ProVue Decoder Configuration

HyperCaster allows internal or external integration with the TelVue ProVue IP decoder. Internal ProVue integration comes with the HyperCaster AIO and SDI models. Key functions of the ProVue include decoding, up and down-conversion, on-air graphics, and audio loudness processing. In the AIO models, ProVue also performs SDI switching and encoding, and native SD/HD Simulcast.

Configure the ProVue, whether external or internal, through the HyperCaster UI:

  1. Navigate to the “ProVue Decoders” section under the Config tab, and you will see a list of all ProVues, external or internal, that are integrated with your HyperCaster.
  2. At the far right of each ProVue listed, under the “Action” column, is a Restart icon. Clicking will offer a Restart action to soft reset your ProVue with minimal interruption to any outputs (no more than 3 seconds). Any active AIO Encodes will be restarted recording to a new file, with a partial file present for the portion already recorded. External ProVues will also offer a Reboot action that performs a full hardware reboot, normally taking less than a minute.
  3. To add an external ProVue, click on New ProVue Decoder and fill out this template
  4. To edit the ProVue decoder configuration, click on the ProVue name in the list, or on its Edit icon.
  5. To EDIT any Output or Input, click on its name. (More on that, here)
  6. (To ADD an Output or Input, go back to the Config Tab → IO Ports. Choose Inputs or Outputs. Click on the Add New icon.)

The HyperCaster will monitor any internal and external ProVue decoders managed in the application as part of the System Health check. If communication is lost with the decoder, or the decoder reports that it is not decoding when associated with a Channel that should be playing, a System Health alert will be raised.

in Config TabHC User Manual

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