Display NOAA Weather Data

To display NOAA weather data as an RSS feed in InfoVue:

1. Find the NOAA weather station for your area

  1. Go to: http://w1.weather.gov/xml/current_obs/seek.php?state=ma&Find=Find
  2. Select a state from the pulldown, and identify the station closest to you
  3. The station ID are the four letters in the parenthesis. e.g.: Trenton, Mercer County Airport (KTTN)
  4. Add that station ID to the end of this string: weather.telvue.com/?stid=<station_id> (e.g.: http://weather.telvue.com/?stid=kttn)
  5. If you put that URL into a browser, you will see all the data fields available in that feed, such as weather, temperature, relative humidity, wind, etc:

2. Add NOAA weather to your InfoVue Data Feed Manager

  1. Open an InfoVue template or ticker designer
  2. On the right side, click on Data Feed Manager (light grey) → Data Feed Manager(dark grey)
  3. On the left side of the Data Feed Manager window, click on New Feed
    1. Choose Type –> Rss-xml feed
    2. Name this feed
    3. Enter the URL for your station (e.g.: http://weather.telvue.com/?stid=kttn)
    4. Save
  4. On the top right of the Data Feed Manager, click OK to return to template or ticker designer

3. Display NOAA weather data in template or ticker

  1. In the template or ticker designer, select the NOAA feed from the Data Feed Manager pulldown menu to display the choice of data fields
  2. Drag each field over to the staging area. Format the text as you wish (in this example, grey)
  3. As some of these fields will only display numbers, you can add a text field next to it to clarify the data with a label (in this example, orange)
  4. Save


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