E-Mail Notifications of Missing Content

In the event content is scheduled but is missing from the server or has not yet been saved to the server, it is possible to set up an email notification. Email notification or missing file alerts can be sent to email enabled users based upon on a specified time threshold.

To do so, select the following:

  • Configuration>Email Configuration
  • Check “Deliver Email Notifications”

Set up your SMTP address, port, domain along with username and password. If you do not know how, consult your IT person regarding the proper values of these email settings.

Additionally, email notifications must be enabled on a user by user basis. That can be set in the Users section of the Config tab.

When a missing file is scheduled to play within the threshold, the Missing Files system health item will become “critical” and an email will be sent to all users who have selected to receive notifications.

The missing files information is available as a report under the Reports tab, as well as being part of the Hypercaster API.

in Guide to CCMS PlusHC User Manual

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