How do I add audio?

Audio files

To add an audio file to a template, Content → New → Media, and upload the mp3 to your library.  The mp3 file then becomes available to add to any template via the Media library.

You can also group individual mp3 files into an InfoVue playlist, and use that playlist in a template.

IP Audio streams

If you want continuous audio running behind a series of templates, you can tap into Internet radio streams (with the proper permissions, of course) and use these as background music for InfoVue templates.

If you want a streaming audio source that will stop playing when a video with sound comes up in your InfoVue playlist, you have to add that audio source as a “video stream” in your InfoVue content library, and then add that stream to each template. A stream will run continuously across several templates as long as the “video stream” element is included in the design of each template in the series.

To add an Internet radio stream, Content → New → Video Stream.  That video stream becomes a piece of media that you can drag on to your template. You will want to resize that zone so that you can hide it behind some other element on your template, or else the Internet player will be visible.

  1. Note:  some Internet Radio websites make streaming audio available through a downloadable WINAMP or m3u file.  To add that to InfoVue, you need the URL. To find the URL of the stream:
    1. download the WINAMP or m3u file.
    2. Open it in VLC Media Player.
    3. (In Windows) View –> Playlist –> Information.  The URL for the stream will be displayed at the bottom.
    4. (On a Mac) Right-click in the playlist –> Media Information.  The URL is displayed in the Location field at the bottom.
    5. Copy/Paste that into the InfoVue video stream field
    6. Save
  2. Note: InfoVue will pick up the audio from a live stream several seconds before the template is scheduled to air.  To avoid having that audio start too early, it is recommended that you add a 4-sec image (like a station ID, a picture) before any template that contains the Internet audio stream.

Add an Analog Audio Stream

If you’re using an analog audio source such as a radio station signal, an iPod, or set-top box, you can connect the source to the InfoVue player with a USB audio dongle.

If you plan to use the audio stream as an uninterrupted source, TelVue can configure your InfoVue with the audio source during the installation process. This audio stream will run continuously, even if you have some other video with audio in your playlist.

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