How to customize date and time in template text zones

If you wish to include Date and Time variables in a Text Zone, you may now do so by implementing the following method:

Date variables :

  • [MonthName]
  • [Month]
  • [Day]
  • [Year]

Time variables:

  • [Hour]
  • [Minute]
  • [Seconde]
  • [AM/PM]

Here is an example of how you would use the Month, Day and Year Date variables and Hour, Minute, AM/PM Time variables.

  1. Create or open a Template from the Content Window
  2. Select the Text Zone
  3. Copy and paste the text below into your Text Zone and save your template.
  4. Send an update to your Player (s)
  5. Current date is [Month]/[Day]/[Year], it is [Hour]:[Minute]:[Seconde] [AM/PM]

It will display the following on your screens:
“Current date is 2/24/2017, it is 9:35:04 AM”

You may change the date/time variables (using the table above) and text to suit your requirements.

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