Live Streams

The Hypercaster is capable of rebroadcasting incoming streaming video. You can configure live stream sources in the config tab.

Warning: Network streaming can send large amounts of data across your network. This can cause network congestion if not coordinated with your IT department. Please confirm with your IT department before enabling.

Live Stream Setup

The network stream for a channel will show video playouts only. External sources from a video switch or device will not be streamed. JPEG images and overlays will not be streamed.  To configure a channel for network streaming, login as an admin and:

1. Click the Config tab.

2. In the Feeds section, click the link for Live Streams to display the Stream Source Setup page.

3. Click Add Stream Source.

4. Complete the add live stream source form.

  • Type is Unicast or Multicast
  • Enter a unique name.
  • Description is optional.
  • IP address for unicast is the source of the stream. If it is multicast the address must be in the range of to
  • IP Port must be between 3000 and 65535.
  • Bit Rate. For Hypercaster the bit rate should match the rate of the incoming stream. The stream will be playable on channels that have a bit rate that is at least as high as the stream.

5. Click Add to save.
The live stream is now able to be scheduled as an event. If your server has IP capture enabled you may also record any live stream source. This can be done through the record tab or programming tab.

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