How do I embed a HyperCaster Program Guide in my website?

There are a couple of ways to embed the Program Guide information in a website:

Embed the HyperCaster Widget

If you want to embed the HyperCaster widget, which can include a search function, clickable calendar, and (where applicable) a Watch Now link:

  1. In your HyperCaster, navigate to Config → Scheduling → External Schedule.
    • There you can select whether or not to show the Sidebar (with month calendar) or Next Air Date.
    • hcexternalskedSave
  2. Then navigate to your Dashboard
    • Click on the External Schedule link under the selected channel
    • Copy that link
  3. In your web page editor, Embed the External Schedule in an iframe (where xxxxx is your HyperCaster’s external IP address, and # is the channel number):

Parse an RSS Feed

If your website CMS can parse an RSS feed:

In your HyperCaster, navigate to Config → Scheduling → InfoVue Schedule XML

  • The Feed Builder gives you options to define the RSS feed by number of events, channel, category, start time, end time, etc.
  • As you make your choices, you will see the URL being generated in the lower field.
  • Click on the Copy icon to copy that URL, or on “Go” to open it in your browser.

Choose which programs to display

If you want to hide certain programs from the external schedule or RSS feed:

  • When creating/editing categories (Config -> Categories) there is an option to “Include in guide?”.
  • Any content that is in a category where “Include in guide?” is “No” will be excluded from display on any external schedule or RSS feed.
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