How to display NOAA weather RSS as HyperCaster Ticker

With the Graphics package and a HyperCaster v6.1+, you can display the NOAA weather data as a HyperCaster ticker:

Find the NOAA weather station for your area

  1. Go to:
  2. Select a state from the pulldown, and identify the station closest to you
  3. The station ID are the four letters in the parenthesis. e.g.: Trenton, Mercer County Airport (KTTN)
  4. Add that station ID to the end of this string: (e.g.:
  5. If you put that URL into a browser, you will see all the data fields available in that feed, such as weather, temperature, relative humidity, wind, etc:

Configure the NOAA feed as a HyperCaster Graphics RSS input

  1. Go to Config –> Overlays –> RSS Feeds
  2. Click the Add  icon
  3. Name the feed, and enter the NOAA URL from Step 1
  4. Save
  5. Re-open the RSS feed to edit as suggested:
    1. Intro text: (This will display on screen before RSS content) NOAA reports:
    2. Repeating text: (This will pull info from the RSS categories you select.  Each category is bracketed <> and displayed as a “Variable Option”.  The RSS feed is raw data, so we suggest you prefix the feed category with a label) <location> – weather: <weather> – temp: <temp_f> – rel. humidity <relative_humidity> – winds <wind_string>
  6. Save

Display NOAA weather data in a ticker

  1. Go to: Config –> Overlays –> Tickers
  2. Create a new Ticker
  3. Choose preset, name ticker, etc.
  4. In Text Properties toolbox, select Type –> RSS Feed
  5. Select the NOAA feed which you created in Step 2
  6. Format the ticker design elements
  7. Save
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