InfoVue v2.0 Upgrade Features

On Friday, May 26 we will upgrade the system to InfoVue v2.0, which includes a number of exciting, new features and improvements to the usability of the InfoVue Digital Signage system. The highlights are:

  • The User Interface is now native HTML5, which means you can access InfoVue from ANY browser, on any OS, without the Silverlight plugin.
  • The template and ticker designers have been completely revamped, so you can now see a snapshot of actual text and image content from data feeds while designing directly in the browser.
  • Your video and media content can be previewed in the User Interface.
  • You can now replace media in the content library and keep the properties of the old media.
  • The number of overlapping playlists increases to 10 (previously 5).
  • You can open the template designer from the Playlist, as well as the Content Library.
  • Native Facebook integration, so you can use text posts from Facebook Pages in your templates and tickers.
  • A more intuitive “Publish” process replaces the “Update Player” method used previously.

Here is a brief video overview highlighting the new features in InfoVue 2.0.

The InfoVue Content Management System (CMS) will be unavailable during the upgrade window beginning Friday, May 26, 2017 at 12:00 AM Eastern and ending at 6:00 AM Eastern. Your players will continue to display the published content during the maintenance window. Once the upgrade is complete, the InfoVue knowledgebase at will be updated to reflect the changes.

After the upgrade, you will notice at the bottom of the login page a link to log in using the legacy Silverlight interface. This is a convenience to allow you and your users a bit of time to get used to the new HTML5 interface. The legacy Silverlight interface will be available for a To-Be-Determined time after the upgrade, so we do encourage everyone to transition to the new HTML5 interface quickly for its many advantages and new features.

Note that after the InfoVue CMS is upgraded to version 2.0, there will be a phased rollout over a 2-week period of the corresponding version 2.0 InfoVue Player application that runs on your InfoVue digital signage hardware. This is to ensure a smooth upgrade process across the InfoVue network. The v1 player is backwards compatible with the v2 CMS, but it means Facebook and Google Calendar should not be used in your templates until your hardware gets the v2 player update. You can tell once your player is updated in the CMS by checking the Player properties. We will send a follow-up email when all players have been updated to 2.0 so you don’t need to keep checking.

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