How to Determine a Player’s Status

Each player visible in the content manager dashboard has its own status indicator. This indicator is also a checkbox that users can click to select players for monitoring, analytics and content deployment. The status indicator appears to the left of the player name.

A status indicator will show a different color depending on the current state of each player.


  • Blue: Indicates the player is functioning normally and there are no errors detected.
  • Yellow: Indicates the player has detected an issue and the user should consult the monitoring report for more information.
  • Red: Indicates the server is not receiving any “heartbeat” signal from the player. Either the player has been powered down or it is offline.
  • Grey: Indicates the player license has not yet been assigned to any media player hardware. Once the license has been activated, the indicator will change to blue.
in InfoVue 2.0 User Manual

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