CloudCast Banner Ads

The CloudCast player can optionally display banner ads at the bottom of the player homepage.

To add banner ads to your library:

  • From the Admin menu (top right), choose “Banner Ads”
  • Click “New Banner Ad” 
  • Name the Ad
  • Choose the Banner image to upload. Images will be scaled to fit the player’s banner area while maintaining aspect ratio. Recommended image aspect ratio is 4:1
  • If you want, add a clickthrough URL
  • Save

To manage banner ads for a given CloudCast player:

  • Navigate to Admin –> VOD Players –> Edit your chosen player –> Click on Banner Ads in left Nav. From here you can manage what is essentially a playlist of Banner Ads. 
  • Select “Add Banners From Library” to build your playlist
  • Drag items up and down to change the order
  • Default duration is 7 secs.  Vary the duration by dragging the slider.
  • The edit icon next to each banner ad takes you back to the original Banner Ad Edit page
  • Save your changes
in CloudCast User Manual

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