Emergency Notification Console

The Emergency Notification Console allows a TV station administrator to grant key personnel (e.g. the police department, the mayor’s office) the authority to compose a text ticker message that “crawls” across the screen, overlaying any ongoing video programming, with no interference or access to the rest of the broadcast server’s management interface.  With this feature your town’s emergency management team can reach your viewers quickly and directly.  The emergency text message is typed into an easy-to-use web interface.

  1. First, an Admin has to Create an Emergency User:
    • Go to Config –> Users to Create a new user
    • Check the “Emergency” box under the user profile
    • Save
  2. Then the Admin has to Designate a ticker as your emergency line:
    • See instructions on how to “create a ticker
    • Check the Emergency checkbox for the ticker  style that you want to be used  for emergencies
  3. An Emergency User is now able to initiate an Emergency Ticker from the Emergency Console:
    • Login as Emergency User
    • Type the emergency message in the field
    • Select whether the emergency ticker will run until manually stopped, or will stop at a specific date and time
    • Select one or more channels to display the emergency ticker
    • Save

All other overlays will be suppressed while an Emergency Ticker is active to be sure that no other overlays interfere with the important emergency message. When the Emergency Ticker is completed or stopped, suppressed overlays will re-appear on air. While an Emergency Ticker is active, the page header for all application users will display Emergency Ticker: ON AIR.

To stop an Emergency Ticker manually, simply return to the Emergency Console and click the Stop Emergency Ticker button.

Emergency users can edit their user profile, for example to change their password, by clicking their username in the upper right of the page header.

An Admin can also access and use the Emergency Console via the Config tab under Overlays –> Emergency Console.

*Note:  This feature is only available in HyperCaster/ProVue configurations with the Graphic Overlay add-on feature.

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