CloudCast Player

The CloudCast player is more than just a viewing pane. It is really a complete video portal that displays all recently uploaded videos as well as Series and Playlists, along with a Search bar, tabs from which you can drill down into Videos, Series, Playlists, Categories and optional Banner Ads at the bottom.

The entire player, or any of its individual series, playlists, videos, chapters can be shared via URL, social media, or embedded in any website.

The homepage can be launched from the blue arrow next to each player’s entry in the VOD Player page,or from the “Direct Link (click)” at the bottom right of the Player’s Edit page.

The CloudCast player homepage

To create a new CloudCast Player:

Manage your CloudCast Player preferences to enable embedding, sharing, customization of your player, and adding Banner Ads to your player. From the Edit Player page:

  • Player access key – The ID of the player, that is included in its Direct Link and Embed URLs. Re-issuing generates a different ID, in the event your player is being accessed by unauthorized parties.
  • Player Links:
    • The Embed code is an html snippet that you can use to embed the CloudCast player in a website.
    • The Direct Link (click link to test) is the player URL.
  • VOD Links: To generate a shareable link and embed code for any individual Video, Series, or Playlist, see VOD Links instruction page.

Appearance – Customize your player color, style, and branding.

(Download the pdf Guide to Customizing the CloudCast Player)

  1. Choose your colors

  • Click on the colored squares to open a color picker.
  • Select your color and click “Choose”.
  • Your choices will be reflected in the player preview, but will not be transferred to your CloudCast player until you click on the “Save Player” button at the bottom of this page.

2. Option to display or hide “Recent Videos” section.

CloudCast players display “Recent Videos” at the top by default.  Uncheck this box to remove that section.

3. Include collection title within video details

For videos that have been added to a Series or Playlist, choose whether to include the Collection title above the video title. The options are:

  1. Never – (default)
  2. Only when outside of collection context – displays the collection name with the video title when viewed in the “Recent Videos”, “Videos” and “Categories” sections where collection information is not usually shown.
  3. Everywhere – displays the collection name above the video title in every context.

Player with Collection Title set to “never”

Player with Collection Title displayed

If the video belongs to a Series and a Playlist, TelVue Connect will display the Series title. If the video belongs to more than one Series or Playlist, TelVue Connect will display the first one it was added to.

4. Add your branding images

  • Upload your logo. It will display on the top left of the player homepage.
  • Upload a splash image. This will be the default image in your player’s viewing area.

5. Preview your player’s appearance

This preview allows you to choose whether to preview your player as seen on a phone, tablet, or PC.

Enable Social Sharing

By default, the Social Sharing icon on the CloudCast player is inactive.  To activate Social Sharing, go to the Player Edit page:

  • Click on “Sharing” in the left Nav
  • Enable sharing
  • Save

The CloudCast player will now display a “Share Video” icon  in the player window.  Any viewer who clicks on that icon will open up sharing options such as posting to Facebook, Twitter, email, or sharing through a URL or embed code. 

in CloudCast User Manual

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