NDI Access Manager

NDI Access Manager

The NDI Access Manager feature allows admins to add IP addresses of NDI sources that are on different subnets from the HyperCaster so they are discoverable and usable by the HyperCaster.

Managing NDI Source IP Addresses

To manage NDI source IP addresses, go to Config → NDI Access Manager, under the Feeds configuration section.

From the NDI Access Manager table, you can access several NDI Manager actions:

  • To add a new NDI IP Address, click the add action.
  • To edit an existing NDI IP Address, click the edit action or click the IP Address field.
  • To delete an NDI IP Address, click the delete action.

When adding and editing NDI IP addresses, you will be presented with the NDI IP Address form.

The NDI IP Address form fields are as follows:

  • IP Address: Enter the IP address for the NDI source.

Click Save to save your changes. When you add or edit an NDI IP Address, the IP Address is included in the HyperCaster’s internal list of NDI IP Addresses to specifically search for when discovering NDI sources on your network. The IP Address must be reachable by the HyperCaster to be discovered. NDI sources with IP addresses on the same subnet as the HyperCaster should be discoverable without having to add them in the NDI Access Manager.

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