Add Live Streams to CloudCast

To add Live Streams to your CloudCast player, first add it to the Connect Media Library.

  1. From the Media tab, choose Streams 
  2. Enter metadata
  3. Upload a custom thumbnail (optional)
  4. Enter stream format and URL, with option of choosing an alternate format, if available.
  5. Save

Then add the Live Stream to a Playlist or Category in order to include in the CloudCast player.

  1. To add to a Playlist:
    1. Navigate to Collections –> Playlists
    2. From the action menu on the right of the chosen playlist, select “Items”
    3. Click “Add from Media Library
    4. From the tabs under the Select Media popup, choose “All Streams” or “My Streams”
    5. Click on the Streams(s) you want to add to this playlist, and then click “Add to Playlist”
    6. You can re-order playlist items by dragging them up or down
    7. Save Order
  2. To add to a Category:
    1. Go to Media –> Streams
    2. Open the Media Edit page for the chosen stream
    3. Click on the Metadata tab
    4. Scroll down to the Categories section, select a Category, and Save

Finally, make sure that Playlist or Category is published to your CloudCast player.

  1. To publish a Playlist:
    1. Administration –> VOD players –> Edit
    2. In left nav, click Playlists
    3. If playlist is in the Published box on the right, you don’t have to do anything else
    4. If playlist is in the Available box on the left, drag it over to the Published box
    5. Save Player
  2. To publish a Category:
    1. Administration –> VOD players –> Edit
    2. In left nav, click Categories
    3. Make sure the category you assigned to this live stream is checked off
    4. Save Player
in CloudCast User Manual

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