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If this HyperCaster has been configured to control a video switch, you can schedule switch events. You might schedule a switch event to broadcast from a live feed or to play a bulletin board.

Note: Manually switching by pressing the buttons on the switch panel or clicking on lock for that switch output on the Dashboard overrides programmed switch events.  The TelVue software polls the switch 1 second before a scheduled switch event.  If the switch has been manually switched away, the scheduled switch event will be postponed until you unlock the switch by pressing the buttons on the switch panel or going to the Dashboard and clicking on unlock for that switch output.

To schedule a switch event from the Programming page, use the Add Switch Event button and enter information about the date and time.

  1. On the Dashboard, make sure the output port you plan to use is unlocked.
  2. On the Programming page, click the Add Switch Event button. The Schedule Switch Event page is displayed.
  3. Fill in the fields on the screen as described below.

Port Settings

  • A/V Output Port – Select a switch output port from the drop-down list.
  • A/V Input Port – Select a switch input port from the drop-down list. If your switch supports disabling an output select none to turn off the output. If breakaway is enabled, separate drop-down lists for video input port and audio input port are displayed as shown in the illustration.
  • Duration – optional, however, a duration is recommended so the switch will return home when the event ends. Enter the time you want the switch event to last in HH:MM:SS format. Entering a duration also enables conflict checking on the specified output port for the duration of the event. If you enter 00:00:00 the output will remain switched away until you change it.If you previously ran a switch event with 0 duration that switched away from the home port, you can schedule a 0 duration switch event to the home port to resume normal operation.

Date & Time

  • Start – Use a Calendar icon to select a date up to one year from now for the switch event.
  • Time – Enter a start time in HH:MM format using 24-hour time. For example, 1:00 PM is 13:00:00.
  • Switch Immediately – To start the switch event as soon as the Save button is clicked, check this box.

Optional Recurrence

If you want to schedule this switch event for the same time on certain days of the week, complete this section.

  • Days of the Week – Check one or more boxes to the right of the day of the week to make the switch on that day. To switch every day, click Daily, which will check all the boxes. To uncheck all the boxes, click on None. There is a one-year limit on scheduling recurring events.
  • Until Date – Use a Calendar icon to select the last day for the switch event to recur, up to one year from today. The last switch will occur on the last day of the week up to and including the date you select.

Click here for more information on scheduling, viewing and editing recurring events.

Optional Program Guide Data

Enter metadata for switch events that correspond to on-air programs to be included in the Program Guide.

  • Include in Program Guide – checked by default. If you do not want the automatically generated program guide to display this event, uncheck this box.
  • Program Code – the code for this program, if used. A switch event need not have a Program Code.
  • Episode Code – the code for this episode, if applicable.
  • Program – The name of the program as it would be displayed in the Program Guide. If you need to change it (for example, to correct a misspelling), click in the box and type the changes.
  • Episode – If the file is part of a program series and each episode has a name, it is displayed here. If you need to change it (for example, to correct a misspelling), click in the box and type the changes.
  • Description – A synopsis of the event as it would be displayed in a detailed program guide or for a search. If you need to change it (for example, to correct a misspelling), click in the box and type the changes.

4. Click the Save button to add the switch event to the schedule.

5. The server checks for errors. If none are detected, the Programming page is displayed with the new switch event on the list.

For information on scheduling live switch events whose actual duration can vary, please see the Typical Use Cases section of this manual.

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