Join in Progress Overlay

If you are broadcasting a live event that runs over the expected duration and into a previous-scheduled block of programming, you can add an automatic “Join-in-Progress” graphic overlay to inform your audience of the transition back to the regular schedule. If you enable automatic Join-in-Progress, all other overlays will be temporarily suppressed during the Join-in-Progress announcement, and then restored on the channel.

To create a Join-in-Progress Overlay:

  1. Create a new overlay, such as a Snipe, and check the “Join in Progress” option.
  2. If creating a Join-in-Progress Snipe, for example, you could write a message that includes the Snipe variables identifying the program in progress:
  3. You can change the default settings of the Join-in-Progress Overlay by navigating to Config → Overlays → Config:

    1. By default any overlay that has been designated “Join in Progress” will stay up for 10 seconds when rejoining the program in progress.
    2. By default, the HyperCaster will suppress any other Overlays scheduled to trigger during postponed events while the Channel is locked. This prevents scheduled overlays that are specific to postponed events that are not actually airing from appearing on the channel. Uncheck this if you want scheduled Overlays during postponed events to display, for example if such overlays are not specific to the programming itself.
in GraphicsHC User Manual

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