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Let’s say you want to give a local organization like the Library an InfoVue screen which they can update themselves.  You do this by creating your own Data feeds in InfoVue, and then giving the Library restricted access to update information in a spreadsheet. You can also let them upload an image for each entry.

For this example, let’s add Library Events to a template. In three steps:

  • First, create your own Data Feed.
  • Then add the relevant Data Feed fields to your Template Designer.
  • Then create a restricted User Account to update the information in the Data Feed.

  1. Create your own Data Feed
    1. In the Template Designer, Click on Data Feed Manager, lower right
    2. Create a new Feed by clicking on the “New Feed” toolbar.
      1. Name your Feed
      2. Select “Server Feed” from pulldown
    3. Organize your data
      1. Double-click on column heading to open the “Columns” toolbar, lower left.
      2. For column Type, choose Text or Image
      3. Name the column
      4. SAVE
    4. How long will it stay up?
      1. In the grey Display Options toolbar on the left, choose the “referent” column, which should be the column which will normally contain the most text.  InfoVue will base the duration of each entry on how long it takes to read the referent column.
  2. Add the dynamic data fields to your Template
    1. Back in the Template Designer, under Data Feed Manager section (lower right), choose the feed you want from the pulldown.  The available fields will show up below.  Remember each column of a Data spreadsheet generates its own feed.
    2. Click on the feed name to open the list of available Fields.
    3. Drag the fields you want on to the staging area of your Template Designer
    4. Size and position each field.
    5. Decide on font color, style, size etc.
  3. Create a restricted User account for contributors to update their information screens
    1. From the Dashboard, create a new user from Menu → Domain and User Management.
    2. Define the Domain and View that User can see.
    3. To add a new user, Click on the Add link at the top right. It will open a “User Properties” window.
    4. Fill in Contact Name and other information in the General tab.
    5. Assign a login and password in the Account tab.
    6. Under the Assign Profile tab, choose:
      1. Type → Datafeed User Interface
      2. Role → End User
    7. Click “Save”.

Now when your librarian logs in to, they will only see and have access to the datasheets to which they were assigned.  When they update these fields, their screen display will update live.

If you want to display a list of dynamically-updated content in a grid, you can use the DataGrid feature.

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