Organization Settings

Before creating your user accounts, the Admin should take the time to customize your organization’s TelVue Connect settings.

    1. Contact Us.  This tab is seen by every user, but can only be edited by the Admin.  Enter any contact information relevant to Connect users, such as the  email address or phone number of your Connect Administrator or Program Coordinator.  The Contact Us text area supports Markdown, an easy way to format text, embed hyperlinks, create bulleted and numbered lists, etc.
    2. Organization Settings. This is done under the Administration tab, and gives you the following choices:

  1. Profile:
  • Fill in organization information
  • Upload organization logo
  1. Usage:
  • Displays remaining disk space
  • Choose auto-delete time frame to free up disk space vs. your quota and delete old media.
  • Set maximum upload file size
  1. Episode Tolerance:  default is + or – five seconds, but the Admin can adjust the margins.  If program from Connect is 5 secs long, Connect will truncate the last 5 secs before sending to the Broadcast Server.  If the program from Connect is 5 secs too short, the Broadcast Server will play whatever continuity you have set for it.
  2. Broadcast Servers:  displays a list of integrated broadcast servers. (Not to be confused with the list of integrated Channels.  You might be scheduling several channels on the same server. The Channel listings are found in the pulldown under the Administration tab, under “Channels”.)
  3. Publishing/Moderation:  If you check the “Moderate new Contributors” option, every new Contributor’s uploads will automatically be subject to the Moderation feature.
  4. EULA:  This is where the Administrator can put in an End User License Agreement, and choose whether or not to require Connect users to sign off on it before proceeding.
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