Graphic Overlays

The optional integrated graphics add-on – which requires TelVue ProVue IP Decoder integration – allows you to manage station identification “bugs”, scrolling “tickers” across the screen, and “snipes” for additional on-screen information. This works with both external TelVue ProVue decoders and integrated decoders in a HyperCaster SDI or HyperCaster Analog model.

A “Ticker” is a text crawl overlay that can be used to run a message across the television screen during a broadcast. A “Bug” is a graphic, usually the station logo, which can be placed anywhere on the screen, but is usually placed discreetly in one corner. A “Snipe” is an automated on-screen message that is most commonly used to promote upcoming programs on a TV channel, but can be used to display other forms of information as well.

To manage graphics, go to the “Overlays” section under the Config tab of the HyperCaster interface. From this tab you can:

  • Turn an overlay on or off
  • Duplicate, Edit or Delete an existing overlay
  • Create a new overlay
  • Schedule an overlay

On the following pages are more detailed instructions for creating:

Simulcast Overlays

The edit pages for Graphic Overlays have tabs for different resolutions, if you are simulcasting in different resolutions / formats, such as HD and SD.

While saving an overlay, the HyperCaster will automatically populate every version, and automatically scale to the size and resolution of the different output displays.

You can choose a default resolution tab by going to Config–> Overlays –> Config, and then choosing your preferred resolution.  This feature is particularly useful for stations that are not using multicast.

If you want to customize for each channel, you can fill out each resolution tab manually. But manually specifying any value on a resolution tab will prevent that resolution from being automatically scaled and populated. So if you update one tab, those changes do not automatically carry over to the other versions. If you do update your graphics, you will have to manually re-start the overlay on each channel for the changes to take effect.

Training Video: Creating Overlays

in GraphicsHC User Manual

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