not permitted to make changes to published items.  If you need to allow a Contributor to make changes to an approved item, any of your Admins or Moderators may remove “Approved” status from an item by clicking the “Undo Approval” button on the media.

Remember, Program Coordinators who are not Moderators will not see “Approve / Reject” or “Undo Approval” buttons. Only Admins and Moderators have these moderation-type features.

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